Sainsburys-indigo-blue-1Seasons. I absolutely love them. Alongside the falling leaves and refreshing temperatures (hello, layering!) it’s also the opportunity to refresh my home that fills me with joy. Of course, it’s the very change in season itself that offers up so much inspiration for a decor switch up, too. While the days here in London are still quite mild, the mornings and evenings are distinctly chilly and much darker then just a week or so ago. As soon as the sun goes down I’m hankering to head indoors and cosy up with my heartmate and my book. Of course, the moment I curl up on the couch I start to think about my interior and how I can change things up to make it work for the cold autumn days.Sainsburys-indigo-blue-2Sainsburys-indigo-blue-3It’s no secret that I’m mad about blue hues. At first thought blue appears to be a more natural fit for the spring/summer season, yet if you turn your attention to the darker end of the blue colour family it becomes the ideal autumnal decorating hue. Sainsbury’s have embraced one of my favourite dark blues, Indigo, for their lead A/W14 collection – and thank goodness they did because it’s a stunning collection. The reason this collection caught my eye from the off was because the product assortment offered a wealth of quick and easy opportunities to switch up my home for the new season. After all, who wants to (or can afford to!) change their furniture every season? I like to keep the bones of my interior fairly constant and then switch up the look with accessories, textiles and art as the season or my mood changes.Sainsburys-indigo-blue-4Sainsburys-indigo-blue-5What’s catching your eye from this Indigo collection? For me it’s all about the ombre fade vase and glassware for the table; the cable knit cushion for a dash of tactile texture on my sofa; and the copper candlesticks to play host to flickering candlelight as the nights get ever darker. So dive in and pick out your favourite Indigo pieces from my edit below. I’d love to know how you would bring this look into your home?Sainsburys-indigo-blue-6

Market Picks: Fig.1, Navy Damask Print Bedlinen, from £20 | Fig.2, Ombre Glass Votive, £4 | Fig.3, Ombre Glass Hurricane with Candle, £10 | Fig.4,Copper Effect Taper Candle Holder Large, £10 | Fig.5, Indigo Set of 3 Ceramic Tiles, £20 | Fig.6, Indigo Cushion, £16 | Fig.7, Cooking Pans, from £15 | Fig.8, Cobalt Blue Hi Ball, £3 | Fig.9, Cobalt Blue Tumbler, £3 | Fig.10, Cobalt Blue Dessert Dish, £4 | Fig.11, Set of 4 Navy & White Knobs, £8 | Fig.12, Indigo Nibble Bowls 3pk, £10 | All avaliable from Sainsburys

* // Photography by Sainsburys


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Will I love this post!! I too always think of blues in summer because I love the freshness of red, white and blue and think of the ocean. But I LOVE dark rich and bright blues…..indigo, navy, cobalt. My fave crayon as a child was “midnight blue” and to this day thats my fave dark blue….very similar to ones in your post. LOVE the velvet chairs.

  2. I’m so pleased you wrote this post because we’re redecorating our guest bedroom this weekend. I just found the scheme we’re going to do! Thank you!!

  3. Oh bestill my beating heart – the damask print bedding is stunning!

  4. I need those nibble bowls in my life. I love small bowls like this for photographing my recipes, and blue always works so well with any food.

  5. Love Indigo blue and this post came just at the right moment. I’m just about to start redecorating my boys rooms and the little one is going to love dark blue wall. I was considering black, dark gray or blue….My big teen boy picked black, white and gray combo ofcourse, but little one is getting Indigo blue, with some whites and a toush of yello.

    • @Valentina – I love the sound of both of those colour schemes. Both very stylish and bold with colour, which is just what I LOVE! Happy decorating! 🙂

  6. I agree, as much as I love the warmth and brightness of summer, I do love the fabulous uk seasons and autumn is spectacular with all its colour – nature never fails. There’s something great about cozying up of an evening and the fresh crisp mornings. It can be fun to refresh our home decor in accordance with the seasons. I love the blue above, deep, dark colours can create such a warm, atmospheric vibe. Even the type of fabric can induce cosiness, like knitted footstools, or deep velvet chairs. You can have fun with lighting in the colder/darker months too.

    • @Chi Chi – Totally with you on refreshing home decor alongside the seasons. It’s such a nice way to make home feel like the perfect sanctuary at any time of the year!

  7. Love the depth of the blue walls…looks so deep & calm yet invigorating at the same time. The bed with all the awesome blue and white prints! Brilliant.

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  11. This is gorgeous. I would really love to know what the paint color is please.

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