magnet-kitchens-1For me, the kitchen has always been one of the most important spaces in a house or apartment. As a child I spent many hours baking with my mum in our family kitchen, as a teenager I would cook with my gran in her kitchen and now as an adult I chat, cook (and, let’s get real here, occasionally bicker!) with my husband in our kitchen. So when I came to collaborate with Magnet on their new Illuminated Feature Drawer, it led me to think about what my kitchen needs to be at this point in my life.magnet-kitchens-2How I lead my life now, and given the open plan space in which I live, has meant I spend more time in the kitchen than ever before – from cooking to entertaining to doing blog posts and more. It has become increasingly challenging to create a space that is multi-functional and stylish for those who need to use the kitchen for more than simply cooking. As such, kitchens have needed to be more flexible and practical to house the various different requirements for each of these activities.magnet-kitchens-3As a result of this shift, Magnet has embraced the trend to show and hide different elements of a kitchen arsenal with their new Illuminated Feature Drawer. This beautiful kitchen addition is not only apt for creating a stylish focal point, but also helps to streamline busy day-to-day lives. In essence, the balance here is perfect because the drawer affords homeowners the opportunity to express their personality, while still providing must-have storage space for those kitchen utensils you need to hand – but hate to have on show. For example, when I say you wouldn’t want to see some of my battered wooden utensils, I really mean it!magnet-kitchens-4So how do you come to decide what to display and what to hide? Again, I think it’s a matter of balance between being led your head and your heart lead you – after all the kitchen is the heart of the home! Your head should lead you to storing practical yet not very pretty items in the hidden part of the drawer. While your heart should lead you to display items of personal note and significance in the front of the drawer.magnet-kitchens-5For example, you might have a utensil that you use daily but it doesn’t look very attractive due to its daily use. Despite holding nostalgic significance due to using and owning the item for an extending period of time (many of my kitchen items are hand-me-downs from my family, for example), it would be better to place this object in the easily accessible hidden part of the drawer. This way you can still lay your hands on the piece when you need it, but you free up the visible front of the drawer to display other more visually attractive pieces of your kitchen arsenal.magnet-kitchens-6Displaying items that bring a smile to your face and make you feel like you are at home are ideal for the display part of the drawer. Perhaps it’s an heirloom that has been passed down through your family for many years; a series of handmade ceramics by your favourite artist; or a selection of the latest designer glassware.magnet-kitchens-7

The most important thing is to use the display are to show objects that represent your personality and lifestyle – you (and your guests) will immediately see these items so they will play a big part in telling the story of your kitchen. I went for my pastel Mia Blanche ceramics that I bought several years ago in Stockholm. These are a perfect fit for the display part of the drawer because they represent my love for collecting handmade ceramics; they are cheerful and colourful, and instantly to hand to fill with fresh fruit or nibbles; plus, they remind me of the inspiring trip I had to Stockholm. What do you display in your kitchen to make it feel personal?

// Hand-lettering and photograph by Will Taylor | Other photography by Magnet & Mia Blanche | Posted in partnership with Magnet Kitchens, all views my own


Will Taylor

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  1. You’re posts are always inspiring, Will! Loved reading about the ceramics you display and they look great in that new drawer!

  2. How great is that drawer?! I love the thought of being able to hide all my crappy old utensils behind there – neeeeeeed! 😉

  3. Kitchens are definitely the heart of the home, and I’m glad to see companies starting to realize that in a different way by making it feel more personable, instead of just a place to cook food/eat.

    • @TKG – I completely agree, Josh. For me, the kitchen is such a personal space that it seems only natural that companies are inventing ways to make it easier to show your personality in the space. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So interesting! I’d love to have this in my kitchen. Ive seen many features on turning your closet into a beautiful showspace/store look but never the kitchen before.

  5. Love that display drawer Will – we live in an open plan downstairs room, and dining, cooking and living merge into one, so it’s so important that a kitchen compliments the environment as a whole. I guess kitchen companies have to keep this in mind, as walls are disappearing in more modern homes these days. Fab post btw 🙂

  6. Hey Will. I love kitchen displays also and love having a few nooks to put things on show. At the moment I’ve got a load of cook books, ceramics, vintage jars and even a painting. x Mel

  7. The lit up drawer is super smart. Unfortunately my kitchen is too small to be the heart of the home, but I would love a bigger space as in theory it is where I would love to chat/cook/entertain have kids eating whilst I busy. Its definitely a room that needs character and a touch of homeliness. Having kitchen units that enable you to display beautiful ceramics and special items make the space far more personal and inviting. Fab post.

    • @Chichi Furniture – I agree, I think it’s nice to make a kitchen feel homely and personal no matter the size – you are totally right!

  8. This idea is brilliant. Never thought of displaying my favorite items this way. And I have plenty of them, I love them.

  9. You know what else is so great about this genius idea Will? It’s like open shelving but, unlike shelves, keeps the dust out. And it reminds me of Tiffany’s with the light up to showcase beautiful things. Love your kitchen ceramics!

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