Today’s post is in collaboration with Design Home. If you love interior design, or just want to see what the game is like, then check out the game on the Apple App or Google Play stores. It’s really fun to play: there are daily design challenges where you use products from real stores and brands to create luxe 3D spaces. Best of all, there’s no lugging heavy furniture or boxes around so you can relax on your sofa while you play.

Here are some three tips to help get your home ready for the New Year:

1. Florals for January

The holiday decorations have come down, you’ve cleaned up all the tree needles, and even put away the last few holiday items which you forgot were up. Your home feels so much bigger and clearer now, right, but maybe a little bare? I always take this time of year to swap out or buy a new vase and fill it with flowers, either faux or real. All designers and stylists know to place florals in a space before a photo shoot, it instantly makes any space look more inviting. I think it’s also a great thing to do after the holiday decorations come down as it stops a room from feeling cold and bare. It’s cold and dark outside so adding some florals is the perfect way to cheer a space up.

2. Change up how you lay a throw

So often throws are just tossed on a chair or in a basket so now is the perfect time to switch that up. Think of your sofa like a bed: it needs to be made every day. This will not only make your sofa look great it also extends the life of your sofa as plumping the seat cushions helps them keep their shape better for years to come. Once you have plumped your cushions now turn your attention to the throw. A great way to make a statement of your throw and give your sofa an instant new look, is to lay it flat down the center of the sofa and tuck it in at the top and bottom. Check out the photo below of my sofa and you can see how it makes a visual statement by drawing the eye to the couch making the room feel fresher.

3. Lighting Check

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room and now the holiday lights are down and the days are short, it’s the perfect time to check your lighting. My rule of thumb is to make sure you always have at least three sources of light:

  1. A main pendant or overhead light
  2. Eye level lighting, such as wall sconces or floor lamps
  3. Accent lighting, such as candles, table lamps or reading lights

If you don’t have all three in a room then you can fix it by bringing in a table or floor lamp. This time of year is perfect to grab a bargain or to go thrift shopping as so many people clear out for spring cleaning.

I hope these tips help your space feel cozy and refreshed for the New Year. Now the hard work is done, kick back, relax, and play Design Home.


Will Taylor

Will is a self-confessed gentleman hooked-on-hue and his motto is: beige is boring! He works as a freelance author, creative consultant and lifestyle blogger. Will has been blogging about his love of colourful design, fashion and travel since 2009, engaging an army of colour lovers across the world with his quintessential make-you-smile style.

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