Announcing My First Bright.Bazaar Product Line

    bright.bazaar product lineAlmost ten years ago to the day I was sat on The Tube in London riding across town with a then colleague and I sheepishly told her that I’d recently started a blog called Bright.Bazaar. I had explained that I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, but that I was excited to have a space to continue my writing – I was a recent Journalism grad – and to share my passion for design. I remember that she turned to me and said: “I have no idea what a blog is but I LOVE the name, it sounds like a brand and it sounds so YOU.” I’ve held onto those words over the past decade. During both the incredible highs and the times when I questioned everything and felt as though I had lost my way. There are always times in my life and careers where I lack confidence or clarity in my decisions, but that seemingly everyday conversation on the train has given me the courage to stand by my convictions and visions for my blog, and well – I guess it’s official now – brand. Today, I’m thrilled to write, the first Bright.Bazaar product line launches! You may have seen my teaser announcement over on Instagram earlier this week but today I wanted to do a deep dive on the collection for you all. This is a long post but I wanted to share everything with you all! Try and hang on until the end of the blog as I’m doing a $500 giveaway for the winner to buy whatever they like from the Bright.Bazaar product line!

    The Bright.Bazaar product line is a limited time only collection that’s the result of almost two years of work! ‘The Bright.Bazaar Collection by Will Taylor’ is on sale from today at grandinroad and I can’t quite believe the day has arrived. The collection is available from now through to the end of this year. Before I dive into all the juicy details about the products (I’m so proud of them!) let me explain how this all came about…

    Around two years ago I was keen to explore what the next chapter for Bright.Bazaar looked like. It was 2016, I’d been in the US for almost a year at that point, and I was ready to try and grow the business. So, I started working with a licensing manager on pulling together a look book for what a potential Bright.Bazaar product line would look like. I designed my own prints and patterns, pulled together color palettes and drew sketches for the furniture. Then, in early 2017 I was featured in The New York Times Style’s career column, Up Next. A few days later, having read the NYTS piece, the president of grandinroad wrote to me saying that, should I be interested, the brand would love to explore partnering with me to create a Bright.Bazaar product line. The best as they say, is history! Or, in other words, it was eighteen months of A LOT of hard work, meetings, travel, designing, samples, styling, writing and so on. It was a pleasure working with the grandinroad team and I’m so grateful to have been able to work alongside the talented folks at their HQ to create the Bright.Bazaar product line. It truly has been a team effort and I’m grateful to everyone who has been part of the process: my heartmate and business partner, Toby, for providing boundless wisdom and support, Darren, Michelle, Nina and everyone at our licensing and media management team, PR duo Rich and Jenny, and all the employees grandinroad who helped guide this first timer through the woods with their smarts and talent. And here is the result!bright.bazaar product lineOK, so the Bright.Bazaar product line features 40 products across living room, dining room, home office and entryway/nook. The collection consists of furniture, home accessories, lighting, art and rugs – everything you see in these pictures is from of the Bright.Bazaar product line. The best part? Everything, yes everything, is under $1,000. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, the Aslund sofa is $799 which I think is incredible. The prices range from $29 – $999 so I hope you’ll find the collection to be accessibly priced no matter your budget. I’m thrilled to have created a line of such high quality without a prohibitive price tag. For example, the Sno bookcase (seen above) is only $599 and comes fully assembled! Don’t get me wrong, I love to splurge and invest occasionally as much as the next person but I’ve always loved accessible and democratic design.

    I’ve always looked to the colors, patterns and textures I’ve seen on my travels when seeking design inspiration. I took the same approach when developing the prints, sourcing the materials and designing the shapes of the pieces in my first product line. I designed the collection to have a Scandinavian Coastal vibe, fusing the effortless ease and clean lines of Nordic design with the comfort of classic coastal elements.

    Having spent my adult life living in small apartments in London and New York City, I’ve always need to consider how else I could use a new piece of furniture. Either in another room, or in a new apartment altogether. With that in mind, I wanted everything in the collection to be as functional and flexible as possible. The Copenhagen bench (seen above as a coffee table) is one of my favorite pieces from the collection for this exact reason. I remember sketching this piece before I’d even considered that one day it might actually become a real piece of furniture. Now, it’s front and center – I love that we designed it to have a removable tray (attached by magnets) so that you can use it for TV dinners, serving drinks at a party or even as a catch-all for mail, magazines, keys etc. in an entryway where it could be repurposed as a bench to sit and take your shoes off. Plus, I can’t get enough of the tufted grey upholstery. Love, love, love!

