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overcoming anxiety tipsIt’s true: you can be happy and live with anxiety. I just didn’t know it at the time…

I touched upon my anxiety in a blog post last year, ‘My Story So Far: Reflecting on The Last Decade’. I posted it when I turned thirty and I shared a series of the highs and lows I had experienced throughout my twenties. One of the major things that weighed on my shoulders was developing severe anxiety that crippled my life for several years. Alongside the sudden breakup of my parents’ marriage when I was eleven years old, those years I spent deep in the trenches of anxiety and panic attacks were my hardest. It’s difficult to put into words how even the most basic of everyday tasks – going to the barbers, standing in line at the post office or getting on public transportation – put a weight on my shoulders that stopped me achieving all that I could. It felt like I had mountains to climb and too often they were peaks that were too high to conquer. My palms would sweat, my heart would race, I’d feel like I was going to pass out. Sometimes I almost did.

Today, however, I want to talk more about how I live with anxiety now and how I lifted this weight off my shoulders and how I overcame this road block in my life, turning it into a high point by finding a positive path forward and not allowing myself to be held back from greatness. I was encouraged to share this story after learning of the Shoulders of Greatness campaign by Head & Shoulders which highlights all of the things people carry on their shoulders – pride, pressure, expectations – and tells personal stories, such as the coming out story of U.S. freestyle skier, Gus Kenworthy, and how they found the confidence to achieve greatness. When I met with Gus last year and talked to him about his story, especially how being in such a testosterone filled sport, it was tough for him to achieve his full potential. It was so inspiring to hear how it was literally a weight lifted off his shoulders when he could be himself and come out.  This resonated with me and how my anxiety had affected my life.overcoming anxiety tipsFirst, let’s wind the clock back to the defining moment that made me realize I had to find the strength to over come my anxiety. As someone who had always been out-going, go-getting and confident it was very frustrating to feel so confined by something I had no control over. From the outside, it looked like everything was going great: I still held a well-paid communications job in London, Bright.Bazaar was flourishing and growing by the day and I was happily in love with my then boyfriend (now hubby!). Yet, inside I was struggling everyday with simply getting myself into the office.

The turning point came when I was speaking on a panel at a design conference in London. I had a horrendous panic attack while on stage and it was one of the worst 45 minutes I’ve ever experienced. Seeing the concerned looks on the faces of my friends in the audience was the catalyst I needed to seek help to bring the anxiety under control. It was a long road and I am proud to say that in the last two years I’ve been almost entirely panic attack free. I’m proud to think that I’ve managed to take myself from the point of not being able to sit in a barber’s chair or get on a train, to moving to and living and thriving in NYC which is one of the world’s busiest cities. Especially when I once had an awful panic attack in a H&M Store (the glamour) in this very city, and I wanted to get out the city and never, ever travel again. Now, I fly around the world alone for business without a second thought and I give confident presentations to clients and large conferences. These are things that back then I would have never in a million years thought I’d be able to do again. And despite living with anxiety, I’ve gone on to build a successful brand and blog with over 2.6 million followers on social media, written and styled two books published in eleven languages and be named one of the top 30 people in social media by Forbes. Knowing that I overcame such a huge challenge and managed to forge a successful career is what gives me the strength to fight other battles I face in life.overcoming anxiety tipsThat said, I know for sure that I’ll carry anxiety on my shoulders in some form for life. And that’s OK. While I’ve managed to overcome the crippling panic attacks and can now live my life much more freely than I could all those years ago, I still have to be mindful of my body to ensure I don’t slip back into those dark trenches. The reason I wanted to share a more detailed look at this part of my life is to hopefully inspire anyone, young or old, who is reading to know that you too can realize your greatness and full potential despite your anxiety. With that in mind, here’s how I try my best to live life to the fullest while managing the weight of the anxiety on my shoulders:

– Openly communicate. If you are suffering with anxiety I promise you (from a place of experience) that the absolute worst thing you can do is not tell anyone. Bottling up your thoughts and emotions might see like the easiest or safest route, but it only makes things worse and the mental pain more intense as time passes. Speak to those you love. Tell them what is on your mind. How you feel. Tell them how they can help. Often its hard for people to know what to do, so don’t shy away from verbalizing what you need. And remember, speaking your truth and fears doesn’t mean you have to broadcast it out to everyone or tell each member of your family. Even just telling one person will help lift the weight of the anxiety on your shoulders. It won’t make it disappear but it will help, and over time if you keep openly communicating with a trusted loved one or friend or therapist – anyone! – then you’ll see a marked improvement in your anxiety levels. Even though I’m through the woods of my worst anxiety levels I still hold myself to doing this on a regular basis.

