barcelona architectureLast week I ventured to Barcelona to host a short film about the city’s architecture. It was a relatively big production with a sizable crew in toe, so I was able to leave all of my camera equipment at home for this trip! It was such a luxury to travel with just a carry on bag! Still, it meant that I wasn’t able to photograph the city with my DSLR or drone. However, I’m glad I did decide to leave the equipment behind in NYC as i was shooting from sun up to sun down for almost the entire visit. Luckily, I had my iPhone in my pocket so I could still snap a few quick snapshots whenever something caught my eye, just like these beautiful blue balconies on the side of this pink building. Whoa, that’s some kinda pretty, right?!barcelona architectureI can’t wait to share the short film with you in a month or so. It was a lot of work but I’m excited about how it should come out from the edit! We shot across the city capturing Barcelona’s classic and modern architecture. With experts by my side I explored a diverse array of buildings, from Richard Meier’s MACBA to Jean Nouvel’s Agbar Tower to numerous Antonio Gaudí creations. I had been to Barcelona twice before and both were short trips. To be honest, I never really fell in love with the city on those previous visits. There wasn’t something that bothered me about the place but, well, I guess the city didn’t connect with me that architectureThat changed on this visit and I think it’s because I had the opportunity to pull back the cities layers thanks to the experts and locals I interviewed for the short film. Their knowledge of the city and ability to show me surprises that I would have never known existed (such as sitting on the original Barcelona chair at the Barcelona Pavilion!), meant that I came away from this third trip to Barcelona with a much deeper connection to the architectureI felt so inspired by how the city’s classic and modern architecture seamlessly stood side-by-side. Modern buildings that at first glance could seem like red herrings amongst the city’s older structures actually continue the rich history of the Catalonian capital. For example, the unusual and iconic shape of Agbar Tower is said to be a nod to the towers of Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia. There’s more to come from my trip to Barcelona soon but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy these colorful phone pics I snapped in between takes! And if you’d like to see behind the scenes of the film shoot, there’s a whole highlight story on my Instagram page. Have a great weekend, everyone!barcelona architecture


Will Taylor

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  1. Love the Barcelona pics with your particular style (colourful and fresh as usual). It’s my favourite European city. It really has it all. So glad you rediscovered it in this trip. There’s so much to love. Can’t wait for the video now!

    • @Juan – Thank you! This was far and away my favorite trip to Barcelona and I loved seeing the city from a new perspective. Can’t wait to share the short film!

  2. Those are some lovely snaps. I can’t wait to see the short film. When I go away I have a habit of walking around admiring the scenery and architecture but rarely take photos, when really I should. A picture says so much more when you’re trying to tell friends back home where you’ve been. Hope you’re having a great Friday!

  3. I LOVE Barcelona for all its architectural beauty and honestly, your photos are out of this world! I’m also super excited about your film because I’m obsessed with architecture 🙈

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