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I love food but I’ve never considered myself a ‘foodie’. Sure, I love to cook, I love to dine out, I love to entertain, and I love to try and eat healthy as much as I like to indulge every now and then. Yet, I don’t consider myself a food expert nor a culinary connoisseur. Rather, I just love food! Why so? Well, I think it’s because food is central to one of the five senses – taste – and, as such, it’s both the fabric of our memories, and a catalyst for remembering them, one savor cardFor me, this is most true when it comes to a Sunday roast dinner. As many of you know, I grew up in England and every Sunday my family would gather to eat a Sunday roast together. It’s a meal that consists of a roast meat (we usually had chicken) paired with three veggies and roast potatoes, served with lashings of piping hot gravy! This was a food routine in our household that happened every Sunday come rain or shine, snow or high water (literally, even when our village flooded when I was about seven we still had our Sunday roast – I remember it clear as day!). Aside from my dear family and friends, a traditional British Sunday roast dinner is definitely one of the things I miss most since I moved to one savor cardHowever, the great thing about food is you can experience it almost anywhere, anytime. The smells, the tastes and even the experience of preparing the meal from the grocery store shop to chopping the vegetables and roasting the meat – it’s all part of what makes up that ‘fabric’ of the special memories this meal holds in my heart. It wasn’t the easiest meal to make in our NYC apartment (fellow New Yorkers know what I mean when I say the kitchens are small and the ovens are often older than the occupant!) but we did try on a few occasions. However, now that we recently finished the renovations on our beach house kitchen we’re able to cook traditional Sunday roasts again in a full-size kitchen. Yay! I’m so happy we can finally cook Sunday roast dinners again because it’s a routine that I find comforting. There’s just something about it that feels like the perfect way to round out each week on a Sunday afternoon or one savor cardIn fact, the completion of our new kitchen couldn’t have come at a better time because Captial One recently launched the Savor℠ card. This is a unique new credit card that makes it possible to earn unlimited cashback while doing what you love – gathering with family and friends and turning meals into memories. We plan to host lots of dinner parties with our friends at the beach house (and we still plan to eat out a lot in the city thanks to that small apartment kitchen, too!) so it’s great to know that with the Savor card customers can earn unlimited cash back: 3% on dining, 2% on grocery purchases, and 1% on all other purchases. Pretty neat, right? Oh, and there’s a $150 bonus after spending $500 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening and no annual fee. Score!

Do you have any food memories or routines that make you smile? I’d love to hear!

// Photography & styling by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. We’d always have lasagne on Wednesday night when I was a kid. My mom made it every week without fail. We have relatives in England so I was smiling and nodding reading about your roast tradition!

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! The new card sounds great for the amount of food I shop! Lol

  3. 1. That kitchen is beyond fantastic! I want to move in! 2. My family always does a Sunday dinner together too. And while, unfortunately, i don’t always make it, i love that it’s a tradition we’ve started and hope to keep up.

  4. Andrew Douglas Reply

    Omg I love a good Sunday meal. And 3% back on restaurants is 🔥!

    IG: @aznandy

  5. Zev Greenberg Reply

    Food is such a special way to connect with loved ones. It is my favorite way to express my love because, for me, baking comes from my heart – it is my comfort and I can make other people happy with such a simple act. @zevgreenberg

  6. Sneha Chavan Reply

    Your kitchen looks amazing. Love the colour palette. That’s my favourite hue of Blue. Food looks super delicious. I am really bad at cooking. But trying to cook decent food since a year. As I live alone in Florence, Italy. Doing my Masters Course.
    Insta- @snehal.c

      • Yeah having a lot of fun, getting to learn a lot of things and food here is super good. 😊

  7. Sunday is always the best day for traditions, especially when it comes to dinner. Absolutely love the kitchen too! 😍 (@teddyheidt)

  8. Vicky Holmedal Reply

    Living in Norway, far away from my family, I had to come with new routines with my new family, aka my friends 🤗 The come from different parts of the world and that makes our Sunday’s dinners a delicious culinary experience 🤗

  9. A roast every week sounds about as good as it gets! For me, it’s pizza at least once a week is all I need. Great post, nice story, and amazing photos!
    I’m also not a foodie but I do enjoy my husbands cooking very much, or eating out and trying new things.

  10. Wowowow. Your gold hardware is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼. Love following along on your beach house renovation adventure.

    ig: mtt.mrtn

  11. Jacobi Cruz Reply

    Love the kitchen. My favorite food memories the whole process and f eating and then having a nice nap afterwards 😩😂 @hipstamaticreloaded

  12. Jamison L. Reply

    I enjoy all your posts! Very inspiring! You have good taste in design and creativity. Instagram: @jamison.lopez

  13. Sunday dinners are just the best way to end/start the week! So many of us are so busy and it’s so hard to sit down with family for a dinner, but a Sunday dinner is a must to connect with your loved ones over a good meal!

