It’s here! The first room reveal from our Scandi Barn home addition — the modern Mediterranean bedroom. This bedroom is a fusion of Mediterranean and Scandinavian styles and I’m so happy with how it came together. It’s refreshing yet warm, soft yet textural, colorful yet calm. I really enjoy mixing decor styles as it’s a great way to create a layered and visually intriguing room. It’s all offset by the strikingly modern black windows from Andersen Windows Architectural Series. When I drew up the architectural plans for the Scandi Barn these were the exact type of windows I had in my visualizations, so to see them come to life in this space is so exciting and rewarding.

Painted arch DIY
Modern mediterranean bedroom decor with painted arch and wall basket decor

Layering a modern Mediterranean bedroom
I think it’s often harder to make a room feel inviting when you use less vs. more. However, I was determined to create a laidback, effortless space that echoed the rooms I’ve stayed in while on holidays in Greece and Spain over the years. I focused on telling the design story through layers of texture — jute, rattan, woven date palm leaves, linen, etc. The timeless and paired back Mediterranean palette of blue and terra-cotta has a modern edge thanks to a painted arch (that I somehow managed to hand paint?!). I introduced some subtle Scandinavian elements via the pale birch and oak woods, white painted floors, and simple, functional furniture. The white oak doors inject further warmth into the room, while the matte black door hardware nods to the architectural elements of the windows.

Statement windows anchor the room
I loved partnering with Andersen for the windows in the Scandi Barn. Literally, everything I envisioned they were able to deliver on. I like that their Architectural Series windows are energy efficient and offer great build quality. When I designed the architecture of the Barn I had a clear vision for the windows. I wanted them to add striking character to the spaces, I needed a thin profile and to be able to choose the colors and materials. I purposely wanted to keep the details simple and pared-back: just like the thin profile of the grilles between the panes of glass, you’ll notice I went for a trim-less surround to the windows and doors in order to create a sense of modernity and seamlessness in the rooms.

Andersen allow you to customize so many parts of their Architectural Series windows. I was able to choose how large each pane was and the exact colors and materials used. For example, inside the grilles and frames are painted wood to add warmth; outside they are clad in black-painted aluminum making them super weather resistant. It brings me so much joying seeing the windows, even on the gloomiest of days this bedroom is flooded with natural life. And for the warmer months, the French doors open onto the pool allowing for the ease of indoor and outdoor living. Plus, I love that they have the backing of a company which has been making windows for 115 years – you can feel the quality when you look and touch them, which is really important to me for such a fundamental element of a building.

Modern mediterranean decor
I played with scale by mixing up the lamp sizes and decorative wall baskets

Add elements that surprise
I played with scale to add visual interest into the room, from the oversized bedside lamp to the mix and match wall baskets as decor. I love how the oversized pendant shade made from date palm leaves instantly catches your eye and lets you know that this room is all about texture, texture, texture! I think every room should have something unexpected in it; something left of field that stops it feeling too on the nose. In this room, it’s the quilted lampshade — a design you’d expect in a cozy English country bedroom but not so much a modern Mediterranean bedroom! Yet, it works so well and softens some of the rougher textures I layered throughout. Finally, I turned a slightly awkward nook created by the built-in closet into a cozy reading area, which has fast become one of my favorite corners in the house! What you think of my modern Mediterranean bedroom design?

Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Sourcebook: Windows and French doors | Large table lamp | Small table lamp | Quilted lampshade | Nested tables | White dipped wall baskets | Wooden side table | Armchair | Floor basket | Jute rug | Striped rug | Bedding | Bed | Mirror | Paint | Pendant shade | Throw on bed | Door hardware

// Interior design, styling & photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Will!!! You absolutely killed this!! I love that you were able to make it so calm and cozy, but with color. ❤️

  2. TRACY A TOTTY Reply

    The resource list is wrong. I clicked on the mirror and got nesting tables and like to know more about the mirror. I really like the room, especially the basket wall. I have to say, unlike most blogs your design is affordable for real people on a budget.

    • Will Taylor Reply

      @Tracy – Whoops, I’ll correct the link when I get home! 🙂 In the meantime, thanks for the kind words and the mirror is from a danish brand called Skagerrak.

  3. WOWWWWWWW blown away by this!!! Dying over the windows, the floors and those baskets!! Bravo!!

  4. I wouldn’t change a thing about this room and I NEVER say that about decor!

    • Will Taylor Reply

      @Kim — By hand, can you believe?! I’m gonna post a video of how I did it on IG soon. 🙂

  5. Will, you have exceeded yourself with this design. I can see how much effort you put into it. Well done.


  6. Perfect timing because my partner and I are planning the windows for our home addition. Do you mind me asking how they open?

    • Will Taylor Reply

      @Samuel – Sure, they open like casement windows so with a crank to the side. You can customise how they open when you order, which is awesome!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try layering rugs but never knew how?! Getting so much inspo form this!!

  8. Will, I just love how this room came out. I love how it is welcoming, and warm. I love the bed frame! And the long mirror. Thanks for sharing 💚

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