I recently did a segment on open shelving for Amazon Live, where I showcased three open shelving setups: monochromatic, organic, and pastels. Knowing how to approach styling open shelves can be tricky, especially when you’re looking to add color. Don’t fear, I’m here to share some easy ways to infuse color into your open shelving and bring a spring feeling into your home. Plus, as all these ideas are under $30, they are an affordable way to give your home a vibrant refresh for spring.

  1. Prop Art When styling open shelves people often overlook propping small pieces of art. For instance, consider placing this guest check art that has a modern, handwritten note on top. It’s fun, eye-catching, and adds color without being garish; an easy way to instantly elevate the look of your shelves. Propping art also adds visual interest and can break up other items like vases or books. Plus, it’s easy to switch the art up as your tastes or the seasons change. The Today is a Good Day print is here.
  2. Add Color Through Books Books serve a dual purpose—they’re useful and can also be decorative items. Take the book “Salad Freak,” for example. Not only does it provide spring salad inspiration with great recipes, but storing it on your shelves also adds visual interest thanks to its pretty pink cover.
  3. Everyday Objects as Decor When it comes to choosing items to display, try thinking outside the box. For example, why not turn to the kitchen to see if you can find aesthetic looking items to display? These pink and white marbled effect serving bowls are perfect for open shelving. They’re practical for hosting (you can even throw snacks in them when guests pop around), but they also double as decor pieces. Consider displaying other items like an interesting set of mugs or colorful glassware.
  4. Try a Tray If you’re renting an apartment and can’t paint the walls, grab a stylish ombre tray and prop it up on a shelf. It instantly adds color and interest. Whether you need a tray for serving drinks or just eating dinner, this bright and vibrant option works well for spring and summer.
  5. Something Sculptural Open shelving always benefits from sculptural elements. This vase from Amazon, priced at less than $15, is perfect for holding a single stem. It comes in various colors, so whether you want an orange, yellow, or pink accent, it’s the ideal sculptural piece for your open shelves. I love the ombre effect and it’s great for proudly showing off that one flower you managed to grow!

Let me know what you plan to add to your shelves this spring! And if you need more inspiration, feel free to check out my livestream for the complete list.


Will Taylor

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