    The Skog lamp (meaning forest in Swedish) was inspired by my memory of driving through a Swedish forest between two location photoshoots for my first book. We were driving from Stockholm to a small cabin located a few hours outside of Gothenburg and I was captivated by the beauty and sheer abundance of Silver Birch trees. The embossed pattern in the ceramic reflects the blur of the trees as we sped past in the car all those years ago. Similarly, I designed the pattern seen on the Menorca rug (above) as a nod to the texture and irregular shape of the dry-stone walls that litter the Spanish island my heartmate and I married on just over four years ago. Shop all the living room products here.bright.bazaar product lineI think because I started Bright.Bazaar from humble beginnings – the small rented bedroom I lived in in London – and then continued worked on growing the blog and business from my home offices over the past decade, it’s meant I’ve come to truly understand the importance of creating a home office that feels as welcoming as a living room. I kept that vision front and center while designing for the home office category in the Bright.Bazaar product line. I also tried to think hard about the kinds of products you guys have told me you love and wished you had over the years.

    Case in point: the Rem shelves. They are a direct result of this room makeover I did for GMA a few years ago. As part of the TV segment I made a set of DIY wall shelves using old leather belts and wooden planks. They were a huge hit but lots of you messaged to say that you didn’t have the time to make them even though you loved them. So, I created an off-the-shelf solution in the Bright.Bazaar product line. Plus, in the Rem shelf the ‘belts’ are actually reinforced inside with metal so they are more secure and can hold more – win win!bright.bazaar product lineThis is hard because I want to write about my inspirations for every product and the story behind each one but I realize that you all have lives to lead and that would be far too self-indulgent! So, if you are still here, thanks for indulging me this far and I hope you aren’t too bored! Here’s a few pieces I’d love to highlight from the home office space:

    The Fjord mirror is inspired and named after the glassy reflections of the fjords I saw while exploring Norway. These look great alone in a powder room, as part of a gallery wall (like above) or hung in multiples to make a statement feature in an entryway etc. So simple yet so versatile – love it!

    The Bellport pouf is a nod to the village where we own our little beach house and it’s made here in the USA. I like adding comfort elements into a home office and having somewhere to put your feet up while you think or sit on a conference call is a lovely touch.

    I love the curve of the Bodo desk and how the raised apron makes it super practical to stop anything slipping off. Plus, there’s hidden keyboard and cord storage, plus two drawers and a lift-up device stand so it’s super practical. And, I mean, just look at those beautifully tapered legs and brass ‘feet’. Love!bright.bazaar product lineThe entryway category in the collection was aimed at making colorful, stylish pieces for those awkward nooks in your home. From the empty space in the entryway or on the landing to the unloved corner in your bedroom or living room, I wanted to include these pieces in the Bright.Bazaar product line to soothe those décor headaches.

    I love the blush pink color of the Polly chair (named after my mum) because it flows effortlessly with the curves of the design. I loved the exposed frame, too. It’s also really comfortable to sit and curl up in. I think it pairs beautifully with the Cometa rug – the black gives the blush a little edge. Plus, the Cometa rug is reversible so you can have white lines with a black background, which makes it great for homes with kids or pets.

    The #MakeYouSmileStyle pillow is really a thank you to my followers for their support and growing the strapline of my blog into a community of people all over the world on Instagram. The hashtag now has well over ¾ of a million pictures added to it on the ‘gram, which is incredible!bright.bazaar product lineThe final category in the Bright.Bazaar product line is the dining room. The Scandinavian influence in the collection sings loudly in this space thanks to the beautiful shape and form of the Host dining chair. One of the reasons I love Scandinavian design is because it often results in pieces that don’t have unnecessary bells and whistles but rather they an effortless ease thanks to perfect form and function. In the Host dining chair the solid mahogany wood and ergonomic shape of the seat and back are all that’s needed to make this chair a timeless piece.

    The Bergen vases are, as the name suggests, inspired by the colorful wooden houses that line the harbor in Bergen, Norway. While the Seaside rug has a subtle aqua ombre and was inspired by the varying shades of blue seen in the ocean off the coast of Seaside, Florida.

    I saved one of my favorites until the end. The Dock cabinet (seen above and below) is such a great piece. The handwoven rope doors are the perfect introduction of texture and warmth, especially into a space with an all-white base such as this shiplap room. I love how the sailboat cleat style handles are a subtle and tasteful nod to the coast. As the Dock cabinet has a flat side it means that if you have a larger space you could line two or three of these up against one another to create a larger buffet/sideboard moment. Plus, there’s a media hole so you can repurpose this as media/TV cabinet. Overall, I’m so thrilled with how the collection came together. I hope you will agree that it feels very ‘me’?! And, hopefully, there’ll be an item or three (!) in the mix that feel very ‘you’, too! On that note, it’s giveaway time…bright.bazaar product lineGIVEAWAY

    If you read this far, thank you so much! I truly appreciate your support. As a thank you and to celebrate the launch of the Bright.Bazaar product line I’m hosting a giveaway for a $500 grandinroad gift card so you can buy whatever you love from the collection. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post telling me which item from the collection you love the most before 11:59pm EST on July 19th 2018. No purchase necc. USA only as the gift card is in US Dollars. Good luck!