habitat for humanity NYC// Sponsored by State Farm® (my social media fee was donated to Habitat for Humanity) and all views are, as always, my own.

Throughout the fall I’ve been documenting my experience of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity across my social media channels as a part of the State Farm Neighborhood of Good® initiative. You can catch up with all the blog posts in my volunteering series right here. Today, I’m excited share the final post in the current series which looks back at the highlights from my volunteering day with Habitat for Humanity NYC. I was volunteering as part of Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush with Kindness program, which is a natural extension of their house-building work. They works mainly with the New York City Housing Authority to revitalize community centers across the city. We went down to the Lower East Side of New York to Hamilton-Madison House, which is a housing settlement that was established over 100 years ago, to give one of their classrooms a fresh lick of paint and playful new look.habitat for humanity NYCMyself, my heart mate and some friends including the lovely team from Madera, Aaron from The Modern Otter, and my good friend and wedding photographer, Jean-Laurent Gaudy, got involved in transforming a children’s classroom into a jungle theme (watch out later in the post for some amazing animals we painted!). The day began with a safety briefing from the Habitat for Humanity crew leaders, and then we quickly formed a human chain to move all the paint and supplies from downstairs to upstairs classroom. Then, we got put to work preparing all the walls and floors, we taped off the windows, plugs, and floors and took off all the items on the walls. After that, the fun part started: we taped off long grass like plants ready to prime and then paint in the first of the forest green colors chosen by the creative team at Habitat for Humanity. Checkout the fun time-lapse of me and the team doing this below!

Throughout the day we kept adding layers of different colored bushes and vines, first priming the wall where the bushes or vines were and then doing two to three coats of color over the primer. Once the final coat of paint was added, we got to peel off the tape and reveal the scene. We all had so much fun! It was really nice to get out of the office for the day, not to look at emails, and instead talk to one another and focus on doing something for others that wasn’t based around a computer.habitat for humanity NYCThe A Brush with Kindness crew were so great, too. Before the volunteering day, they scoped out the room, had a plan of action for the day and gathered all the supplies so we could get going straight away. Towards the end of the day we got get creative and added some jungle animals to the scheme. Luckily, Kirsten and Aaron are great at drawing and so they drew a parrot, monkey, snake and panther, which the rest of the team then painted in. You maybe have seen me painting the parrot, affectionately named Percy, on Instagram Stories! We all decided that he was very #MakeYouSmileStyle with his bright colors!habitat for humanity NYCI can’t tell you how much fun it was on the day. We had such a good time with the crew – it was just so lovely to gather a group of friends and do something together for our community. I’d love to make it a more regular thing, at least something I do annually during the holiday season to give back to those in need. Thank you to all my amazing friends who generously gave up their time to volunteer with me – you all rock! If you want to get ahead of those New Year’s resolutions, why not head over to the State Farm Neighborhood of Good website to find volunteering opportunities near you!habitat for humanity NYC


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. You are literally the most inspiring person I follow on IG. Thanks for encouraging us all to be better humans. Happy New Year Will!!

  2. I used to volunteer for Habitat at high school and I feel inspired to help again. Awesome project and post! xo

  3. What fun!!! Love the animals and the sped up video you did! 🙂

    • @Sally – The timelapse came out great, yes! And the animals were all thanks to Madera and Aaron who killed it with their drawing skills!

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    So cool And colorfull! Love your work😍

    IG: jan_te93

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    Love your Instagram and blog, keep it up! I’m @bradymccloskey

    • It’s always good to watch your work, I am really inspired by the smile which is always on your face keep doing your good work with that smile 👍,nowadays I’m in Dubai searching for a job opportunity, wish me luck!

      • It’s always good to watch your work, I am really inspired by the smile which is always on your face keep doing your good work with that smile 👍,nowadays I’m in Dubai searching for a job opportunity, wish me luck!

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    One of my favourite Instagram accounts but also one of the most inspiring humans! Thank you for putting yourself out there and holding your grounds – you truly are a powerful human (not just for the little ones but also older people like myself *grin). Happy happy new year Will.

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    such an inspiring post, will. enjoy your time in norway! – @ataylorrains

  8. This looks like so much fun, and for such a great cause! The animals came out so cute too. @connor_howlett

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    I think is so amazing that you did this! It is really nice to see people in the community helping others. Cheers and Happy Holidays! @simplyshawnnichols

  10. Such a great cause to volunteer for and allows you to use your creativity as well!

    IG : @wes_holland

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    This was such an amazing thing you all did! Wish that there was something like this near wher I lived, would have love to have done something like this.

  12. This post is awesome! I used to do a lot of volunteer back in college and high school. Need some inspiration to get back into it and I think this blog just did it! Great work. Thanks for giving back to the community 🙂

  13. This is an amazing experience and i think the more you give the happier you get. This is an incredible iniciative and I only Hope to find something like this project where I live. You are such an inspiration!