– Mindful of time. That’s right! No more staying up until 1 or 2am everyday and then getting up at 6am to head back to work. Sure, there’s the odd occasion when I have to pull a few late nights and early mornings back to back (hello, we all gotta hustle sometimes, right?!) but the key is doing this long term is simply not healthy. I did it for many years and while I don’t regret where all that hard work got me, it certainly wasn’t without cost. I now know the importance of work/life balance. The scale isn’t always equal or tipped in the direction I’d like but I’m mindful that I don’t let it tip the wrong direction for too long. I used to work all weekend, every weekend and then crazy hours in the week. It just wasn’t healthy. Now, I take at least one full day off from computer-based work on the weekend and it’s done wonders for my energy and mental positivity.overcoming anxiety tips– Embrace color! Studies have shown that those who surround themselves with more color are proven to be happier. (That’s why I included a series of my colorful photographs in this post – talking or writing about mental health doesn’t have to be depressing or clinical. In fact, the more we make it less about those things and more about what positive changes we can make, the better.) This is one of the many reasons why I decided to start Bright Bazaar, and indeed my #MakeYouSmileStyle hashtag on Instagram, which now has close to 700,000 images added from people across the world. I started #MakeYouSmileStyle because I wanted to document the everyday moments with color that brought moments of joy to my life – and encourage others to share theirs, too. If it’s not color, then think about something that does make you smile and bring more of it into your life. From volunteering to baking to hiking to painting to reading. Whatever it is, make time for it , even if you don’t feel like it before you start – you’ll likely be glad you did once you’re underway!

– Routine. A regular routine is so important for my mental health. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever travel (quite the opposite!) or try a new restaurant. No, what it means it that I give structure to my days and life in other smaller but impactful ways. Everyday I wake at the same time no matter where I am in the world and I banned hitting the snooze button. This helps to keep my body clock ticking on a regular schedule and rids that sluggish, sleepy feeling that aids nothing but negativity and anxiety in the mornings.

– Shed the embarrassment. I get it. It’s not easy to accept in yourself that you are suffering from severe anxiety, let alone verbalize it to loved ones or work colleagues. However, by speaking up and being honest about your feelings and mental health you are doing yourself (and all the other people who are suffering like you) a huge favor. Speaking your truth and letting others understand why you are feeling the way you are, why you are behaving the way you do and so on, this is what allows those that care for you to understand what you are going through. While there is still a stigma around mental health it is thankfully becoming much less of a taboo. Being honest about your mental health struggles not only helps you personally, but it helps move society forward in a positive way, too. And that’s something to feel great about!overcoming anxiety tips– Be accountable. Recognize the signs that you are potentially slipping into a dark place with your anxiety. Maybe it’s continually avoiding social situations. Perhaps it’s a two-week stretch of irritability and sadness. Or, it could be a feeling of unease in certain situations. Sometimes these things might be visible to others around you. If so, let a trusted person know what the warning signs are so that they can be there to help you through those tough times. And the same is true if the symptoms are invisible: speak to someone. It’s important to be accountable to yourself in the first instance by having the courage to speak to someone and tell them you are suffering. Only then can they help. This is an important step in being able to over come your anxiety.

– Just do something. Seriously, it can be anything from exercise to completing a simple household chore like changing the bins or dusting the shelves. I found that by doing regular exercise and completing simple tasks made me feel like I was accomplishing something, which in turn made me feel more positive about myself and therefore helped with my anxiety.overcoming anxiety tipsRemember, often it’s about doing lots of small, positive things in your life vs. one day waking up and suddenly having an ‘ah-ha’ moment and life being completely sunshine and roses. Life is always going to have its tough moments and those of us with anxiety will likely shoulder it in some form for life. However, you can achieve greatness with the right attitude and by gradually making day-by-day improvements to how you live your life. Once you come to understand the push and pull of your mind and how you personally can keep it balanced in a positive place you’ll feel much of the weight lift off your shoulders. I’ve got this and you’ve got this, too. Together, we can have shoulders of greatness.


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Will this was so moving. I have anxiety and I found myself nodding my head as I read about your experience. Inspiring to know that someone I admire SO much has gone through something similar to me. I hope to meet you one day and say thank you to you in person!

    • @Alexis – Sorry to read that you have had a similar experience. Glad the post could provide some help and comfort. Hang in there and thanks for the support, too.

  2. Beautiful post. And I like how you shared practical advice for your followers.

    • @Jane – Thank you. I remember feeling so alone when I was at my worst so I hope this will provide a glimmer of light and hope for anyone who might be in that position now.

  3. Tears in my eyes Will…you have a way with words that verbalises things I’ve long wished I could say myself but didn’t know how….you are amazing

  4. Paul Knight Reply

    Admire your honesty. Someone close to be suffers in similar ways you used to so I’m gonna send her this post.

  5. “t’s about doing lots of small, positive things in your life vs. one day waking up and suddenly having an ‘ah-ha’ moment and life being completely sunshine and roses” YES. As a fellow sufferer who has been trying to overcome anxiety I’m pleased you didn’t sugar coat things in this post and said it like it really is.

