Let’s get real: smart home tech is a staple feature in most households. Personally, I love it! From being able to remotely change the temperature to following along with a recipe while I cook, it helps streamline my life. However, smart home tech doesn’t always fit with my design aesthetic; I won’t lie, no matter how helpful it is, I don’t want to see it! There are a bunch of great design options and colors on the market now, however, if, like me, you have some spaces in your home that are heritage in style then a modern device just doesn’t fit.  Also, I think technology works best when you don’t notice it. This post is in partnership with Lowe”s Given Lowe’s amazing deals on smart home tech, now’s a great time to upgrade your smart home tech. Check out the deals here and I’ll dive into my tips on how designers hide tech in plain sight in their homes.

1.Match the wall color to the technology. 

This Google Nest Learning Thermostat (it’s currently  20% off at Lowe’s) is matched to the wall color so that it blends seamlessly with the room. When you look at the wall there isn’t a jarring eyesore, which would ruin the flow of the space. This is especially important for feature wall like this one; I love how chic the black thermostat looks against the jet black wall. 

2. Style it up

The great thing about smart home tech from brands like Google and Ring are that they look good to begin with. This makes hiding them in plain sight really simple. One of the best ways is to style vases and objects around them. This approach helps them look like a piece of your decor, rather than distracting the eye. Here, I styled a vase around the Echo Pop smart speaker, which is currently 55% off at Lowe’s at only $17.99. By avoiding placing smart speakers on their own, and instead grouping them with other decor items makes them look like a considered part of the room rather than an afterthought.

3. Turn it into decor 

The Google Nest Home Hub is perfect for the kitchen; I use it everyday to set timers for my cooking or to follow recipes on the screen. If your smart tech has a screen like this then consider using the screen to become part of the decor. With my Home Hub it’s as easy as saying “Hey Google, play a fireplace video” and just like that a warm, cracking fireplace is shown on screen —perfect for the Holidays! It makes a great gift for the cook in your life, a busy parent, or perhaps yourself with all the holiday cooking coming up! Lowe’s have it on offer at the moment for 20% off, too.

By following these tips, you can easily integrate smart home tech into your décor and hide it without sacrificing your style. This post is in partnership with Lowe’s but all views are my own.


Will Taylor

Will is a self-confessed gentleman hooked-on-hue and his motto is: beige is boring! He works as a freelance author, creative consultant and lifestyle blogger. Will has been blogging about his love of colourful design, fashion and travel since 2009, engaging an army of colour lovers across the world with his quintessential make-you-smile style.

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