The realm of possibility when it comes to flooring design just became bigger thanks to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors’ new Transformative Design Team, who are reimagining what’s possible with floors. The team was created to push the boundaries of traditional product development into artistic concept exploration. They recently shared the first of their new concept floors and I couldn’t love it more. Check it out!

I know, right?! The splattered floor is unexpected — I love it! When it comes to decorating, I think often floors are an area where we don’t think to add color. We immediately go to the walls with paint and wallpaper to add a hit of hue, when floors are one the largest surface areas in your home. As such, they offer a great opportunity to add color, texture and pattern in an unexpected and eye-catching way.

This creative flooring project was inspired by a Jackson Pollock painting. I’ve always been drawn to the tension between color and texture, and how together they bring life to a room. All too often, flooring is too perfect and consistent, which to me feels cold and clinical, especially for a home. Whereas, this creation by Carlisle’s Transformative Design Team creates a piece of art on the floor. Moreover, it makes the room feel alive and warm.

I also love how this floor was used in a small space, as smaller areas are the perfect places to be bold with color. This flooring concept would also be ideal for bringing a punch of personality to an entryway or powder room.

If the splatter flooring isn’t for you, then there are still plenty of ways to easily add color using more traditional flooring materials:

1. Using bright rugs and furniture

In these two rooms, you can see how the designer has used color through rugs and furniture to inject life into the spaces. The Carlisle wide plank White Oak hardwood floors pair perfectly with both the turquoise rug and brightly-hued striped rug. I like how the flooring adds warmth while still feeling light and airy — it allows the colors of the rugs to shine.

2. Keep the flooring effortless and add a statement piece of art

In these two spaces, I love how the wide plank dark Ash hardwood flooring by Carlisle creates an elevated atmosphere and provides a chic backdrop to allow the statement art to shine. The simplicity of these designs doesn’t mean they aren’t arresting spaces: using a standout piece of art paired with luxury Ash flooring that contrasts with fresh white walls creates a stylish result. The floors are really important here as the rich, dark finish adds warmth and texture, which is what makes these spaces feel like a home rather than a cold industrial space.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America for more than 50 years and I love that they are continually reinventing and trying new things. I know for sure that I now really want a splattered floor in my home! What about you, are you thinking what’s possible with floors.

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Will Taylor

Will is a self-confessed gentleman hooked-on-hue and his motto is: beige is boring! He works as a freelance author, creative consultant and lifestyle blogger. Will has been blogging about his love of colourful design, fashion and travel since 2009, engaging an army of colour lovers across the world with his quintessential make-you-smile style.


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  2. The first floor is a little too much for me, but I am going to try and add some more color in.

  3. Hi Will!!!!
    Thanks for the post this is so interesting I can never find the flooring I want so this is great to know about for my next project.
    Take care

  4. Helen Paler Reply

    I have aways advised my clients to have dark floors, I believe they wear better but when it comes to adding color I do think the oak floors above really stand out. Lots to think about.

    • @Helen – Defintely! Each client has different wants and needs, that’s the great thing about all the flooring options available now!

  5. I love the paint on the floors – I would worry that I might not want it forever but I am very tempted!

  6. Will – that Ash is what I have been looking for, often dark floors you can’t see the grain but I love how you can see all the texture and grain,

    • @Susan – Totally! And that’s what you want with a wooden floor, right? To be able to see and feel the warmth and texture of the grain.

  7. do you know where that teal rug is from – that whole look with the flooring is great

  8. I have a historic home and for the longest time have been trying to find a wide flooring that looks high quality and so wouldn’t be out of place – thanks for reference it is very useful.

  9. I’ve read many of your exciting articles, Thanks for that. This is definitely share-worthy content!

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