How To Pick A Sofa For Your Style: The Lounge Co.Choosing a sofa often feels as big a deal and commitment as choosing the property the sofa is going to live in, don’t you think?! You know when you move into a new house or apartment and that feeling hits you the moment you open the door: this is The One! I’ve moved countless times over the years and no matter whether I was looking at house shares with friends while I was a student or looking for my new apartment in New York City (more on that soon!), I’ve always found that I know which place is The One after taking a few steps over the threshold. Do you find that to be true in your experience also? My intuition for feeling tuned in with properties is often true when it comes to choosing a sofa, too. After all, picking out a sofa is an emotional experience and so it’s no surprise that when you do find the perfect fit for your home that it can feel like love at first, well, sit! Humor me, I couldn’t help it. Still, picking out the right sofa for your style can feel daunting, right? So, I’ve teamed up with The Lounge Co. to share six of my favorite styles from their new 24-piece range, alongside my tips and advice for picking the right sofa design for your home. Aside from their shapely detailing, their sofas all have customer configuration so you can not only pick the the right shape but also fabric and color to match your personal taste and space. OK, let’s dive in!

No.1 | Minimal The Mallory is one of my favorite styles from The Lounge Co.’s British designed and manufactured sofas. Why? Well, I love how the clean lines and equal proportions lend a contemporary, effortless feel to the look. This style is great if you love to take a simple, stylish Scandinavian approach to decorating. Opt. for a cool grey for timeless appeal or spice things up with a brighter hue to make a calmer space pop with color. Click through after the jump to see my five other picks and read all my sofa buying tips!

how-pick-right-sofa-your-style-the-lounge-co-2No.2 | Vibrant OK, so you know that you want to choose a statement sofa but don’t know what that looks like? Enter stage right, the Poppy sofa. With her elegant yet crisp lines she strikes just the right balance between classic and contemporary. Plus, the side-less design makes this sofa the perfect choice for those who wish to go bold when it comes to color choices because the open shape allows for a stronger color without it being too dominating. With more than 100 fabrics and leathers to choose from you can really have some fun with this one – great for color lovers!how-pick-right-sofa-your-style-the-lounge-co-3No.3 | Cosy Does your idea of a rock-n-roll Saturday night go a little like this: PJs, blanket, red wine, gripping book, sofa? If so, you are a true homebody and the Chloe sofa is for you! Why? Because for your lifestyle comfort is key; you spend a lot of time on your couch and need it to have long-lasting comfort. Here, you want to look for a sofa with a deep seat, like the Chloe with her soft fibre filling. The tailored scroll arms and wing details also give a gently traditional feel that makes the overall look feel welcoming and | Graphic The Joseph chair is a club chair redesigned for the modern era. With a low-slung design the Joseph chair feels innately lounge-y and is perfect for filling an empty living room nook or adding warmth and comfort to the corner of a bedroom. You could even place this on a spacious landing area, too. If you are looking to create a three-piece seating situation in a living room, my advice would be to pair the Joseph chair in a graphic fabric, such as Stargazer Blue seen above, with the Chloe in a solid | Traditional Sophisticated and classic more your thing? No fear, the Rosie sofa is ready and waiting to fill your living room with an oh-so-lovely English townhouse meets country vibe. What I love about this design is that it marries a classic, elegant look with soft lines and comfort: it proves that formal doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable! This classic look works well when upholstered in an equally classic fabric pattern – think stripes or | Mid-Century Hello, Holly! That’s right, this beauty is the perfect choice for design lovers. Thanks to contemporary design features such as twin-needling and gently pulled in back cushions, along with splayed wooden legs, Holly’s design profile is perfect if you like mid-century inspired pieces. I would pair this sofa with a dark wooden coffee table and a grey rug for a stylish living room makeover. If you like to try before you buy, you can visit one of The Lounge Co.’s 21 UK gallery installations inside independent furniture retailers, where you will find interactive mood boards to help bring your living room vision to life. Check it out! Which sofa style are you? I’m going for minimal and vibrant because I’ve had both styles in various apartments over the years!

// Photography by, and posted in partnership with, The Lounge Co.; used with permission, all views my own.


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  1. Great tips Will. I’m torn between mid-century and the minimal sofa…

    • @Suzanna – Great choices! If you have or are planning a more shapely/statement armchair, I’d go for the minimal. If not, the mid-century shape of Holly could be the perfect piece. Good luck!

  2. Flick's Finds Reply

    Perfect timing as we are starting our living room redecorating for Christmas this weekend. Going to show the hubby this post and hopefully convince him that the Poppy should be our new sofa! 😉

  3. Gorgeous sofas; I didn’t know about this company either. Bookmarking! Thanks for the advice as well xx

  4. I really love that graphic chair! Choosing a sofa was probably the hardest part about decorating my living room. The sofa I have is over 2 years old now, and there are still days where I question if I picked the right one, LOL!

  5. Consider size first. Decide exactly how the sofa will be oriented. Determine which shape will suit the room best. Research upholstery materials.

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