    Have a Great Holiday!

    My IG handle is @letyhs

  14. What an inspirational way to give back during the holidays 😀

    Happy New Year!


  15. Love this! The holidays are the best time to not only help ourselves but to also help others. 🙂

    IG @flurmazing

  16. I love your blog so much! You are such an inspiration! One of my New Years Resolutions is to start a blog that is purely about every day “Joys,” to offset all of the negativity that has plagued social media lately. Your accounts and blog are definitely inspiration for the direction I’m hoping to go in. My insta handle is @bit_of_joy. Thank you! Good luck with your next adventures and projects!

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    Hi Will!
    It really inspires me to follow my dreams when I see your work. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone through this blog!
    Keep up the good work✌🏼
    IG: @garvitkhera

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    Thank you for taking the time to right these blog posts 🙂

  19. You are so sweet! As I drink my coffee this morning I wonder where you get all your energy. Must be the Nespresso 😜. @typikyl

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    @thatboy_andayyy : Your feed on Instagram always brings a smile to my face. Keep on spreading colour in the world. 🙂

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    I love all the stuff you’re putting out there! @landenbates

  22. Well done Will on your recent volunteering and such a positive blog post. Great to see someone doing something for their community. IG – blublazerguy

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    I am here for the giveaway 🙂
    IG is Dan Heringer. (White shirt with a hat)

    Cheers from Brazil

  24. That’s a great initiative and Will and the video looks terrific; you’re a kind-hearted person and this is -another one- of the reasons. See you soon in NYC!

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    I’ll never tire of reading your blog posts or scrolling through you Instagram. A constant source of inspiration and happiness. Keep doing you in 2018 Will!

  26. Thanks for inspiring me to get involved more in my community!


  27. Amazing work! There really isn’t much better than knowing you’ve given your time to better the life of someone else, especially a child!

  28. Great to give back over the holiday season – very inspiring! Big fan of your Instagram as well. Happy Holidays! @jared_fleming

  29. I love your blog so much! You are such an inspiration! One of my New Years Resolutions is to start a blog that is purely about every day “Joys,” to offset all of the negativity that has plagued social media lately. Your accounts and blog are definitely inspiration for the direction I’m hoping to go in. My insta handle is @bit_of_joy. Thank you! Good luck with your next adventures and projects!

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    So comforting to see such great people working for an even better cause. Keep up the good work! // @sam_hoffer

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    Such a great idea. Love the way it turned out. @jacksullivan11

  32. Love your blog and your insta stories! Hope you’re enjoying Norway – such a gorgeous country!

    Love that you set time apart as well to give back to the community. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that encourages and supports us to do the same.

    Keep inspiring us with your work and your heart! 🙂

  33. Not only are you ultra handsome, but a truly good person. Super inspirational Will!

  34. Love reading your posts Will and following your instastories! -Keeps me inspired daily! ☺️

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    So nice of you to volunteer. Love the monkey.. but it’s so fat it might fall off from the tree

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    Pick me, pick me for your giveaway 🙂

    Also, love that you worked with Habitat For Humanity, such a great organization!


  37. What a great way of brining color and joy into others lives, and a reminder that we are all capable of doing so! Cheers @st532787

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    Will! So good that you volunteered your time to do this. More of us should get involved and help out in our communities! ❤️ IG: @tylerdavidmarr

  39. Kartik Nangia Reply

    So happy to see you volunteering for Habitat of Human, NYC.
    Yass!! I loved this idea of “giving classrooms a fresh lick of paint and playful new look.”
    I’ve even made few of graffiti in my room, so can totally related with that.😍
    Loved the Parrot the most, can be a great concept in the Youtube world too.❤
    IG: TaureanKartik

  40. David Corscadden Reply

    Loved following this on Instagram! IG – @davidcorscadden

  41. What a great organization to partner with. I hope you’re having a great time in Norway. 🙂 IG – @claywade27

  42. I remember seeing your stories for this! You did a great job with the animal painting! I think its great that you find the time to volunteer even though you have a very busy schedule. It truly is quite admirable!


  43. It seems like you had a lot of fun painting those animals!!
    Love your blog and IG, Will, hope you have a great 2018!!

  44. Andrew Jackson Reply

    The murals are great. I would have loved that as a kid. Great work!


  45. Gabrielle Lee Gabauer Reply

    What a lovely (and creative) way to give back! Especially around this time of year. Thank you for inspiring us all to “do more” now and in 2018! xx @gabrielleleeg

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    Love the animals! Such a fun little touch.

    IG @woahjosh

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    Love love love this. I’ve volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on several occasions. Such a beautiful organization and thankful for people like YOU who share their story and purpose so well. Keep changing the world, Will. As always, follow along on my Instagram story @jeremiah_halbert ! Have a happy New Year!

