mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-1Due to a hectic travel schedule for the past month, this is my first weekend in London since February. After spending the majority of March in California during an unseasonal heat wave (it was hot, hot, hot!), I relished the opportunity to embrace layering again now back in a cooler clime.mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-2Ever since I bought this red coat from the Brooklyn Tailors x GQ collection for GAP I’ve received a number of compliments on it, but also guys tend to ask how they should how to go about wearing such a bright ‘hero’ piece in their outfits. So I decided to make this red beauty the focus of my latest Bright.Style post. Naturally I love to have a splash of bright colour somewhere in my outfits. Sometimes it’s a subtle pop in my socks or the sole of my shoes, and other times I go for more of statement, such as this coat.mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-3The main key to making a red coat such as this work is to use the rest of the outfit to temper its boldness. I decided to embrace the classic pairing of red and navy, using the latter to balance the brightness of the former. When I was in Paris over New Year’s Eve last year I finally managed to visit Le Slip Francais. I left their Marais store with the sweater you see here and it turned out to be the perfect layer to wear with my red GAP coat!mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-4By sticking to classic dark wash denim, a navy sweater with a flash of red, and simple white trainers it allows the coat to shine. There’s nothing else in the outfit competing for the spotlight, instead the other darker elements compliment the coat. It was pretty awesome to come across my outfit colours on the front of a building in London – a great #colourhunting moment that was the perfect antithesis to a grey London day!mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-5 What do you think of the outfit? How do you like to wear colourful coats?mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-6


// Photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Ah Will it’s good to have you home even though I’ve followed your travels on instagram it just isn’t the same plus I have so missed 10 things I’ve learned and loved this weekend so I’m hoping for that to return this week. Pretty please with shiny bells on?!
    I love your bright red coat and I have to say I do love a bit of true bold colour especially when it’s cold and grey. Most of my clothes are pretty sedate colourwise but I do have my lush poncho which I crocheted this winter which has rows of different bright shades intermingled with a bluey grey.
    Great to have you home, bet your heart mate is thrilled
    Jo x

  2. perfect! A colleague of mine has the same jumper however I must say you wear it 100x better! (and love that your sporting French brands!)

  3. Yes! I can finally take my red coat out of the closet! I’ve always wondered how to properly wear it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Plus, I have had all the other pieces all along 🙂

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