LG signature and MoMa artA few weekend’s ago I was lucky enough to attend an event held by LG as part of their launch event to introduce the LG SIGNATURE brand (check out the full product line up, here). Held at the world famous Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, the event was centred around LG SIGNATURE’s most premium line of home appliances and home entertainment products. Also in attendance at the event was American painter, Caio Fonseca. Caio is known for his abstract paintings and he explained how he seeks to give form to the unseen through his works. Seeing one of his pieces come to life in the space on the 77″ LG SIGNATURE OLED TV inspired me to seek out more modern art, and learn about how I could better protect and care for my own art back at home.

LG signature and MoMa artThe event happened to be held on a cold and wet fall day in the city, so it was the perfect excuse to act on my inspirations and go see some more art at the Museum of Modern Art, which was just around the corner from the venue! The first piece that caught my eye was Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light and metal fixtures. I’ve always enjoyed Flavin’s work, especially his play on color and light. However, it was the way this piece had been displayed in the corner – a location not usually used for displaying art – that really caught my eye. I also loved the typographic and bold visual punch of Edward Ruscha’s OOF painting. The vibrancy of the color contrast has to be seen to be believed – love!LG signature and MoMa artSoon I found myself in the design history section of the museum, which included a room full of furniture designs from 1967. It was Pierre Paulin’s Tongue Chairs that immediately caught my eye. Paulin developed them in the late 1960’s to try and appeal to the lifestyle of young people who were into low level living at the time. I was interested to learn that the free, sprawling form and bright colors represented an anti-establishment sensibility.LG signature and MoMa artThanks to the graphic red stripes, Michel Parmentier’s lacquer on canvas was an instant favorite of mine, too!LG signature and MoMa artI also felt very drawn to this untitled piece in oils by Etel Adnan, which I guess proves my eclectic taste when it comes to modern art. There’s something so captivating about the largely gentle palette that’s punctuated by bright flashes of hot hues, don’t you think?LG signature and MoMa artAnd, finally, it feels rude to visit MoMa and not stop in to see the classic Day and Night: Homage to the Square works by Josef Albers. Although somewhat ubiquitous, I’ve yet to tire of Alber’s work and find myself drawn into the ‘squares’ each time I look at his work.

So how does this link back to my time at the LG SIGNATURE event, I hear you ask? Well, the new LG SIGNATURE line marries the brand’s cutting-edge technology and world-class design with exquisite attention to detail – case in point being the LG SIGNATURE air purifier. When I first heard about the air purifier, I wasn’t sure what its relevance was to me. However, at the event I soon learned from Caio that the LG SIGNATURE air purifier is the perfect product for helping to protect art at home. Why? Well, it helps to achieve optimum air quality in your home by purifying the air and removing particulates, such as dust, which is a very important part of the effort to preserve art. So, although I’m yet to own any of the captivating pieces of modern art that hang in MoMa (maybe one day?!), I’m pleased I learned how to look after the treasured pieces of art I do have in my home right now!LG signature air purifier // Sponsored by LG; all views my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Bright.Bazaar running!


Will Taylor

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  1. Jessica Kind Reply

    Omg loooooove the pink room! You always have fun posts!! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Fascinating stuff Will. My husband and I recently started collecting and have been reading up on art preservation so I will forward this to him. Thanks for sharing with us.

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