  48. What a lovely post! So great to see all the work you’re doing with Habitat For Humanity. Keep up the excellent work xoxo

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    The final work looks pretty awesome and seems like it was really fun.
    Thanks for sharing. It is really inspiring.
    Happy New Year!


  50. Such a lovely thing to do. Always keep inspiring and sharing your stories as it’s great that you are educating through your communicating.

  51. You’re loveable. It’s very inspiring to see that you give back to your community part of what it gives you. People like you really make the world a better place. @aqvarivm

  52. @snapshotsofwellness I love you’re e tire brand & you!!!! You’ve inspired me to dream again after falling ill suddenly w/ Lyme Disease/Pots Syndrome. You’re so authentic & filled w/ integrity while being so talented and humble!!! I’m praying I win this giveaway too!!!! You have the BEST giveaways. I badly desire the sunglasses & candles….all of it really! If I win, I’ll be sharing w/ my Canadian family.

  53. Love Habitat for Humanity. I helped build a house with my colleagues a few months back. Great stuff! @mattgregs

  54. I have love following you on Instagram (@grantschol). Your enthusiasm about life is infectious and addictive. You make my (and countless others) days better by adding a little color to them! Your involvement with groups like Habitat have inspire me to do the same. Thank you for your example!

  55. Love following your adventures and your style. You inspire me to give back to my community! @benjexfrancis

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    You’re posts are so inspiring and so fun to look at. you’re literally the most inspiring person i know 🙂
    Keep inspiring! Lots of love from India!

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    Your Instagram page always brightens my day whenever I seem to have a bad one, keep doing what you’re doing and keep up the good work 🙂

  58. George Bellamy Reply

    So. You’re competition brought me here and I’m so glad it did. What a great blog, and what an amazing way to volunteer – this season especially. Volunteering is so good for the soul. Gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment that a paid job cannot. Well done Will, keep being brilliant, and keep sharing your smile. @GHBellamy

  59. What a lovely way to contribute to local schools. Loved the IG stories that went along with this initiative. Xx @grahampitt

  60. Korey Hernandez Reply

    This is so great to see! Thank you for all that you’re doing and all that you’ve done so far.

    Good going! HFHI, lookin’ good.

    KH (@koreyhernandez)

  61. I can see that you had fun with the A brush with Kindness during the project.
    You are one of a kind blogger that not ONLY sharing the lifestyle but also act kind of humanity and that’s what makes you’re one of my favorite blogger!
    Happy New Year and more kindness in 2018!

  62. Wahou! I love it, especially the animal prints. Love following you on IG, such a joy seeing all your projects and I also love pineapples 😉 (my IG : damdampaname). Happy holidays and enjoy the Norway ^^

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    You always involved in amazing projects, keep doing that. You are lovely 😍
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    One of my IG favs! Love the monkey print. Good work 👏
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    A truly inspiring task! It is a project as generous as it is necessary. I hope you continue with this type of initiatives for a long time! (IG Handle: @JVRQA)

  66. It’s amazing how contagious your spirit is, and inspires those around you. This was such a lovely and creative selfless act!
    Ig: @nachoz

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    Such a awesome organization to work with. Looks like you guys had a blast doing it also. Keep inspiring Will. @cmyers1105

  68. I deeply think that you Will and what you did are an inspiration to everyone that want to change the world to a better place! I’m 19 yo, and since I was 14 I always wanted to do something for someone. I went a couple of times to Lisbon (the nearest city from where I live) to give food and blankets to homeless people, so they could have a nice meal and feel a little more warm and confortable, it was unforgetable doing it and being able to listen to their hard life story. Wanted to share this because we can always do something do help someone and because what you did is a completely different example of voluntering then mine. What you guys did was truly amazing and I’m sure the children will love it!

    • My IG handle is tomasfribeiro!

      Hope you have a wonderfull 2018!

  69. Volunteering had been a a passion of mine since I started high school and it’s so nice to see influencers like you using their platforms to inspire others to make a difference in their communities. 😊😊 awesome work, Will!!

    IG; @anthonyyuen99

  70. Sean Gallagher Reply

    It’s so nice to see instagramers giving back to the community not only at Christmas but around the year as well, keep it up! @gallagher_sean

  71. It’s great that you give back to the community. So many children will benefit from your hard work @rkr2011

  72. Danny van der Wielen Reply

    I really like your style, and the pictures are so beautifull. And want to say thank for the nice message that you send last time.
    Greatz from The Netherlands @dennies81

  73. A handsome humanitarian with a great taste in fashion. Keep it up 👍🏻
    Also, are those products you’re giving away the ones you use? Here I thought your hair was big because it was full of secrets lol 😂

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    You truly do leave the world a more beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your life with us! @brunson.chris

  75. Leon Glover Reply

    This is the cutest!!
    Back in university, in Miami, my classmates and I helped out in building and painting some homes and it was such a fun experience. Since moving to New York I haven’t had the chance to, buy I definitely want to get back into it. I’m sure the kids are going to love it. [@leonheartedboy]

  76. Lee Wilkinson Reply

    You are such an inspiration. Fashion, Design, Home Interior and now Volunteering!
    Keep up the great work!
    I am at the start of my career, I hope it is as half as good as yours.
    Love from England!