  6. Taylor Rains Reply

    thanks for sharing your story, will. it means a lot to hear from others who have walked a similar path and are thriving!

    • @Taylor – Of course. The more there’s an open and transparent conversation about mental health the more society will realise that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Appreciate your readership and support.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am struggling with my anxiety recently. As a grad student and with a horrible breakup, panic attacks became my daily meal. Things that you mentioned have helped a lot, such as a routine and be mindful of my time. I’m still in the way to control this thing but it’s very inspiring to read a relatable story from someone as lovely and successful and you. Thank you

    • @Joe – Sorry to read that you are going through a rough patch. Hang in there and look after yourself. It does get better, I promise. Glad you are already doing some of these things as they helped me so, so much. Take care.

  8. Thank you for this. What helps me the most, and what you touched upon, was letting someone know your warning signs. When in an uncomfortable situation, a hand on my shoulder from my fiance instantly puts me at ease. It’s people like you with a platform and audience your size that really help spread the word and break down the stigma of anxiety. 🙂

  9. Will,

    I’ve recently discovered your Instagram page and blog. Your photos and words of encouragement are very inspiring. I’m thankful to know that someone as motivated as myself struggles with the same issues.

  10. Will, thank you for sharing. This was very relevant and needed to be said.

    Dallin – @bexleyslc

  11. My feelings have feelings right now after reading this, Will thanks so much for sharing this with your readers, This will help a lot of people. 😍

  12. I love you blog and your Instagram! I wish you all the success and really hope I get that record player! 🤗
    Instagram: lemosbs

    Thank you

  13. Sumit Munjal Reply

    We love your blog and Instagram it’s great to see you grow both as a influencer and a person. @sumitmunjall

  14. Thanks for writing this! I’ve not had anxiety as extreme as others but I think finding and learning ways to cope is key!


  15. Happy Thursday Will, great post talking about andiety that so many people suffer and it’s not easy to talk about. Love that you are doing better and great. Pxx

  16. Hi Will – great article! I live with mental health, to a lesser degree anxiety, but one of my best friends suffers from anxiety severely! I love reading about it to educate myself, and to underatand her better. I read Turles All The Way Down by John Green, and simce them I’ve been so interested in learning more about anxiety (aswel as mental health related issues, and OCD) So honestly thank you for sharing 🙏🏻 @okaysobooksically

  17. Thanks for sharing Will! As someone who has let anxiety control there life in the past, it’s inspiring to see how others have made peace and moved forward! Xoxo


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    It has been a changeover for me since I have opened up my new insta page @thewhisperingstory . All this was possible due to my close friend who is my support and also a part of my new page. You have been such an amazing source of inspiration as well as the approach of yours has made many people walking a different way of life and trying new things without a second thought. Thanks for being there. @SwapnilPhadte

  20. Thank you for sharing your story!
    I struggle with anxiety and it’s good to hear that it is manageable and good can come of it.

  21. Thank you for always being so honest! Anxiety is something I have struggled with most of my life but the idea you write about hear, “be mindful of time,” is spot on. It doesn’t fix everything, but it makes everything more manageable!

    Colton @legit_itscolton

  22. I’ve followed you for a long time and I really enjoy your personal posts! Thank you for your transparency. @michaelaraej

  23. Amazing words! You’re so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this ❤️ And btw I really really really love your instagram posts😍

  24. As someone who does not live with much anxiety, but is a friend to many who do, this is great advice. Thank you for opening yourself up to us, and allowing us to learn from what you have experienced. Now, to get out of my bed and JUST DO SOMETHING!! @_explauren

  25. Great post about anxiety. Thanks for sharing.

    One way I manage anxiety is with running. It has helped me to clear the mind, focus on being in the moment. I am also lucky to have an amazing and supportive husband.


  26. Luis Torres Reply

    Will, right now i really appreciate what i read. I suffer anxiety and it’s very difficult. Thanks for sharing those tips. I’ll practice for sure. Love your blog and all the colorful photos you share.

    xxxxxxooooooo ❤️

    IG: @louistorresm

  27. Such an inspiring post. I also recently found that having and maintaining (for the most part) a regular routine has helped me better focus on the day and have a better outlook in general. I’m sure this post will help a lot more people as well. Thanks for sharing, Will!

  28. What a brave post, Will. Inspirational and inspiring. It’s a life long challenge, but you will conquer it! @brettmiller22

  29. Jeremiah Halbert Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this aspect of your life! I also struggle with severe anxiety so I really resonated with this. Love the “just do something” portion as I’ve found that’s often the first step for me. Thanks for being so vulnerable, Will!

