It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to start planning all our gifts for the holiday season. I said supposed because let’s get real: life often takes over and we’re left frantically paying exuberant rates for rush shipping or standing in crazy lines in stores days after leaving everything to the last minute. This year, I’m determined to be more organized and so I’ve partnered with Walmart to share some early gifting ideas so that both you and I can be more organized this holiday season!

My aim isn’t to be perfect and have everything ticked off my list before December – after all, I enjoy doing some festive gift shopping in December when the city is alive with twinkle lights and seasonal color. However, I do want to at least get some of my gifts brought in November – I know it will make me feel so much better to know I have some under my belt! Plus, by planning your gift strategy (oooooh, fancy!) early you can coordinate with other family and friends to buy gifts that go together. On that theme, here are the perfect gifts for any bakers in your family.

Walmart has a limited-edition Heritage Artisan series KitchenAid in a misty blue color to celebrate 100 years of the brand. What I love about this, apart from the gorgeous color, is that other people in your family can buy accessories to go with the machine. So when that special person opens the gift they have other things to go with it. I love that this approach to gift buying shows that the rest of the family has clearly coordinated and put thought into buying meaningful gifts. Also, what’s not to love about a KitchenAid?! It’s a kitchen appliance that pairs both design and function – it’s an appliance you feel proud to have on display in your kitchen, don’t you think?So, the gifting strategy: One couple or person buys the ‘hero’ gift (the KitchenAid itself), or you could all split the cost as a hero gift from everyone, too! Then, there’s a whole range of KitchenAid accessories that you could divvy up between different members of your family. They range from $29.97 through to over $100 so there is something for everyone’s budget:

– Ceramic bowl
– Silicone mixer attachment
– Pasta maker
– Food processor attachmentWith gifts for the bakers in your family set, let’s move onto another area: tech! This is a popular one and gifts can often sell out before holidays, especially products in specific bundles or colors. I’ve rounded up some of my top picks, which I think cover potential gifts for most of the family. They will also look great in your home, too. Personally, when it comes to technology products I feel passionately that they not only function well but also to look aesthetically pleasing in the home, otherwise your home isn’t a happy space.

The first idea I have are wireless speakers, which I have in my home and I love to use. I choose the Bose Revolve as an option for adult gifting, and the Bose Soundlink Color II for kids and teenagers on your gift list. The Color II is water resistant so it’s perfect even for bathrooms etc.. Meanwhile the Revolve looks super chic and stylish so it works well for more formal spaces.These two Bose speakers are great gift ideas because their sound quality is amazing and they are designed really well.  Plus, both models let you connect your phone and have microphones so the whole family can speak when making holidays calls to loved ones out of state or overseas!Last on the list is the Microsoft X-Box Forza bundle. This a must-buy gift for lots of family fun! When that snow storm hits you will be glad you picked this up so the whole family can avoid cabin fever and play some awesome games! And as a design lover, I think it’s great that the X-Box isn’t an unsightly console – this one is slim and white so won’t ruin the look of a living room. Phew! Which gifts will you be giving this season? Are you team Tech Off or Bake Off?!

// Styling & Photography by Will Taylor | This post was brought to in partnership with Walmart; thank you for supporting our partners who make our content possible.


Will Taylor

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  1. This is why I read your blog because you think about game consoles being aesthetically pleasing and I’m so here for it 👏👏👏 haha

  2. Carolina Heath Reply

    My girlfriends and I were chatting on Saturday about gifting this year and how none of us have started yet so this is perfectly timed Will! Great suggestions!! xo

  3. Another fun post! I think I would cry with happiness if my kids and hubby bought me that mixer. No joke! #EmoMom 😉

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