uber rewards This post is a paid partnership with Uber, all opinions are my own. As it’s now been six months since I started personal training in December 2018 and, as we all know, half the battle of working out is getting to the gym in the first place. That being said, I thought it would be a great time to check in and talk about how I am getting on and share what helps me stick to my workout routines, including how the new Uber Rewards program has helped me stick to my goals.

I won’t lie when I have a busy week, especially when they are full of travel, it’s hard to keep routines. However, I’ve been trying my hardest to stick to my exercise routines as they have been so good for my mental and physical health. For me, making progress in anything makes me feel more positive and gives me a sense of purpose. A couple months ago I was scared of the free-weights area at the gym but now I feel so much more comfortable and confident. Below are the things that I have been doing to keep to my routines. I hope they help you keep up whatever you are committing to.uber rewards1. Preparation
I always try to pack my gym back the night before. This means I have no excuses plus I have setup the expectation in my mind that I will be going to the gym. It means I don’t have to make a decision the next day – I’m definitely going because my bag is already packed. Small changes such as this make a huge difference to your mindset and ability to tell yourself you can’t be bothered.

2. Uber Rewards
Just this month I reached the Diamond Tier of the Uber Rewards program. One of the rewards of the Diamond Tier is that I get Price Protection on UberX, which allows me to set a route of my choice. I have set mine up between my home and my gym as that way I have no excuse not to go no matter the weather or price surge etc. With Price Protection, I know that my ride will always be up to 35% less than what everyone else pays on that route. I find it really useful to request a ride to the gym as it means I can work on the way – so when I get to the gym I can put my phone away, knowing that I have caught up on my emails and to-do-list. Plus, with Uber Rewards I earn points on every eligible ride and for every 500 points I earn, I get $5 Uber Cash, which I can put towards rides or Uber Eats orders. Perfect for future rides to the gym or post-gym treats.uber rewards3. Not feeling guilty
Some of the best advice I received was that sometimes I am not going to make it to the gym, and that’s fine; I know I haven’t failed. From the beginning recognizing that I’m not perfect has helped me keep my commitment. Some days I just can’t make the workout I should be doing and I have really accepting that and don’t beat myself up about it. Instead, I turn my focus to the next workout and how I can knock that one out of the park. In the past I would have felt bad about myself and then not wanted to carry on because I felt bad and I would end up in a downward spiral. Recognizing from the start that I won’t make it to every session makes me feel more positive as it is much more realistic to know I’m doing great to make most of them.

4. Talk about it with friends and family
Finally, I talk about my progress with my friends and family – I find if I say out loud what I want to do then I am more likely to do it. Plus, I think it’s great to celebrate the little things I have achieved. For example, when I managed to do my first handstand this year I was so proud. It was a small thing in the grand scheme of life, but it made me feel so good because I was achieving a fitness and strength goal I had set for myself!uber rewardsThese have helped me keep my exercise goals – let me know what helps you!

Learn more about Uber Rewards at uber.com/rewards. Terms Apply.


Will Taylor

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  1. I’ve been so inspired by your fitness journey…you are killing it!’

  2. Sara Peters Reply

    First of all you are adorable and second I need to get on your Uber level 😉

  3. Uber is the bessssssst. I’m like addicted lmao. Diamond status is fire bro!

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