three-ways-headeryellow-kitchen-industrialThe last twelve months has seen the colour yellow enjoy a surge in popularity and is now found gracing many an interior collection both on an off the high street. As a certified Yellow Addict this has only brought a smile to Mr. Bazaar’s face, but readers often ask me for more ideas on how they can bring this sunshine hue into their own homes. So, today’s Three Ways post is dedicated to this topic: how to ace yellow decor in your kitchen.
First up is this warehouse space in London that details a yellow colour blocked wall which serves to zone that section of the open plan space. In some ways this block of yellow also works as a backdrop to the kitchenalia that hangs from the wall; it’s a frame to the contents of the kitchen. This is a clever way to introduce colour as it makes a feature out of an existing architectural element of the room – the yellow wall visually breaks the kitchen area from the rest of the staircase and hallway on either side.yellow-smeg-fridge-kitchenThe second idea is to bring a bold and bright introduction of yellow into a space through an appliance. Often we rush to conceal appliances for fear that they are ugly but with the right design they can be perfect for making a colour statement. I like how the bright yellow fridge’s retro design brings an element of surprise to an otherwise refined country-style kitchen – this is what makes the space memorable.yellow-kitchen-splashbackFinally, we travel to the Australian home of Katie Graham whose kitchen uses yellow accents to visually break the high kitchen cabinetry. If the splashback had been white then the cabinet and splashback would have blended into one resulting in a visually dull space; the introduction of yellow brings the feeling of space to the room as it gives depth to the white cabinets that dominate the space.three-ways-choice

My favourite is number two as I love the mix of refined and playful style. Which of the three takes on a yellow kitchen do you like best?

// Photography 1. Ikea Family Live | 2. Homes & Gardens, Simon Brown | 3. Design*Sponge, Derek Swalwell


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. love this post! yellow makes me smile, especially the yellow splashback and fridge 🙂 have a fabulous weekend! xoxo – julie

  2. Tough to choose!! The idea of the industrial space appeals but not sure i could live with everything out like that in reality so I’ll pick the sunny third space.

  3. Leslie-Anne Reply

    I love the industrial space, but I don’t live in a place like that, so number three is the my favourite. It feels like something I could do in my own kitchen. Very inspiring.

  4. I love 2 and would love to know the paint color. Not so much of a fan of 1 or 3.

  5. It has to be number two. The sunshine yellow looks sensational against the dark greeny blue background! I wish I didn’t rent so I could paint my kitchen these colours!

    • @Francesca – Isn’t it great! I rent but made my kitchen cupboards yellow by putting vinyl over the top and I’m so pleased with how it looks!

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