men's fade haircut inspirationI’ve always been a gentleman of routine and never more so than when it comes to my hairstyle. In the summer I like to wear my hair super short all over (NYC humidity is no joke, you guys, so the shorter the better!). However, come autumn as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I always find myself looking to grow my hair into a longer style. I told my hairdresser, Peter, that I wanted to grow out the shorter cut I had for my hair a couple of months ago, and this week my hair was finally at the length to cut it into it’s new style. I’m sharing the full look at my new cut and this outfit after the jump!

men's fade haircut inspirationI went for a mid men’s fade haircut that blends into a textured medium length on top. In the winter I like to have enough hair so that I can run my hands through it, as well as style it into textured waves. If I tried to do this summer I’d be a sweaty mess (truth be told I am anyway but let’s gloss over that), but in the colder months I find this cut adds an air of sophistication to my overall's fade haircut inspirationI tend to dress a little more playful in summer so a shorter crop works well. Come winter, I like to dress a little sharper – or at least try! Nothing too smart, though: for example, I’ll wear a tailored topcoat over a cashmere turtleneck sweater, which I’ll wear with a pair of pintuck sweatpant’s to give a casual edge to the outfit. I always find a black sneak strikes the right balance between too casual and too smart, too. My go-to pair are the Veja Esplar's fade haircut inspirationI never used to be into turtleneck sweaters but the last two years I’ve lived in them all winter long. Maybe it’s because New York City gets so damn cold?! Either way, I love them. I tend to always wear cashmere turtlenecks because they are worn around the sensitive neck area. The softer wool prevents the sweater from agitating the skin where I's fade haircut inspirationThe camel topcoat I’m wearing here was by a British brand and I bought it last season. No fear, I found this wool topcoat from Club Monaco that’s almost identical. You can shop everything I’m wearing here at the bottom of my post!men's fade haircut inspiration


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  1. I always wear my hair longer in winter as well. Twins! 😉 p.s. I want that coat

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