    – Jeremiah (IG: @jeremiah_halbert)

  30. It takes a certain kind of strength to open up + share such a vulnerable side of ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story, Will. You are a beautiful person! xo, @mkmallik

  31. Being a queer person in a very conservative country is not easy. I usually talking to myself in the mirror to overcome my anxiety because none of my friends seem to understand what I’ve been through as a queer person. But, I’m glad that some of my close friends can accept me and love me for who I am.
    Great post btw. Much love from Indonesia

  32. I’m a big fan and your story is amazing.
    Super inspiring! Thank you for sharing this!


  33. Will, this note is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your thought and experience 💙

  34. This is a wonderfully inspiring post! As someone who loves and lives with someone who has anxiety it’s a great insight to be helpful and not hurtful. Anxiety not only effects those with it, but those who want to help and hearing this makes that much more simple!

  35. Thanks for opening up and letting us know that a smile style can always come from sharing hard real struggles like this. Reading about how suffering from anxiety affected your professional life remembered me of the presentation for my last project in Advertising school, probably after that moment i realized i had something to deal with. After looking for help I decided that it will never happen to me again and although as you mentioned I have to live with it every day, now is something I can control.

    Also, your blog, Instagram and Pinterest are really inspiring.


  36. Edgar Gonzalez Reply

    Very good read and also brings awareness to an issue not many people don’t talk about. Very inspired and cool to know more of your story. Thanks for the sharing Will!

  37. Communication is key. Always. Even with yourself. Once you realise and become aware of the struggles you are facing, that spark within you wants to turn into a flame as your desire to make things better grows. Your inner truth knows what is not your true-self and this is what motivates most of us. By speaking out, surrounding ourselves with the right people, books, experiences, we take the right steps towards making a change and being the best version of the person we know we truly are.

    Great to hear you managed to overcome this and be an beacon of light for those who still might be struggling. Take care!


  38. I admire whem people we see as role models come out and express their feelings and strugles, cause that makes them human, and allow us to identify with them. I have struggled with social anxiety for many years. I have identified the problem and acted to reduce it. I used to bring me many problems with friends, relationships and everyday life in general. I can go out and enjoy more crowded places now, although I still have some fears, but Im certainly making progress. @jale691

  39. Chris Ciavatta Reply

    Wow I always love your posts. This one stands out from the rest and I am so happy you shared your experience with us! Thanks for being you.


  40. This is an absolutely amazing article. I’m so deeply impressed by your journey. We see in ourselves what we think we deserve, but I think it’s people like you who show us that we deserve so much more than that, and that things change. 🙂 <3

  41. Hi darling – last year I was criticised for ‘going on’ about how I felt on FB – I’m very open that I had a shocking time dealing with my dad passing away in 2016, and have literally only just started to calm down, I refuse to stop ‘going on’ about mental health, as I now know how to empathise with those who are suffering the same, and fully encourage posts like yours to be written more. Will, for such a young age, you are truly inspiring – thank you for sharing this with us. Hopefully my Harrow educated husband who was institutionalised during his younger years and finds it impossible to show emotion, will take heed of your openness – besides, he has the same style as you!! Love you xx

  42. Carissa Gould Reply

    Thank you for your raw honesty Will. It’s encourging to see people like you using your platform to be real & encourge others through your personal experiences. You’re an inspiration & I will definitely be taking your advice to heart. Much love, Carissa. @carissagould

  43. That was quite the read! I love how you are always so personal and open to your followers. Thank you for your honesty about all topics. I really can relate and I loved this post. I came from your Instagram! My handle is @spence.spends

  44. Love this post! It’s given me hope that my anxiety doesn’t have to get in the way of living a full life. Thanks Will. Keep up the good work 😀

  45. By far my favorite post to date, Will! As a long time sufferer of anxiety and one who didn’t want to go on controlled medication – I found freedom through therapy and meditation. I too hit 30 and constantly felt daily battles were too much to overcome no matter how small they may have been. The pressure of work, living in NYC, trying so hard to prove myself and be successful and I didn’t know if it was worth it because I was CONSTANTLY anxious. Guided meditations and places like MNDFL, Kadampa, and my favorite (although costly) Inscape are amazing resources for those who want to take an alternative route to medication to help with their anxiety! Thanks, Will!

  46. Another beautifully written, personal account. Thank you again for sharing your stories- you always inspire me! @hdshorter

  47. This was such a beautiful and inspiring post to read. Love the pics too! Thanks for sharing this Will💓 My insta is @joejco

  48. This post was so well written! Thanks so much for sharing. I also suffer with anxiety and have really found that surrounding myself with bright colours helps tremendously!

  49. Will, this blog post really hits home with me! I too have suffered with anxiety like yours, and took steps to make a better future for myself instead of letting it push me into a corner. It’s so important to bring light to mental illness, and to help others understand, it’s not just them and they can overcome it. Thank you so much for this well written post! I really love hearing more about your personal life along with all of your great content, as I feel it gives us a snapshot of what is needed to create this! A human being who has endured it all, just like the rest of us. Thank you.


  50. Trevor (IG: clevertrevor_) Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! It means a lot to see vulnerability from someone as successful as you! 💕

  51. Good tips! For me, I find the best cure for anxiety are things that keep my mind busy. Things like drawing, working out, or even just hanging with friends. Your honesty and openness is much appreciated. Thank you.