    Your photos look great! Maybe share your recipe?! : D

    – @rivera2286

  14. I can’t decide what looks better… the meal or this kitchen? 💁🏼‍♀️ Great work! ~@migb22

  15. We have this new thanksgiving tradition where we make it a vegetarian thanksgiving! My parents are vegetarian so it’s easier to include them now haha. We have been doing this for the last 3 years and this time I made some pretty new things: spiced pumpkin rigatoni, seared butternut squash salad, mashed sweet potatoes, stir fried garlic lemon green beans and spaghetti squash! Was delicious and I hope yours was too!
    Instagram: @bharats_life

  16. Sebastian Prado Reply

    Amazing post, Inlove reading what you write because you have a dufferent point of view from other bloggers, great content @sebastianpgg

  17. Yair Levi Ben Shushan Reply

    Obsessed with you and your style of writing, as always 🧚🏻‍♂️🤲🏼 Ig @ madlybs.

  18. Sam Faubert Reply

    Thanks for sharing your traditions! Do you think you’ll carry on something like that if/when you have children? The beach house is beautiful by the way!
    Insta: @samfaubert

  19. Lester Corpuz Reply

    Love the new beach house!!! You’re so inspirational!! IG: @lcorpuz

  20. TING-WEN YEH Reply

    It’s just unbelievable to see such a beautiful kitchen! I love cooking and would love to learn more healthy recipes. Also, I love your blog’s color palette and just subscribed it. 😉


  21. I didn’t realise that you can cook, which looks nice it will be brilliant if to be part of your party. Hope you all well and early merry Christmas, cheers @doaneyip

  22. Growing up, I loved my Mom’s drop biscuits when they were fresh out of the oven. I love food too!

    – @TomWindeknecht

  23. Growing up, I loved my Mom’s drop biscuits fresh out of the oven! I love food too.

    – @TomWindeknecht

  24. Julian Guzman Reply

    Whenever my family has a bbq they always burn the food. Usually because they’re talking and laughing too much to watch the grill. Now, whenever I go to a friends bbq I always volunteer to the burnt meat.
    Insta: @samesexstuff

  25. Hello Will. I love that you still hold that tradition because it’s a new tradition to hold. My family is Mexican and I know Sunday’s I never make plans for the evening with friends because I know it’s set aside to spend it with my family wether it be eating a homemade meal at home or going out to eat. It’s about spending that time with those close to you and enjoying a great dinner conversation with them. It’s funny because during the week we’re still over at my parents house anyway enjoying meals there. Though lately more and more we are trying to learn my mother and father’s recipes. I’m more of a baker but I’m trying to learn to cook 😋. Enjoy your beautiful new home and may you host many new gatherings there. Because friends and family are what make it a home when you welcome them to it.

    Insta: Beaverhausen

  26. I’m a big fan of big meal prep Sundays, getting the majority of the cooking and meal prep out of the way for a week. I live in an apartment with a skinny little kitchen that makes it difficult at times, but that weekly capstone routine really helps to keep life sane. I’m happy that you guys have a beautiful place to continue that wonderful tradition!

  27. One tradition we have is “Perne” which is a whole roasted pig. In Puerto Rico they still cook them underground (and some have fancy cider blocks ovens just for this) to pay homage to our roots. My family here is small ( only three of us) so my wife cooks a pork shoulder.

    Insta Carlosincharge

  28. I love the beach house!! Super inspiring. Great job! @brettmiller22

  29. Yum, this is something I’ve wanted to do for forever!


  30. I’ve been following along with the beach house remodeling and it has turned out so beautiful! And I definitely agree that cooking can evoke such memories and that is definitely something one should keep with them. @nickandthewhale

  31. Sunday traditions are the best!!! always a good way to end the week 💞 @yungjax

  32. Kevin Fichman Reply

    My first experience with a Sunday roast was while I visited England, last year. As soon as we booked our trip to England, I started doing research on food… I can still recall the interior of the quaint little restaurant, although the name escapes me. I was with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends that were celebrating him getting his doctorate. I’ll never forget the memories of that trip and that Sunday roast was definitely one of the highlights!


  33. Rhys Jones Reply

    Your home is beautiful and I love your style. A Sunday roast is one of my fave meals and all mothers seem to have something unique about they way they cook it – whether it be the gravy, how the meat is prepared or the veg that accompanies it, which means that kids always end up arguing with their friends that it’s their own mother who cooks the best roast! My mother’s unique take is fresh mint from our garden mixed with vinegar to make mint sauce! Yum! @rhysojones

  34. Love the kitchen, Will! One of my all time favorite food memories is simply the fact that my family always sat at a table together. Having a Hungarian mother, one of my favorite things to sit down to was Toltott Kaposzta (stuffed cabbage). It made me feel pride for my family came from, but also it’s j credibly delicious. Thanks for sharing your blog. @hi.its.joshua

