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  • renuzit scent swirls

    From Scent to Space

    When it comes to designing and styling homes I always say that you should aim to create a sensory experience. Whether itโ€™s inviting tactility in via exposed wooden surfaces and soft linen upholstery or…

  • nautical tabletop design

    Easy Hacks for A Nautical Tabletop

    Hands up, who’s used a laundry hack they found on the internet? Vinegar to try to eliminate a lingering odor on clothes? Lemons for brightening when washing your whites? How about baking soda for…

  • madera flooring

    Our Beach House Floors

    Throughout all of our beach house design reveals from the kitchen and master bedroom to the living room and walkthrough closet, one of the elements you guys ask me about allllll the time is…