  52. Hi Will, I’ve been following you for a while. I just want to let you know that I love your work. All your posts are so inspiring. Keep it up 🙂

  53. W I L L ! What a great read mate! Thank you for being vulnerable & sharing what helped you battle anxiety.

    I’m one of the few people who have never had to battle anxiety but have encountered so many loved ones fight to overcome the battle. Keep bringing the love & light mate! 💙😁✌🏽

    IG: @dcvanterpool

  54. It’s great to get to know you a bit more as well as knowing your work. It’s funny how your kind personality matches your amazing work.
    Hugs from Barcelona!!

  55. Hi will

    Thanks for sharing the insight! Definitely going to use some of these tips to tackle my own anxiety. Also love the style of your IG page, groovy content 😁


  56. Thank you Will for sharing this personal post, it was a great read. Reads like this make me realize we’re not in this alone and that believing in yourself can bring you so far in life. Keep on the good work. You’re an inspiration 🙂

  57. Mohd Faizal Mat Zin Reply

    this is great. i been having anxiety since middle school. it always about how bad my grades can be while i always got an atleast a good grade. the thing with anxiety is you don’t know whether it safe or not or it just your mind playing with you. love from Malaysia

  58. Love your posts! And I can personally attest to managing lifestyle by making time for yourself. My productivity has drastically improved since I started unplugging after ~10pm and spending time reading or just relaxing before bed.

  59. Ryan Jones Reply

    This post could not have come at a better time! I just started a new job in the amazing world of real estate. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in a couple weeks and trying to make money! So much stress and anxiety right now thank you for this! Love all of your content!


  60. Zach Millender Reply

    Will, I haven’t been following you for too long but as a gay man you are setting such a great example. Thank you for helping to combat stigmas about mental health issues and teaching others about what you have learned in taking care of yourself. Thanks for being someone to look up to!

  61. It’s so inspiring to see someone you look up to being so honest and open. I also deal with a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. It’s refreshing to see someone talk about their journey and how they continuously work on themselves. Thank you for sharing your story. It takes guts to share such a personal thing to a big audience, but I’m very glad you did. I’ll start to embrace some of your tips!
    I’ve always found that doing something you love really helps focus your energy on something positive. For some, that may be sports, for you it’s design, and for me it’s music!
    Please keep creating, keep sharing, keep being positive, and most important of all: STAY BRIGHT ! 😄💙✨


  62. Juan de Dios Villeda Pérez Reply

    I swear I’m here for your incredible blog and not for the give away (@juandediosvilledaperez) it’s so pleasant to see all those images. Congratulations

  63. Corey Blake Todd Reply

    This post is full of truths and “aha” moments I’ve been having in the last year. I let my depression and anxiety get the better of me, which caused me to lose an internship and move back in with my parents. All of this is so helpful, so positive, so motivating, and incredibly relatable. Thank you for sharing your story, and inspiring others!
    All the best,

    • Corey Blake Todd Reply

      (ironically, I’m using my time at home to save and also move to NYC!)

  64. I’ve been following you for more than two years and you always post great content. Your blog and your ig are awesome. 🙌 – @lordfvr

  65. Great post! Good for you in being vulnerable and sharing your experiences! @ssajkich

  66. This was a really inspiring post to read! Thank you for not only sharing your story but also for the advice. Thank you for sharing your story! @logankpayne

  67. Having dealt with my fair share of anxiety and being a color enthusiast myself, reading this post was so inspiring Will! I know how overcoming anxiety is always a journey so keep doing you 🙂
    My Instagram handle is @followneel

  68. As always, extreamly inspiring. Currently in counseling myself to over come some small anxieties and the process of coming out to my family. Thank always for your inspiration!

  69. Matthew Reid Reply

    Beautiful post, Will. It’s so amazing to see you continue to use your platform to shed some light on important issues!! Thanks for sharing 😊😊

  70. Mheljor A. General Reply

    Hi Will. I have been following you for quite sometime now because of your #MakeYourStyleSmile. Like you, colors are also very close to my heart. It’s what make me feel happy and tranquil. But reading this blog of yours I see a diferent side of you. That despite your struggles in life you manage to make your own empire and be able to share what you have to others. And that is very inspirational. I don’t have anxiety but I know some people who are suffering from this. There is this one person who is very close to me. He is very vocal to us about his anxiety. He seeks medical treatment and he feels better. When he is away for schooling taking up Dental Medicine, I constantly communicate with him to make sure he is okay because sometimes he would just chat me telling me that he being attacked again. After reading this blog it is now clear to me what my roles are to my friend who is suffering from anxiety. Thank you so much Will and please keep on inspiring more people.

    P.S. You religiously reply on my quieries in your intagram posts and it makes me happy that despite the number of your followers you manage to reply to all of them.

