bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-1bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-2Thank you to everyone who so kindly got in touch or commented yesterday to express how moved they were by my first post on our wedding. I felt so moved by it that I decided to do a fun and playful post today before diving into the pictures of the getting ready, ceremony and reception. Toby and I decided to hire this villa to stay in with some of our closest friends during the week we were on the island. A few people raised eyebrows at this decision: “don’t you want to be on your own?”; “why would you want to stay with friends during your wedding?”, and so on. Of course the idea isn’t for everyone, but with so many of our friends spread out across the country (and world!) we saw this as a brilliant opportunity to be able to spend extended quality time with them all. We felt that we had countless opportunities to head off on vacations alone as a couple, but would rarely have the luxury of all our close friends and family being in the same place as us at the same time. It turned out to be a complete hit and we even hosted a BBQ and pool party with the whole wedding party at the villa on the Sunday after the wedding. I’m so pleased we decided to do that because it was amazing to hang out with our loved ones outside of the bubble of the wedding ceremony and reception.bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-3bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-4bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-5bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-6One of the main reasons we decided to have a destination wedding was (aside from loving the island) because the setting offered a laid-back and organic atmosphere. It can be all too easy to let a wedding sweep you up and become all consuming, but we were determined for it not to do so. I think the main stress in the planning was actually the week of the wedding when French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike and most flights to the island were being cancelled. Three days out from our wedding it looked like our guests weren’t going to be able to get out to the island, but thankfully it was called off just in time. It was at that point that we were so pleased we made the decision to head down to the beach on the morning of the wedding. As the ceremony wasn’t due to start until 7pm we had plenty of time to show everyone just why we adore this island so much. Aren’t the colours just incredible? We’ve been to this beach more times than we can count but we never, ever tire of it, and are delighted our friends were able to see it with us on such a special day.bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-7bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-8bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-9bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-10bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-11bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-12bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-13bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-14bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-15bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-16bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-17bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-18bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-19bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-20Much like the slippers photograph in our set of engagement pictures was my favourite, this photograph of us holding coconuts together is the winner for me here. I remember feeling the warmth of Toby as our hands touched and felt so happy. I could have jumped with the all-consuming joy, which, unsurprisingly became somewhat of a theme over the next few hours before we went to get ready for the ceremony! See you back here soon for the next set of snaps from our wedding, including getting ready, the ceremony and reception.bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-21bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-22bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-23bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-24bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-25bright-bazaar-wedding-villa-and-beach-26

// Photography by Jean-Laurent Gaudy


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  1. Oh Will, you are soooo absolutely right when you said that you didn’t want the stress of it all let it consume you. Because that’s what it did to me when I got married and actually today – 8 years ago!!! – I feel sorry about it. I didn’t get enough time with close friends to talk and enjoy the evening. It was all over in a blink of an eye. Maybe we’ll throw a cool party in two years and we’ll renew our vows. 😉 But anyway, what a beautiful and delightful idea! It looked like so much fun! And what a villa with stunning views… Can I pretty please have that donut? I will be swimming in a pool in the Provence in 3 weeks time. 😉 x

    • @Inge – Yes, a marriage renewal of vows sounds like a brilliant idea! The donut was from Amazon and super affordable – have a great holiday! x

  2. everyone looks so HAPPY ! it’s such a lovely thing to see.
    that beach is totally stunning. would like to be there right now. the water colours are just beautiful 🙂

  3. These stunning pictures have totally sold me on Menorca! Reading this has also made me think about how lovely it is to have something planned the day after the wedding for everyone to get together again and continue the celebrations, it’s just over so quickly otherwise. I have no wedding on the horizon, but you know… just thinking ahead! 😉

    It looks like you all had such a fantastic time, congratulations to you and Toby! x

    • @Hollie – Menorca is utterly beautiful and stunning in every way. And, yes, an event the day after is so nice – highly recommend it when the time comes! 😉

  4. Lovely to see the fun behind the #wtwed pics on IG captured in beautiful images! Like you and Toby, we also had some extra time with family & friends before and after our wedding and it was the best! These sun drenched photos are stunning. Can’t wait to see the “official” part. Jump jump!

  5. Wow, the island looks so amazing! I can completely understand why you wanted to get married there, and surprised that you ever managed to drag yourselves away 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Love your blog! What a beautiful place to spend some quality time with family and friends. The pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing this special part of your life with us!

  7. Wow pictures look amazing. And such a tranquil start to your wedding day. Do you mind if I ask the details of the villa you stayed at; it looks stunning. Congratulations again

  8. I love this Will! Love that you guys did a relaxing morning with your friends. Can’t wait to see the rest. xo

  9. Bit of a belated comment, but what a fantastic choice of location. I saw your photos on Instagram and instantly recognised the beach – it is one of our favourites too and we’ve spent many happy hours relaxing there. It is so well worth the walk! The photos look amazing, glad everything went well and congratulations again on your marriage.

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