madera flooringThroughout all of our beach house design reveals from the kitchen and master bedroom to the living room and walkthrough closet, one of the elements you guys ask me about allllll the time is the floors. So today I wanted to dedicate a whole post to just that: the beach house flooring! We decided to source the flooring from Madera* because we loved the sense of organic minimalism and the Scandinavian influences seen in their floors. Their studio is located in Brooklyn so we were able to go down and look at their ranges of finished hardwood and reclaimed wood flooring options. There were so many beautiful options, all of which highlighted the natural perfection of the wood in question. It was tough to choose but in the end we opted for an Sand, an engineered European oak that was milled in Europe and finished in the USA (rather like my heartmate and I – ha!). We love it so much!madera flooringSand was the perfect choice for the beach house because of its light and airy – beachy! – vibe. It really helps to keep the rooms feeling fresh and open, which I love. Plus, it has such a wonderfully soft and tactile feel underfoot, which is perfect for padding around barefoot on summer days! I also love how the flooring is the perfect base to layer in all of the blues and colors in the house, just liked the striped Ralph Lauren rug seen above. It looks especially great up against the Adriatic Sea tile that we used for the living room fireplace (also above).madera flooringWe opted for a 7″ plank because I wanted to continue to emphasize the essence of space, as well as keep a modern feel to the property. Investing in flooring for a home is a big commitment: you need to love it and feel confident that you’ll want to live with it for many years to come. While on the flip side you probably want to ensure it won’t hamper any future resale efforts if/when you come to move. I feel confident we did that at the beach house because not only does Sand match the aesthetic of the modern beachy interior perfectly, it also feels suitable for the surrounding environment and locale of the property, so will hopefully be inoffensive to future buyers.madera flooringWe chose a the natural cool tones of the European oak for the beach house but Madera flooring have a whole range of different woods, plank sizes and finishes. In fact, fellow Equinox gym members will likely recognize some of their floors as they supplied the wood inside a number of the gym locations across New York City. One of my favorite design options from Madera flooring is their color finish. First there was the Indigo and now they have Fern. (pictured above), both of which see a beautiful marriage between their complex wood grains and the natural color pigments. Gorgeous! I’ve rounded up some of other favorites from Madera flooring below! Ugh, the oak in the charcoal chevron is divine – would love to work that into a project one day. Do you have a favorite?madera flooringClockwise from top left: Klippa – 7inch – European oak | Fern – 10″ – Ash | Custom reactive finish – 5″ – Pennsylvanian Oak | Titan Balanced – 13.5″ – European Oak | Photography by Will Taylor | *Product was gifted


Will Taylor

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  1. OMG Will. Your beach house is seriously shaping up to be #goals. I am loving the touches of blue (duh) mixed with the lighter tones and THAT GREEN WOOD FLOOR THOUGH. It really is looking amazing!


    • @Didier – Awwww thank you! It’s been so much fun to renovate it from top to bottom. And I know, the Fern flooring is total goals! Happy Monday!

  2. Jessica Merrill Reply

    Wow. I have never wanted a green or blue floor so much! Stunning! And of course the natural is amazing too. xo!

  3. Hi! How have your Madera floors held up? are you happy with them? Considering installing their floors as well. Thanks!

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