IZZE Ice Pop RecipeOver the past few year’s I’ve had so much fun getting creative in partnership with my friends at IZZE. I’ve always loved how well IZZE aligns the colorful and creative spirit of Bright.Bazaar. There was the time I made holiday decor and cocktails inspired by their branding; the St. Patrick’s Day bar cart DIY project; and the beautifully scented candles I made by recycling their glass bottles. I’m excited to be back with another IZZE-inspired project today: this time I’m sharing an IZZE ice pops recipe that’s perfect for staying cool (and colorful!) this summer. Click through after the jump for the full how-to.

IZZE Ice Pops RecipeIZZE Ice Pops Recipe

– 1 pot of vanilla yogurt (for lower quarter of mold)
– 1 cup of raspberries
– Handful of strawberries
– 1 cup of frozen pineapple chunks
– 1 cup of plain yogurt
– 1 cup of IZZE Grapefruit sparkling juice
– 1 cup of skimmed milk
– Ice pop mold
– Wooden ice pop sticks
– Food blender

1. Cut strawberries into slices, taking care not to make them too thin.
2. Place a slice of strawberry down each side of the molds in the ice pop holder ensuring they are firmly pressed against the edges.
3. Pour the vanilla yogurt into each of the molds by using a plastic bag with a sniped off end until the strawberry slices are just submerged. Clean up any mess on the top and sides with kitchen towel.
4. Level the top of the yogurt.
5. Put in the wooden sticks and then place in the freezer.
6. Meanwhile, blend together the remaining ingredients in a food blender.
7. Once set, take the yogurt ice pops out of the freezer and remove the lid of the mold. Poor the mixture from the food blender until the each mold is full.
8. Replace the top and freeze until set. At least four-five hours, but pref. overnight.
9. To remove an ice pop from the mold, run it under hot water until it becomes loose.
IZZE Ice Pop RecipeThen, comes the best part: eating the ice pops! This IZZE ice pops recipe is perfect for summer grill nights to kid’s parties, or for simply keeping in the freezer for whenever you need a cooling treat to fend off the summer heat! As my fellow New Yorkers know, the city gets crazy hot during the summer months and so it’s great to have a refreshing go-to in the freezer than you can just grab and go with as and when you need it. It’s lovely to have the ice pops ready to offer guests who stop by during the heat, too! I had so much fun making these ice pops with IZZE Grapefruit sparkling juice. What will I make next?! Stay tuned as I’ll be back with another fun post inspired by the colorful spirit of IZZE later this year. In the meantime, stay cool, friends!IZZE Ice Pop Recipe // Photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with IZZE, all views my own


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  1. Hey Will! Those pops look fantastic. Even though it’s a brutal 64 degrees (and cloudy) out. I will have to make them whenever summer decides to come back and stay awhile.

    PS: I am so excited for your beach house :]

    • @Kevin – Yikes, sending you some of our NYC heat! And I’m so glad you are excited about the house as well. Can’t wait to share more!

  2. Kristopher Reply

    Haven’t made these since I was a kid, but we never did anything fancy like these ones! Thanks for the great idea. You should do more food posts Will!

  3. Thanks Will – these look awesome (as all of your stuff). Can you specify which brand of ice pop molds have you used?

  4. They look delicious! Unfortunately I can’t eat yogurt, but if I could, I would definitely make these

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