    Much love,

  71. Donovan Gerber Reply

    Incredible!!!! You are such an inspiration and keep up the great work Will!!! @vinny1198

  72. Thank you Will for sharing this post! The advice you gave in it will definitely help me as I making the nerve-wracking transition from high school to college this year.


  73. Great post! As someone who suffers from anxiety, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve learned to control it and if I feel it coming on, doing some 478 breathing helps.

    Ig: @a.lexisbobexis

  74. Always love your blog especially about self improvement.
    So boosting my confident to face this cruel world.
    Thank you,Will..❤️❤️
    Instagram @akrisoe

  75. Glenn Preston Reply

    Hi Will, great piece and appreciate you being open about your challenges. Many don’t realize how many people have challenges similar to your own and talking about them is soimportant! Thanks

  76. Thank you for sharing your story. Mental health has such a negative stigma and stories like yours help others have a voice.


  77. Great adivise. I am so guilty of the late nights early mornings. It’s a tough cycle to break especially when you feel an odd pleasure/accomplishment in pushing yourself. IG: whatyoutalkingaboutwillis

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  79. Thank you for your vulnerability. Living your truth is what we all should strive for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! @harolddraws = Instagram 🙏🏾✨😀

  80. Thank you for your vulnerability. Living your truth is what we all should strive for. @harolddraws = Instagram 🙏🏾✨😀

  81. Loved reading this post, thank you for sharing your story ! Huge fan of your blog. ❤
    Instagram : @pedrorealinho

  82. Thank you for opening up and sharing. I too have recently struggled with anxiety, at the beginning it was incredibly difficult to admit. You are helping so many and this post has inspired me to do same.
    Instagram: @m_a_r_t_i_n_i

  83. Hugo & Tomas Reply

    We’ve been telling you how much we love your style, charisma, authenticity and ALL YOU! Wishing you the best today and always. L O V E. Y O U.

  84. I’m 16 and last year i started with anxiety and it’s the worst, really like your post! Thanks I really feel the support.

  85. This post is exactly what I needed to read today… I am in a very transitional period in my life and it’s been very hard. I love your aesthetic, you inspire me always.
    Instagram: @danae.dk

  86. Thank you for sharing so deeply with us, Will. And it’s crazy to think someone who can be so outgoing also suffers from mental health issues. I know I shared to you how I have gone through similar experience with my parents divorcing, but luckily for me I never went through huge anxiety or breakdowns. Ultimately I think it did come down to some of the advice you gave. I always talked openly about it and my feelings to someone, even just a friend. I tried to focus more on myself, doing simple tasks and putting routine into my days. I love how you also mentioned embracing colors can also help with your mood, because as a minimalist I always aesthetically get drawn to whites and blacks, but a simple splash of color on anything, even interior design, can brighten my mood and make me fall in love with it even MORE than the shades.

    But all in all, thank you so much for sharing with us and providing your advice. We recently just had our #BellLetsTalk day in Canada yesterday where the nation was encouraged to talk openly and educate ourselves in mental illness on social media. For every hashtag used, video view, etc Bell donated to mental health initiatives. So thank you for being a part of this movement even if you knew it or not. ❤️ @haoviquan

  87. These are some great tips! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 @brianthong

  88. You are amazing! You’re an inspiration to so many, keep up the great work ❤️ @dankinsinger

  89. Will, you are a true artist. Not very many people can take a human struggle and make it into something beautiful! Thank you for so openly sharing your story. 💙 @michellehickeydesign

  90. I relate to this blog post so much, and I do appreciate your words of encouragement on how to handle such a mentally crippling construct. Happiness is always just around the corner, sometimes we just need a little help to find that corner first, thank you!! @trevor_wass

  91. Anxiety used to limit me in my teens, but not anymore. I gained the confidence to overcome it.
    My ig is rookieten. Check me out, I’ll appreciate it.

  92. You ooze knowledge in a nonchalant way. Such a inspiration!


  93. Armando J. Viesca Reply

    Thank you for sharing. It is great to see how talking about not only anxiety but other mental health problems is making people heal in some way. Some years ago it was taboo and step by step is getting something better known and people are less scared of talking openly about it. Not being in the shadow shed light and light and colours really make it much better 🙂 I can tell it. @viescaarmando

  94. Philip LaBrada Reply

    I suffer from anxiety on a daily basis and I’ve let it rule my life for too long. I’m sure I drive everyone crazy. You give me hope! Thank you for sharing! ❤️ @philip_jeffrey

  95. It honestly helps a lot when you see other people struggle with something you are also battling. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I know it personally makes me feel so much more better about my anxiety. Sending all the love, Nico @thenicolawl

  96. Incredible post. For the last 5 years I’ve been trying to grapple with anxiety myself and even as life has been fairly good to me, it’s a constant struggle. I especially found your recommendation of including more colors into the lifestyle as super interesting and now I have one more thing to add to my New Years resolution list even though it’s the beginning of February 😂. -@ericcancion

  97. Hey Will!!
    Just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am such a fan of your work and am a avid follower of your instagram!! You inspire me to be my best and happiest self and I just wanted to thank you for that 🙂 I am moving into a new apartment next year and have been stealing some design tips from you to help with decorating!! What you do is amazing and I am so thankful that people like you exist, to inspire and to encourage!! Keep up the good work 🙂 @jonahhugh is my insta handle just incase you want to keep up to date on my life 🙂

    Much love, Jonah

  98. A true inspiration, mental health is dangerously overlooked, happy you are using your reach to get this out there. Much appreciated!!!

