Getting Older: What Rocks & What Sucks!

    blue subway tile bathroomPosted in partnership with Keeps.

    It’s official: I am getting older! Well, we all are. It’s crazy to think I’ve been writing this blog for almost a decade. So much has changed since this young twenty-one year old guy hit publish on his first blog post, not least getting married and emigrating to a new country. It’s been a wild ride but I can say that as I get older I am, on the whole, loving life as I feel more comfortable in myself. I feel braver about making decisions for the right reasons, taking my experience over the past decade and channeling it into my decision making in a positive way.

    Another thing that I really love about getting older is finally being able to invest the money I’ve saved and saved and saved into my own home, like the renovation of our beautiful master bath at the beach house. I guess many of you, like me, rented and still rent apartments. In some ways renting is great because when things go wrong it’s not your responsibility to fix them – plus, renting can allow you to experience lots of different ways of life and properties. For example, my heartmate and I have lived in various flats in central London, a 15th-Century Cottage, a modern Manhattan condo unit and a pre-war brownstone apartment in NYC. I’ll forever be grateful that we were able to experience such a wide variety of rentals because it helped us understand what we do and don’t like about different properties. However, there’s always been something about a rental that stops it truly feeling like home – I think it’s because you can’t fully put your own stamp on it without being able to decorate without restrictions etc. So, it felt so amazing for my heartmate and I to finally be able to design a bathroom of our own. Be gone boring and inoffensive all-white bathrooms or showers tiled in nondescript beige slabs! And gone they were: we went bold and beautiful with gorgeous tile from Fireclay. (Here are the tile deets as I know you’ll wanna know: 3×6 subway tile is Adriatic Sea and 3″ hexagons on the floor are White Wash and Navy Blue).blue subway tile bathroomOK, investing our savings into the master bathroom renovation at the beach house is clearly one of the things I love about getting older. But one of the things that sucks about getting older? Losing my hair. I’ve been lucky enough to have a thick head of hair most of my life but once I hit thirty I definitely started to notice it receding and thinning. Booooo! Thankfully, the kind folks at Keeps got in touch and asked me to try out their service. Keeps is a non-evasive haircare treatment for men who are experiencing the early stages of hair loss. The whole Keeps experience is great because it’s completed online (side note: I’m British so I hate awkward conversations with doctors!). You speak to a doctor online who provides treatment options that can help with your specific hair loss. Then, there is no pressure, but if you wish you can easily order the products suggested via the online portal. The process is simple, the products are well-priced and they arrive in the mail quickly with clear and simple instructions. So, if you or a man in your life is worried about hair loss be sure to check Keeps out!blue subway tile bathroomBack to the things I love about getting older, in no particular order:

    1. Not worrying about what people think. The older I get the more I realize it’s pointless to worry about what others think because most of the time the people you are worried are thinking negative things about you aren’t even thinking about you at all!
    2. Valuing moments and my time. I now try not to wish away time. I remember rushing around so much and not taking time to savor experiences and life moments. I’m still guilty of this sometimes but I am trying to value everyday moments and my time much more than I ever did before.
    3. Learning new skills. When I was at School I remember moaning about learning new skills and sports. Now I’m in my thirties I relish the opportunity to learn something new. For example, I just switched to a mirrorless camera, so I’m excited to teach myself how to use it.
    4. Having more financial security. I remember the days of worrying whether my card would go through when I bought groceries or a train ticket, so to have less day-to-day financial concerns is a big weight off my mind.

    Things I am hating on as I get older:

    1. Planning. These days it can feel as though everything has to be planned and I miss the days of being more spontaneous. I suppose this is sort of a knock-on affect that comes with the added responsibility of owning property etc.
    2. Moderation. The older I get the more I find that everything has to be done in much more moderation. For example, if I stay up super late to binge watch a TV show, or I over indulge in food or drink, I can’t bounce back or function as efficiently the following day, when I used to bounce back so much quicker.
    3. Awareness. This is a funny one but I feel I am much more aware of the world now, which can cause more anxiety. When I was younger I felt as though I was much more in my own bubble. In some ways being more aware is great but other times things in the world can be upsetting, scary, and sad.

    Ok so do you guys notice any changes as you get older? Am I alone in this or does this sound familiar? Also, before I sign off, wanted to let you know that all new subscribers to Keeps get the first month free (33% discount) – yay!blue subway tile bathroom//Photography by Will Taylor

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