    My IG is wilkinson_1990

  77. I have also done some work with Habitst for Himanity! So amazing that you’re able to spread some colorful holiday cheer 🙂 my instagram handle is @jimmygalla

  78. I personally like how you take time to respond to your followers. You are so authentic and it’s great seeing influencers like you giving back. I hope to meet you one day.


  79. Love this! I’ve always wanted to gdo be back in this way and it’s a great way to meet people in the community. I just wish it were easier to do this. I think a goal for 2018 is to do a project like this and give back to my community more. Inspired! Xoxo


  80. Antoniette Luiza Reply

    I love your ig. You seem such an amazing person. Hope you have a great new year @antonietteluiza

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  83. Faysal Houtait Reply

    This post really warmed my heart, Will ☺️ Thank you for inspiring us to be better to, and do better for, those around us. I’m setting a personal goal for myself to do more volunteer work going into next year. Hope you had a fantastic holiday with your heart mate – wishing you both a happy and healthy new year. IG: brunchandbutts

  84. This is incredible! Such an amazing cause, thank you for sharing and inspiring me as I think about how I can give back in the new year 🙂

  85. Volunteering is something I’ve always wanted to do, and as always, you’re inspiring me to do something. Loved this blog post, and keep doing what you’re doing. 🙌🏽 Shaun – @HisHabits

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    Happy new year !! Hope you have a great year ahead and keep inspiring us and others a round you :)!

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    Have been a fan for so long, been inspired by all the colours and make-you-smile style! And it’s really good to see how you also devote to these children and give what you can!
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  107. Pema Wangyel Reply

    Hello Will.I am so glad to have met you through your IG page.I am an aspiring artist from a remote tiny kingdom nestled in the Himalayas.My source of inspiration are people like you who are creative,smart and have a beautiful heart. It’s amazing how social media can bring people together and share one another’s life.Thank You!Greetings from Bhutan.

  108. Joshua Kucela Reply

    Such an aw esome thing you did and in giving of your time ❤️
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


  109. You’re all heart, Will!! Hope to follow in your footsteps some day! Shout out to you all the way from Dubai! Peace 🙂
    IG: Cini_Annie

    • Brian Meller (@brianmeller) Reply

      What a great way to end the year with an amazing organization! You are always doing the best things. Sending my best wishes for the New Year!

  110. Will, this is excellent! Something so many children will enjoy for years to come. My company’s recycling program funds our Habitat for Humanity builds, and I can’t wait to join in on one—or many!—of the homes we build together around the world (the waitlist is always a mile long because so many employees want to help…fantastic)! Thanks for always spreading the good.

    Braden — @bradenjoyce

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    This was such a fun story to watch on your instagram, and this blog post made it even better!
    P.s. your hike this morning looked incredible 💙

  117. Volunteered to save turtle eggs before in Costa Rica. Loving how you’re giving back with every blessing you get. Keep it up.


  118. Hi!
    It sure looks like something fun to do, you all look like you had a great time!
    Best wishes,

  119. Hi Will

    Thanks for bringing a touch of inspiration and creativity everyday into our lives, you rock.
    Have an awesome New Years !!!

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  123. What a nice gesture! Love the idea; it looks amazing.
    Greetings from Spain 😋

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    There aren’t enough people in the world like you! Sharing your time & creativity with others. Love this totally inspired! Also thanks for the follow best Christmas yet!
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    IG: @JLuis_M

  126. Looks like great fun for a great cause. Thanks so much for sharing, I love all your posts! @ivanchkov

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    Hi Will! Hope you enjoy everything Norway has too offer. If I’m not mistaken you are staying at Storfjord hotel. Only the best… huh?
    I think your stories are great to follow. BR Pål
    IG: @peidhvding

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    You are so inspiring in so many ways. Volunteering and helping others should be something every person should do. Give back from what we receive is always good. I’ll keep reading your blogs and watching your feeds, they are always good 🙂
    @albertof91 IG

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    LOVE this, really looking to get involved in community building like this. Feeds the soul. @jmcdonaldnyc

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  138. I follow you on IG and I’m gonna say that I love all your post. I didn’t know that you are one of the most inspiring people. Good luck ln this project.
    IG: icecoldrevenge.

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    Instagram @a.lexisbobexis

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