  99. Thanks so much for sharing your story Will. I am a counsellor and I work with many young people experiencing anxiety. Your story is something I will share with them to support and inspire them.

  100. For the love of Christ! Stay clear of H&M! 😜 @dantegoestohollywood

  101. Julia Blease Reply

    Inspiring blog Will, I’m currently suffering from anxiety as I just applied for my divorce after three very difficult years and as a single mum of three children I’ve struggle to keep my head up for the children, I’m positive things will get better. My parents also divorced when I was young and I feel I’m living that experience all over again as an adult. Thanks again for the post and the beautiful pictures as always, I’m certainly going to brighten my home with lots of bright colours, every little helps right. Well done for all your amazing achievements, it just goes to show anything’s possible. Julia x

  102. Edwin Rodrigo Reply

    It takes maturity and wisdom to be open and vulnerable like this. As for me, Im still learning. Like all of us, Im still learning to overcome my fears and anxieties to become a better version of myself everyday. I travel. I travel alone to better know myself and to better express myself too to others. Cheers and goodluck!


  103. It’s good to know that you are not alone. Thank you! @ainot_.98

  104. Amazing to see you grow through such adversity.

    Keep being an inspiration to all but mostly to yourself. Thank you for being so raw.

    Big love from Oz!

    Love your work

  105. Anxiety is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life but it’s made my the person I am today and I’m proud of that. Anxiety may have been pulling you along the way but look where you are now! I love you’re and I hope you’ll continue to post amazing artistic and meaningful content!


  106. Jacob Gold Reply

    Anxiety is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life but it’s made my the person I am today and I’m proud of that. Anxiety may have been pulling you along the way but look where you are now! I love you’re and I hope you’ll continue to post amazing artistic and meaningful content!


  107. Well done Will!
    Such an ispiring post. I proud on you as my role model. I’m blogger from Serbia and I am so honored that You are my inspiration as a blogger. Everyday I watch your story and find myself inspired by you. Stunning photos you make, and I hope that one day I will meet you.

    Honored guy, aka @filip.jungic 🙂

  108. I’m always inspired by your openness and candidness on this platform. It’s not often that successful people like you – who’s lives at times seem perfect – share more about themselves in this way. Proud of you for pushing forward and inspiring so many others to live colorfully. // @prgomez

  109. Such an inspiring story! My boyfriend suffers from anxiety as well. This will help him out tremendously. ☺️ Thanks for sharing! @dietvh

  110. Really beautiful blog, Will. I wish i found it before. I really like that you write about different topics and how you give me ideas or just making my day better with posts about self improvement. @simonchk

  111. Trent Morrison (@trent_morrison) Reply

    This post is fire!! Self-care is so important and i appreciate your willingness to share your story so others can learn. I loved the section about shedding the embarrassment. Brene Brown talks a lot about shame and vulnerability in her books and my biggest growing moments have been realizing I’m not the only one going through it.

    Again, thank you for the post 😍


  112. This is a great post. I deal with anxiety from time to time and it’s been at a max lately dealing with things that are out of my control. This is so helpful. Thank you for writing it.

  113. Loved your blog post. Been dealing with some of the same chalanges on and off for a while. Will try to encorporate come of your tips. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 😁 @marcin54321

  114. So inspiring and personal post Will, thanks for open yourself like this and share with us :)) / @carlosdetoro

  115. Luis Daniel Vázquez Reply

    What call my attention in this blog post was the word Anxiety. It started to haunt me when I started college. Through the year of studying, I recognize that I needed to know and discover myself to be able to conquer my anxiety. This variable mention in the blog, I was able to apply it while discovering myself through the years. Wish this blog post would had been published 9 years ago!

    Now I recently graduated from a master degree in architecture focus in healthcare and have an undergrad in environmental design. I like to work with the phenomenology within the spaces. Create narratives that could function on the users while using the different spaces. In the healthcare spaces, anxiety is one of the big emotion been empowered in spaces. I believe that spaces can determine the behavior of an individual. This blog work with the individual from within, in base of your experience, does one has to be in a type of space so the seven point mention in the blog can be successfully accomplished? If it does, what are some example of spaces that could help develop those seven point? Have you thought taking this individual strategies to overcome anxiety to be a strategy to the mass? If yes,how?

