IKEA catalog 2019The IKEA catalog 2019 is here – yay! As a lover of democratic and accessible design, the annual release of the IKEA catalog is always one of my favorite times of year in the design industry. I have a long history with IKEA and have closely followed their designs over the years. If you’re an IKEA mega fan like I, then take a moment to click through all of my past IKEA content right here. A few personal highlights include this IKEA infographic (nerd alert!) I commissioned back in 2013, and when I went behind-the-scenes of the IKEA catalog.

OK, OK, I’ll stop completely geeking out and get back to the task at hand: giving you guys a sneak peek inside the 2019 IKEA catalog! (Ed note: aforementioned geeking out continues until the end of the post.) Yesterday, I attended a media event in downtown Manhattan to experience the launch of the IKEA catalog 2019. This year’s IKEA catalog sees the brand’s 75th anniversary and to mark the occasion the new catalog celebrates how we all live differently. Inside the 2019 IKEA catalog you’ll find seven distinct homes that represent a wide variety of styles, sizes and budgets. If I’m honest I was a little nervous when I saw the cover for this year’s catalog. Here’s why: I’m not keen on the decision to not run a full-bleed image, the light leak in the top right hand corner looks too fake and the overtly kid-focused vibe doesn’t resonate with my personal lifestyle (although I know it does to many, so I do understand their motivation for that, just talking personal preference!) However, my worries were quashed as soon as I saw inside. My favorite catalog from a design brand has done it again and I’m excited to share some quick iPhone snaps of my favorite moments from each of the seven homes in the IKEA catalog 2019.IKEA catalog 20191. Haven In The City
The first home is all about seeking refuge from busy city life (hey, that sounds appealing!) and having walked a recreation of this home at yesterday’s event in Manhattan I can attest to how relaxing the space did feel. I was impressed by the new GRONLID sofa – it has built-in storage in the base and was incredibly comfortable. (If you are reading on the day of posting, head to my IG Story to see my video of this space. I’ve never had an IKEA kitchen but the ASKERSUND light ash effect doors (seen above) are tempting me with their calming Scandi vibes. This neutral space is the perfect backdrop to layer in dusty pink, washed mint or warm ochre accents. Color me tempted!
IKEA catalog 2019IKEA catalog 20192. Limited Space, Limited You
The playful yet functional BRATHULT sleeper sectional is the standout star of the second home inside the IKEA catalog 2019. This roomset was also recreated at today’s event in NYC and a lady from the Brooklyn IKEA store explained to me how the studio space was created to represent the living environment of a single parent raising a child in the city. IKEA really came through on the reality with this one: a tiny closet converted to a children’s sleeping nook, a sleeper sofa for the parent and multi-functional pieces for dining, working and playing.
IKEA catalog 2019This country moment isn’t part of one of the seven homes but I wanted to include it because those layered greens immediately caught my color-loving eye, and spoke to my childhood growing up in the English countryside. Love!
IKEA catalog 20193. Where More Is More
The third home (and another that was recreated at yesterday’s NYC event) was for the collectors of the world. If you love a home that’s jam-packed with things then this one’s for you. This home was created for a fictional couple who liked to travel the world and curate their home with gathered finds that each tell a unique story. While a little too cluttered for my perosnal taste, I loved the racing green velvet STRANDMON wing chair, especially paired with the yellow cushion. In fact, I smiled when I saw this color combination because I’ve recently been designing a room with this exact same color palette. Also, this whippet has my heart. I can’t deal!
IKEA catalog 2019IKEA stylists always knock it outta the park. Loving these layered, textured vibes.
IKEA catalog 2019IKEA catalog 20194. Resourceful and Loving It
This home from the IKEA catalog 2019 focuses on the homeowner who seeks to make conscious choices for a healthier and more sustainable way of living. In the catalog you’ll see how this home is full of solutions for home-grown veggies, DIY ideas and smart reusing of resources. For example, the TANUM rag hugs are inspried by traditonal Swedish handicraft – they are handwoven with leftover fabric scraps from their bedlinen production.
IKEA catalog 2019This kitchen is featured outside of the seven homes inside the IKEA catalog 2019 but given my love for blue kitchens (see our beach house kitchen for evidence!) I had to include it. Naturally, I love the KALLARP high-gloss gray-turquoise doors but it’s the small detail and warmth from the OSTERNAS leather handles that make it sing. Love, love, love!
IKEA catalog 20195. Full House
At this point in the catalog we tour a family home that’s full of smart solutions for inclusive living, sharing and caring. In the recreated space yesterday I loved how the living room had two seating areas – one for kids and one for adults – that allowed for each to use the space in their own way (playing, reading, working etc.) but somehow they both felt connected. I’ve been tempted to bring the VALLENTUNA modular sofa (seen above) into our apartment for a while because it’s so functional and flexible. I love IKEA sofas and have proudly had one in almost every apartment I’ve lived in!
IKEA catalog 20196. Open To Change
A flexible home is something I think almsot all of us are looking for in today’s changing world, right? The sixth home in the 2019 IKEA catalog is all about just that. Living rooms that become dancefloors. Sofas that become beds. Nightstands that become hostess trays. Kitchen islands with built-in wireless chargers. I loved that this space was full of smart and stylish solutions for everyday living, especially in smaller city apartments.
IKEA catalog 2019
7. Room For Big Ideas
No joke, this home is based on a 172 square ft. apartment (yikes!) but it’s kinda fascianting to see what the IKEA team did with it. Floor-to-ceiling storage, a sofa under the bed, chairs that stack, fold and hang from the wall to maximise floor space and so on. I wish my tiny room during university had looked this cool – heck, I wish it had been this functional, too! I’d love to know which of the seven homes from the IKEA catalog 2019 you love the most?


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  1. Jealous!!! I love Ikea! It’s a two hour drive from me but I go all the time lol! Can’t wait to get my catalog !

  2. LOVE the styling and the blue kitchen. Thanks for sharing this with us Will!

  3. Wendy Askburg Reply

    Interesting concept for the catalog I’ll have to take a look. You piqued my interest with your post. Happy Tuesday Will.


  4. Thanks for sharing and for your commentary, Will!

    Also appreciate the links to past IKEA posts. I have the Strandmon Wing Chair (sans adorable doggo) in light turquoise – super comfy!


  5. Loving the green and the country vibes! 🙂 And the blue kitchen! 🙂 The bookcases… Love!! 🙂 Oh and thank you for saying you love Ikea sofas, I’ve been on the hunt for like forever for a good sofa, and for a reasonable price. Maybe we should go for one like I suggested already (I’ve got my eye on the Kivik), I’ll definitely say to my husband you love them too. That might help in making the decision, haha! 😉 Thanks for sharing this Will, I cannot wait for my catalogue too! xxx Inge

  6. Love your blog. Living in UK & lucky to have IKEA nearby. Thanks for sharing your love of colour & dislike of ‘boring beige’ minimilism … I love colour too .. who needs grey in the UK, where skies are grey 75% of the time, with grey roads, grey cars, grey sidewalks etc. Thanks for sharing. Dee

  7. I just painted my kitchen blue – Antigua and I love it! It makes me do a happy dance every morning!

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