It’s always exciting when IKEA bring out a new PS collection, but it’s even more exciting when the kind folks at IKEA Towers let us take a sneak peek at the new collection before it launches. The good news is that’s exactly what we get to do today – feast your eyes on the brand new PS 2014 collection, which IKEA are calling ‘On The Move’ and launches on April 1st. IKEA created the new PS collection for a home that is always in motion, one that will be ready for new situations and needs. They hope it this new collection of designs will inspire people to live more simply and do more with the space they have in their homes – ‘young-in-mind urban people living “in the moment” in a small space’ was who they had in mind when creating the new PS 2014 collection. From a narrow colour block bench (ideal for making the process of taking shoes on and off easier in tiny hallways) to a mini indoor herb garden greenhouse (which clearly taps into the now established trend for indoor plants and having something to nurture in our homes), the new range delivers a suite of products with the modern home in mind.

Around 18 months ago I bought the PS Pendle clock shelf for my living room (seen on the UK edition of my book) because it was not only practical and stylish but it also reminded me of staying at my gran’s house as a child because she had a huge grandfather clock in her entrance hall. And nothing beats a product that resonates with you personally, does it? It’s my belief that whether a product is from a global brand like IKEA or an in independent designer, as long as the pieces tell a story personal to you, that’s all that matters. Which of these new PS 2014 collection designs are catching your eye?

// Photography by IKEA


Will Taylor

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  1. Hooray for ikea PS! We got a good few pieces from the last collection so it’s exciting to see some updates! Our flat is teeny- that narrow bench would be perfect for our hall. Can’t wait to shop it! 🙂

  2. The corner cabinet is MINE! Or at least it will be. Enjoyed the sneak peek, thanks Mr.B.

  3. The pale wood kitchen shelves are very stylish. I think we’ll have to find a spot for those in the new kitchen.

  4. Hi Will, that little corner cabinet is very cute and I’d love that for my boys room. I agree that the best homes are made from a combination of sources. Can you believe that they don’t have Ikea in NZ? Every time I go back to Sydney I have the urge to visit ikea, it’s kind of an addition, everything they do is so clever! Mel x

    • @Mel – I totally agree, there’s something captivating about the way they design their pieces. I can’t believe you don’t have it in NZ. Ah well, an excuse to head back over to Sydney every now and then! 😉 x

  5. I’m not a fan of IKEA myself, but these actually look very nice, a slightly more crafted/less mainstream. The plant house would be a must-have for me.

    • @Justyna – Nice pick, Justyna! Personally I think even if a product is mainstream, it can still hold significance in the design if it has personal resonance.

  6. Oh my – I love everything here (‘specially the tripod cabinet) and I’m not even ‘on the move’ anymore! Ikea seems to keep on nailing it and I love that it’s so affordable too!

  7. Oh my, I’m loving everything here! We have the white Ikea PS cabinet in our living room & I think it is my fave piece in the house! I’m loving Ikea at the moment as they seem to be nailing it on the awesomeness front lately!

  8. Hi Will! I”m so excited that this collection will be available globally! I have been obsessed with the Brakig collection ever since you’ve posted it but was so disappointed to find out that it was not available in the US. Thanks for sharing!! I just pre-order your book on Amazon and is looking forward to it.

  9. Thanks for the Ikea sneak peak. I love Ikea. My poor husband cringes every time I go, because he knows he is going to end up helping me assemble SOMETHING. I just can’t walk out of there empty-handed.

    Also, I preordered your book here in the US. Thanks for being such an amazing source of inspiration! You rock:)

    • @Grace – Your comment about IKEA made me smile, I’m sure you are not the only couple in that situ! 😉 And THANK YOU for pre-ordering my book. I’ll be there on a book tour in May, I hope we can meet! 🙂

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