    Thank you for sharing

    IG: danny_vzqz91

  116. Thank you for these words – truly, honestly helpful to me. @jeziorcm

  117. Will this post is so useful. We all (at least me) suffer from anxiety sometimes and it is really good to see you share how to overcome it.

    By the way, the pics are amazing as always. — @akioyeh

  118. Will this post is so useful. We all (at least me) suffer from anxiety sometimes and it is really nice of you to share how to overcome and live with it.

    By the way, your pics are amazing as always. — @akioyeh

  119. Jose Francisco Muñoz Reply

    Wow! Thank you very much for sharing Will. I truly admire the person you are I have been dealing with my anxiety for many years and it’s true what you say about everything! People always see me as positive, outgoing, freebird and happy guy. But nobody ever knows how sometimes I suffer from the inside. Luckily I have 2 people in my world that have help me out a lot with my health and for me to be coming out as gay has been a big step in my life this couple past months. It’s scary but definitely feel less stressed and I know that I have people that love me for who I am. Thank you again Will! Take care

  120. Thanks so much for this post. It really resonates with me as I am finally doing something to improve my mental health. A lot of the tips you mentioned are very helpful and it’s uplifting to know I have already adapted to some before reading this. Many people will benefit from this as I know I definitely will! Your positive energy and view on life is so contagious and I thank you again for your amazing blog posts!

  121. I really love your instagram account and just discovered your blog, it’s amazing!

  122. Wow, this is incredibly inspiring and very helpful to read, I’m glad someone out there understands how difficult this can be! I used to have loads of anxiety in my younger years, and thankfully, have gotten it under control as an adult. This is great you shared this about yourself and hopefully can help other people who suffer from anxiety too. You rock, Will!
    instagram: @dante.vincent

  123. You have truly become an inspiration for me since I have discovered your Instagram account. Too see what you do and how much you love what you do is Amazing. I am currently some months away from graduating and I’m at that in between point of where do I go. I also struggle with anxiety and I feel like it keeps me from doing the things I love or am to scared to do. Keep up the great work and thank you for being an inspiration!
    -Kelvin Romani

  124. I’m in my (very) early twenties and am currently going through a lot of anxiety that seems to be building up each day. Especially as a business student, I’m often presenting and debating in class and it’s really difficult overcoming the pressure of those situations.

    But just like you, I wasn’t always like that. So thanks a lot for your tips. I’ll work towards implementing them in my life and see where it leads me. To be honest I came here from your insta story not at all expecting this, but I am pleasently surprised.


  125. So glad I clicked on the link from your insta story! I’m happy you’re in place where talking about your struggles has become easy. It was a very refreshing read Will! Loved it.


  126. Great tips!

    I think the most important thing is internet-free day. We are so overloaded with social media posts from everyone and everywhere and it’s very easy to get addicted to that and keep checking it at every opportunity. And so many people spend their whole day(s) like this, looking at other people’s lives, instead of living their own life.
    Also, as harsh as it may sound, I think it’s also important to just turn off your phone from time to time, just take a getaway somewhere with one or just a few closest people and avoid any distractions, just enjoy the moment in REAL life.
    Even if you can’t do that, just turning off your phone while watching a movie at home can do wonders, as your focus is only on the movie and you can enjoy it without pausing it every few minutes to answer a message or a call. We all need to take at least a small break sometimes.

    I’m struggling with going to bed early though, but I’m really gonna work on it this year, as I can feel it realy doesn’t do me any good. I’m not a teenager anymore hehe

    p.s. my instagram is @nabojsa

    thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  127. So happy I found your blog. I have anxiety and this was very helpful. Baby steps.

  128. Joey Barron Reply

    It’s intresting because my anxiety had some of these same holds on me. I call them his because they controlled my life for awhile I couldn’t go anywhere I felt trapped. And two of the most embarrassing situations where when I was getting a lip injection (yes I know why) lol I was getting these injection and I started to panic and this feeling came over me and I ran out of the chair and was crying in the hall way and couldn’t breathe on my birthday no less. And the other instance was at mall I had to run out of the store and go into my car and relax. Since than I’ve controlled it all and felt so much better about it but for a part of my life I felt trapped.
    Thanks for sharing your story most people. Don’t understand how it is my partner never did and still kinda doesn’t but it’s nice to know their is other Like me out there ❤️

  129. i really love this post. Everyone is with their own problem with anxiety but you have the chance to speak it out and use it to motivate another people. I really agree with point openly communicate, speak to someone is really helpful to overcome anxiety. For point embrace the color, i have my own way to embrace it. I started coloring, now coloring is one of my way to relieve the stress and one of my own quality time with myself. You’re totally right about point do something, just do anything that don’t harm another people to distract anxiety.


  130. Such a great post, Will! I love that the steps you outline not only work to combat those who suffer from anxiety, but they are tangible takeaways for simply living a fuller, better life! Happy Monday!

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