sunbrella drapery fabric
Sunbrella drapery completed this cozy little corner of my house

The Decorating That Never Gets Done — Until It Does!
We all have a few decorating tasks that we’ve been meaning to get to but for some reason never actually get around to doing. I see you nodding over there! Well, I’m here to say (and remind myself going forward!): get those last bits of decorating done because wrapping up the ‘loose ends’ often transforms the space. Instead of living in a room with a constant niggling annoyance, you get to enjoy a finished space without any of the “I love this room but…” running through your head. Whether it’s finally hanging that gallery wall, getting pillows for your sofa, or in my case, getting proper drapery for the windows. Namely, Sunbrella drapes! Yep, Sunbrella makes fabric for indoor projects too…

Sunbrella Drapes to The Rescue!
This little nook used to be a fourth bedroom but we opened it up to become part of the living room in our renovation of the beach house. I’m so glad we took out that tiny window and invested in the steel and glass French doors. They allow light to flood into the space, provide a vista over the yard and lend a striking architectural detail to the house. However, until now they’ve been left undressed with some makeshift linen that I threw up for privacy when we first finished the Reno. It bugged me how the linen was too long, it blocked the HVAC vent and looked messy. Yet, you know how it is, life took over and it became one of those decorating tasks I just didn’t get around to completing. So when Sunbrella invited to me try out their performance fabric for indoor window treatments, I had the perfect spot in my home in mind.

Sunbrella drapery fabric
The chambray drapes seamlessly tone with the blue palette throughout the space

Picking Drapery Fabric
I was familiar with Sunbrella as a brand for performance fabrics outside but I was pleasantly surprised to discover they offered a diverse range for indoor projects, too. From indoor upholstery to custom window treatments, Sunbrella fabrics can be used for a wide variety of decorating needs both inside and outside your home. I knew that I wanted to hang drapes that would elevate this little corner of the beach house living room. My aim was to hang drapes that would seamlessly meld with the beachy blue color palette. As the space is small I wanted the fabric to blend into the room and not be too ‘loud’. The Lure Denim almost looks like a solid from a distance, it’s only when you get up close you notice the small polka dot detailing. I like how this gives the drapes an extra dimension and detail without over-powering the space. I decided to use the Sailcloth Space fabric for the lower 1/5th of the drapes. I like how this fabric has a jute-like texture to it — it’s a nice nod to the natural textures of the coast and pulls in the neutral accents used throughout the whole house.

It’s safe to say that the new Sunbrella drapes have elevated the living room to a new level. If you need new drapes then I’d recommend considering Sunbrella when sourcing your fabric. They have a truly extensive range to choose from, are performance level and feel great to the touch. One of the things I really like about Sunbrella fabrics are how they are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments. This means that their fabrics don’t fade due to natural light or normal wear. Unlike ordinary fabrics with dyes added to the surface of the yarn or fabric, Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed with rich color that stays brilliant over time, no matter the environment. So here’s to finally ticking off one of those leftover decorating tasks and enjoying a space that feels brand new again. Alright, which task is up next…!

Sunbrella drapery fabric

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  1. Will! It looks incredible…. I love how you paired those two fabrics together…something I would never have thought to do myself!!

  2. Mary-Louise Reply

    Sunbrella make drapes?! I had no idea.

    you did a great job; looks really good

    – Mary-Louise

  3. Kath Stephens Reply

    Will, I have been reading for ages and this is one of my favorite spaces you’ve shared. I like how the drapery looks with all the amazing pieces (like that bar cabinet and the chairs) that I’ve seen you source over the years. So inspiring!

  4. I didn’t know Sunbrella fabric could be used this way. We’re redecorating our living room this summer and will consider them now. Thanks for this info! xo

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  6. I have never given a thought of Sunbrella fabric. Its look so nice and beautiful Thank you for sharing

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