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Fall has most certainly arrived here on the east coast. The leaves are already turning, and the nights have that distinct chill in the air that feels at once arresting and cozy. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year to head outdoors. The temperatures are more pleasant – not too hot, not too cold – and so it’s the perfect time to take a road trip to enjoy a long hike. With that in mind, I thought I would share my top three places to consider going for a fall road trip by teaming up with State Farm. At first, they may sound a little unusual but stick with me because they are perfect places for a 2020 fall road trip. They are the perfect way to decompress, enjoy some peace and quiet, support small businesses, and take in some stunning fall foliage.

Before we dive in, I wanted to be sure to give a heads up to State Farm policyholders to download the State Farm mobile app before your next trip. You can request roadside assistance through the State Farm app even if you aren’t familiar with the area. That way, if you do break down, at least you have a plan for an easy way to get help! If you don’t have State Farm, now is a great time to explore what they have to offer. You never know what can happen during a road trip and it always feels good to have a plan in place to be able to get help should it be needed.

fall leaves in Vermont

Let’s dive into my top recommendations:

1. Ski Resorts

No, I haven’t gone crazy! The fact that there’s little to no snow this time of year makes ski resorts the perfect place to head for fall activities and hiking. I love taking a road trip to Vermont in fall as the autumn leaves are, hands down the most breathtaking I’ve ever seen. I often visit the Mount Mansfield ski resort, which has fall activities and their paths are open for hiking. You can drive up a toll road to take in the stunning fall views, and sometimes you can even take the ski lift, which is like a magical fall ride through and over the stunning autumnal foliage. Plus, if hiking isn’t your thing, then it saves you having to do a six-mile steep hike to the top!

Now is the perfect time to take a ski resort trip because they’re quiet and the accommodation is more affordable. Plus, the local businesses aren’t as busy too, so it is a great time to go and support them while staying safe. Remember, before you head out on a road trip, sure to read these tips from State Farm on maintaining your vehicle.

 2. Coastal towns

Fall is also the perfect time to head to the coast. I have had so many good memories going to small New England towns in the autumn. For me, it’s one of the best times of the year to enjoy them. The sun is still shining, but the crowds have gone, so you can go out for walks or run on the beach without having to jostle for a spot on the beach! Cafes, restaurants, and shops are all still open, but they are much quieter, so you don’t have to worry about parking, etc. Everything is just more relaxing. I have been to Maine a bunch of times in October and have always lucked out on the weather. With the warm sun in the day, it’s just so nice to be outside. An added benefit is the fall light — it’s often a lot softer than in summer, so it is a great time to get pictures.

By fall, most beaches don’t have any parking restrictions, so you have more freedom to explore places that normally only residents can go. Plus, there are way fewer bugs, so it makes for a more pleasant time to enjoy outdoor activities, whether that’s cycling, hiking, running, or kayaking.

3. State Parks

In the mood for a shorter road trip? I got you! Consider taking a day road trip is to a state park. I’ve been to a couple close to NYC, and my favorite is Minnewaska State Park Preserve — the views of over the lake are so beautiful. However, if you aren’t local to NYC, you can head here to find your local park.

If, like me, you are into photography, here are my tips for taking photos outside:

– If you can find a body water to include in your pictures, it often helps to create stunning vistas as you can use the water as a mirror.

– Create a natural place for the eye to land in your photo. All too often, in photos taken outside, there is so much in the frame that there’s no resting place for the eye. Try to compose a shot with a natural focal point — this may be a boat, a bird, or even a person. Without such a focal point, an image that looks great in person may not translate as well to the camera.

– Golden hour is the best hour for photos. Don’t forget to stay until just after the sun has gone down, which is called nautical twilight. It lasts about 10 minutes after the sun has gone down, and it’s a great time to play with silhouettes and blue tones in photos.

P.S. If you want to save some money on gas, check out these tips from State Farm. I just read it, and now I’m headed out to the car to check the tire pressure!

This post was sponsored advertising content by State Farm.


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