  35. Love your blog, Will! And the remodeling is beautiful! Also, please send me that ysl!!

  36. Taylor Rains Reply

    love a good sunday roast! and that kitchen is 🔥 will! @ataylorrains

  37. Michael Mandell Reply

    I’m so happy for you and the memories you are making in your new home! Enjoy! – @michaelmandell

  38. Wow stunning kitchen!! The food also looks really good 😍 @andrewbxiley

  39. Michael Murphy Reply

    I love traditional dinners! My family growing up had a spaghetti feast together every Sunday (we’re Italian). Now as we’re older we don’t have the time but still try to all get together once a month. These types of traditions are so wonderful. As a side note, that kitchen!! I love it! Also, a credit card that rewards me for eating?? I’ll take two! @iammikeymurph

  40. Glad your beautiful, new kitchen was able to get some use for the holidays! I love following along on your journey 💙

  41. I totally get what you mean about the food aspect bringing together the family!

    I feel like it’s during these moments when everyone is working together to strive for one common goal – that’s when all the pieces seem to be falling in place and everything is as it should be 💙 loved the post, Will!
    IG @jenktee

  42. I love love love the blog and a nice Sunday evening. Your posts definitely make me smile – so happy that you’re successful and true to yourself! @philipppp

  43. Not only is a Sunday roast a great way to start/end your week, but the leftovers are the perfect start of a #mealprep for the week ahead!


  44. Travis King Reply

    I love this kitchen! And you can cook!! Seems like you are jack of all trades.

    IG: traviisking

  45. Miguel Martínez Reply

    “the great thing about food is you can experience it almost anywhere, anytime”. I couldn’t agree more with this statement as I as well am away from my birth country. When I cook some of my mums recipe at home the memories all come back! 💙 IG @_miggyyyy

  46. Growing up Italian meant Big Sunday Dinners with family , extended family , friends, and well …whoever else came by that day would be invited to eat with us ! It meant loud voices , ridiculous arguments that weren’t really arguments at all , and questions being asked by grandparents that were totally embarrassing ! I come from a big family of 7 and Food meant love to us growing up and even today when no words or gift could express my deepest gratitude — I will cook up storm and conclude it with homemade desserts all made with love for those I love . I love people I love all people and to me well maybe we’d have more peace in this world if ppl would stop and just eat together ! Works wonders ❤️

  47. Sundays were always the day my family dinners, as well, though we didn’t have a roast. Typically it entailed homemade pasta dishes but it was the one time during the week we guaranteed to share a meal together. This kitchen looks dope for that! -@tylermoon_

  48. Trevor Wasserzieher Reply

    Cannot get enough of how put together, sophisticated yet relaxed, your style and sense of design is, love it!! I hope to someday make a weekly meal with friends and loved ones a staple, whether it’s at my house or rotated locations amongst my friends’ houses. Thanks as always for the inspiration! @trevor_wass

  49. Abraham Pina Reply

    I’m I love with the new beach house renovation by the way! My family’s routine is to have Carne Asada every Sunday. With my parents being from Mexico it’s simply a way of bringing all my immediate family and just going over what we got accomplished and what we hope to accomplish on the upcoming weeks.
    Love you and all you do. Keep up the amazing inspirational post.

  50. I love your style ! Btw the new bathroom is looking Amazing! @camiloamz

  51. Ugh, your kitchen & sweater combo! Amazing! IG: heystephenedward

  52. Everything you do is absolutely incredible !! Thanks for being who you are!! 🌞
    Instagram: @Daviddbeck

  53. Love your style! You have such an eye to make this beautiful!

    IG: heartpumpers

  54. Angus Konsti Reply

    Your kitchen is aesthetic goals, definitely chose the right tiles! @aonsti

  55. Talking of roast chickens….we still giggle in our family about the “flying chicken”. As a teenager, I was visiting family in Spain “back in the day” and was looking after my younger cousin whilst her parents were in their business downstairs. We were all looking forward to a traditional English a Sunday a roast together (despite the heat) and had a chicken roasting in the oven. We were sitting quietly watching tv, when all of a sudden there was a massive bang and all we saw was a chicken flying from the kitchen across the living room and out through the open patio doors and over the balcony!! We couldn’t believe what we were seeing lol. The glass oven door had exploded into smithereens! We ran downstairs to tell the family who didnt believe us, until they went outside to find the chicken in bits on the pavement. Needless to say, we ate out that evening 😀.

  56. My husband and I have done the weekend roast dinner for years, but two months ago we moved to Geneva, CH for eight months, and it’s much more challenging here with the size and equipment in our kitchen. We are getting into this important groove together.

  57. Nothing beats a good Sunday roast. That’s what I miss from England too. Especially now that I’m working most Sundays. Your roast dinner looks like a feast, so mouth-watering. Roast chicken has a special place in my heart, a food I have fond memories of. Have a great one Will.

  58. I really like your work, yes, good food is a piece of work. I hope you can share with us when you explore new (old) food. I hope you and your family will continue the roast chicken party on Sunday.

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