the company storeIt’s the midst of gifting season but there’s one area that I think often gets overlooked when it comes to gifting: homewares. As someone obsessed with all things home and design, this makes me sad! There are so many great gifts you can get someone for the home that are often much needed. Instead of buying a ‘throwaway’ or novelty gift that likely won’t be remembered by Jan 1st 2019, buying homeware offers a chance to give someone you love a truly meaningful and useful gift. I will be first to admit I get stuck in towel or bedding routines, whereby I keep using the same set to the point they look a bit worn and need replacing. So, personally, I would be thrilled to receive a really lovely stack of luxury towels as a gift. What a great gift: the luxury of soft new towels and bedding!

OK, so you might be thinking that gifting towels or bedding is strange as you don’t know someone’s taste or style, or fear that they may look strange on its own. Well, don’t worry because I have both of these concerns covered so you can give with confidence. Should that be a hashtag?! Ha. I’ve partnered with my friends from The Company Store to highlight their great range of bedding, bath and textiles. One of the great things is that all of The Company Store products are available at the Home Depot, so it makes it super easy to do exchanges etc. should your gift recipient wish to swap anything!the company storeMy favorite way to gift bath and bedding products is a part of homemade gift boxes that include other complimentary gifts alongside them. For example, a relaxing tea, bath bomb and a scented candle, or even a book by their favorite author. This creates a personalized sleep-well or relax-well gift box, which makes the gift stand out and one they will really remember. Plus, it shows how much thought and care you’ve put into the gift, too!

I love these Dot towels for a gift as the classic white goes with so many bathrooms and styles, but the embossed polka dot detail gives the towels something a little special. It’s all about the details after all! The towels are made of American-grown Supima® cotton as well so they feel luxurious to the touch. I think these make the perfect gift as in January we could all do with some nice towels to keep us going through the cold dark days! Giving someone a slice of that indulgent spa experience at home is a great gift.the company storeIf the white Dot towels aren’t quite right, here are my three other favorites:

1. Spectrum Towels – These are so playful and fun; perfect for families or color lovers!
2. Legends Sterling Towels – These towels have a more traditional vibe and come in a series of stylish, muted colors for any taste.
3. Organic Cashmere Cotton Towels – I mean, cotton cashmere, need I say anymore?! Hello, luxe!

Another often overlooked area for gifting is bathroom accessories such as bath mats. In a family house they get worn out and it’s so easy put off updating them in the rush of everyday life. This is what makes it such a lovely gift as it something we all use every day. Build out the bath mat gift into a gift box to give a colleague or loved one who you know enjoys relaxing – or needs to treat themselves! Inside the gift box you could include new towels, a new bath mat and then their favorite candle, bubble bath and book.the company storeFind the red bath mat too bright and festive? No worries, how about these great options instead:

1. Regal Egyptian Cotton Bath Robe – A robe is a great gift option because it works for literally everyone you know. Who doesn’t love a robe, after all?!
2. Cotton Twill Bath Mats – Perfect for adding into a bath gift box you might be giving a loved one.
3. Organic Cotton Bath Towel – These are super soft, made in Portugal and available in several lovely colors.the company storeOK, bath – check! Let’s move onto bedding for gifting. I’ve lost count of the times friends have said to me that they have problems sleeping. I think we all know someone or are maybe that person ourselves – I know I am sometimes! I think creating a comfortable and cozy environment is key piece to encouraging good sleep. The Bear Tracks winter flannel bedding is perfect for helping create such an environment because it’s so cozy and warm. Plus, the family of bears and winter trees are so cute, don’t you think?! The Company Store offer many different styles and colorways so you are sure to find something to fit anyone’s style.the company storeA thoughtful gift for that friend who has trouble sleeping would be a bedding gift box that includes new bedding, a diffuser, a new mug and essential oils so they have a sleep-well kit! You could even include a white noise machine. If you wanted you could easily add in candles, perhaps some calming night tea or even one of The Company Store’s cute pillows or throws. I have to say the Belgian linen throws feel just as good as they look – so tactile! They are perfect for layering up, and work well in the summer months, too.the company storeThe bedding set I put together is very festive (hey, what can I say, I go all IN for my love of the holidays!), so here are so other gift options that aren’t so festive:

1. Cotton Percale Sheets – Great for ‘hot’ sleepers because Percale is so soft and cool to sleep under.
2. LaCross Blanket – I love how many bright color options this blanket come in
3. Wool Blanket – The perfect winter gift as these blankets will bring so much warmth and sophisticated style to a bed.the company storeWhich gift box would you like to receive, the bath or bed option? Do you have any suggestions for what would be good to put in either of them? Let me know and happy gift shopping, friends!

// Photography by Will Taylor | This post was written in partnership with The Company Store and Home Depot, thanks for supporting the brands that help make Bright.Bazaar’s content possible.


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  1. You are the cutest human! Love all of your ideas and pics 🤩 xo

  2. My brother and his wife just got a new place and I had LEGIT zero idea what to give them this Christmas but I think one of these box ideas could be it. You sorted me out!! Lol

  3. I know I say it every time I see it but I loooooove your bathroom Will! 🙂

  4. Would you mind sharing the link for that wooden tray and the bathtub tray? Well selected stuff as usual ❤️❤️

  5. Love them all! Merry Christmas Will and thank you so much for your sweet message on FB about my post-op recovery. I could cozy up in all of these! xo ❤🎄😍

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