My Favorite Design Feature In Our Kitchen

    Cambria quartz countertopEach time we have friends over to the beach house we inevitably end up hanging out in the kitchen. We designed it to be an open, sociable space so it’s no surprise that it has become the gathering point in the house. As our renovation is only a little over a year old, conversation often ends up on the topic of design and why we chose the materials, colors, finishes etc. that we did. Without question, we always get asked “What’s your favorite design feature in here?” and we both reply: “The Cambria quartz countertop”. We were fortunate to partner with Cambria for our countertop and it turned out to be the cornerstone (no pun intended!) of the space that pulled the two-tone kitchen together. Read on to discover why I picked them…Cambria quartz countertopWhen I designed the beach house kitchen I knew I wanted to have our island peninsular be a different color to the cabinetry along the kitchen walls. While the Cosmos and Decoy colors are complimentary to one another, I still needed to make sure there was a synergy across them. The solution came in the form of Cambria’s beautiful Torquay Matte countertop. I chose this finish because it has a marble-like effect with a subtle pattern and grain to it. I didn’t want a countertop that was too heavy or had a high impact pattern because I felt it would complete with, rather than compliment, the two-tone color story in the space. Also, the simple Ridgeline edge profile works perfectly for the heritage meets modern design approach I took for the beach house kitchen, too. If you have a more traditional or perhaps a super contemporary space, there’s plenty of edge profiles to pick from to make your countertop suit your aesthetic.Cambria quartz countertopTwo of the main things I would think about when considering a countertop choice for your own kitchen are: first, carefully think about what kind of surface finish will work in the space, and secondly, what grain/pattern would you like? Most countertops come with a high sheen that gives a glossy polished finish, which can look beautiful but isn’t always *right* for every kitchen. I was thrilled that Cambria offered a matte option because I didn’t want to go for a glossy countertop for our beach house kitchen. Personally, I think the matte finish provides a warmer look and creates a more tactile experience in the space. Cambria are one of the few manufacturers that provide matte finishes while also offering the same warranty as they do for a gloss finish, so they are great option to consider.Cambria quartz countertopFinally, also consider carefully the grain in the countertop. The Torquay Matte has the perfect grain and subtle marble-like pattern to unify the colors in our kitchen. However, if you have a one-color kitchen (vs. two-tone like ours) or you are looking to make a design statement with the countertop, then I would consider a high pattern, such as Summerhill, which will become a focal point in the space.

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