renuzit scent swirlsWhen it comes to designing and styling homes I always say that you should aim to create a sensory experience. Whether it’s inviting tactility in via exposed wooden surfaces and soft linen upholstery or adding vibrancy through color accents, there’s a variety of ways to tick the individual sensory elements in a room. One of the most important yet over-looked sensory element in a room? Scent! Our sense of smell is so in tune with our memories and emotions that a familiar scent can make you feel as though you have been instantly transported to another place. That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with Renuzit today to share how I incorporated their Scent Swirls gel air fresheners into our beach house.renuzit scent swirlsOne of the best things about Renuzit Scent Swirls are that their scents have a 3-in-1 fragrance. This, coupled with their wide range of scent options, made it really easy for me to find scents that felt personal to my personal tastes. My aim was to introduce scents into the beach house that would transport my heartmate and I back to special moments and memories that we share. The first Scent Swirl we added to the beach house was the Plumeria, Coconut, & Pineapple air freshener. We chose this Scent Swirl because the exotic and fruity fragrance reminded us of our recent trip to Hawaii. One of our favorite memories from the trip was stopping at a roadside coconut stand. We bought coconuts and then stood drinking the coconut water while we watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean (pictured above). The moment we smelt the Plumeria, Coconut, & Pineapple Scent Swirl air freshener we knew it would be the perfect choice to invite that memory and exotic scents of our trip into our beach house kitchen.renuzit scent swirlsWe decorated our beach house to create an oasis of calm – a space that would be a relaxing tonic from life in the city. This led us to reflect the elements of the surrounding natural environment – the coast – in the design of the space. My heartmate and I often return to the Spanish Balearic Islands were we were married (pictured below) and enjoy hiking the coastal paths when we do.renuzit scent swirlsWe find our ocean-side hikes invigorating for the mind, body and soul thanks to the fresh ocean air that fills our lungs as we walk. That’s why we picked the Pure Breeze scent for the dining room – it takes us right back to those moments and matches light, bright and fresh vibe of the room.renuzit scent swirlsThe third and final fragrance we added to the beach house is in the master bedroom. We picked the Vanilla, Apricot Blossom & Almond Scent Swirl because we were keen to replicate the soft scent enjoyed on spring walks through New York City. This 3-in-1 fragrance is perfect for the master bedroom because it helps round out the soft and calming atmosphere that other sensory experiences, such as sight and touch, have already helped to create in the room. I love how adding these three different scents to our house not only keeps our home smelling SO good, but also acts as a catalyst to some of our favorite travel memories. Check out the Renuzit website to find a Scent Swirl that’s perfect for your home!renuzit scent swirls// Styling & photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Had never thought about home fragrance in this way before but you are right! Great post Will!

  2. I love this post Will
    You always accompany your images with such nice words
    I scroll lots of blogs but always read yours!
    Thanks for telling us about these air fresheners
    Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Serena vannini Reply

    Grazie, il tuo entusiasmo ha portato colore anche nella mai vita così complicata. Ho voglia di stravolgere tutta casa . Un caro saluto dall’Italia. Serena


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