joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearEven though my school days are long behind me, September always brings about that feeling of a fresh start. I’m not talking a complete overhaul, just that subtle undercurrent that the year has taken a turn. Of course, our wardrobe’s take a shift (I’m all about wearing olive green menswear right now, for example!), but it’s more than that. Much like in January when we set goals for the twelve months ahead, September feels like a time to take stock and look ahead for what’s going well, what’s not and those items on our lists that still aren’t checked off. I always feel as though this month is a time to prepare: to prepare for the season ahead and also to be #FreshFor the things I wish to achieve before the year closes out.

joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearOne of the main things I’m keen to do more as we transition into fall is embrace the changing season and use the inspiration of the natural environment as a catalyst for improving my photography. I touched on this topic recently here on the blog and I’m excited to be setting myself goals so I can take strides forward. I’ve teamed up with Joe Fresh to show how wearing their versatile fall layering options means I’m ready to practice my photography no matter the weather.joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearI’ve always been a “doer learner” – in other words, I find it much more effective to learn and build on my skills by actively doing something vs. reading about it or being sat in a classroom. So, given my goal is to up my photography game I needed to make sure I had suitable sartorial options for the quickly cooling temps here on the East Coast. The key? Layers, layers, layers.joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearDressing in lightweight layers is the best way to manage the transition into the autumn season. This approach helps to manage the often-changeable weather at the start of the autumn season. You know the drill: hot one minute, cold the next; bright and sunny in the morning, windy and chilly by noon.joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearThe versatility of Joe Fresh’s new collection is great for combatting these outfit dilemmas. Start with a comfortable baseball tee worn underneath a classic pullover grey marl sweater. This ensures you are cozy and comfortable, while still having the flexibility to layer up and down as you need to. Plus, the grey sweater pairs well with autumn palettes, from deep reds through to olive greens, making it a great layering go-to for the whole season.joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearAt this time of year, early morning photo shoots and explorations around the city can get chilly, especially if I’m taking the ferry across the river to explore a new-to-me coffee shop or to go location hunting. Wearing a lightweight quilted jacket is the ideal finisher to the outfit: as it’s not bulky nor heavy, I’m not left sweating minutes after putting it on, yet it’s still super warm, especially if worn buttoned up. I love how the color pairs with the brown chino belt, too.joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearAlso, I love the olive green color of this jacket. This color is hot, hot, hot right now and I’m seeing it in almost every store I step into. For me, this is the perfect design because the quilts give the jacket subtle texture that adds visual interest to the outfit. It pairs so well with a classic grey sweater and stone colored chinos. I love how adding this jacket to my sweater and chino combo instantly adds color, style and practicality to the whole look. Now all that’s left to do is to book time to head back out into the city with my camera – I can’t wait!joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green MenswearHow do you like to wear olive green? What are your goals for the rest of the year?joe fresh jacket How-to Wear Olive Green Menswear // Creative direction and styling by Will Taylor | Photography by Jean-Laurent Gaudy | Posted in partnership with Joe Fresh and rewardStyle; all views my own.


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Ok, love your outfit and these photos, but I need to know more about this camera you’re toting around! And also now I need a quilted jacket – looks cozy but lightweight, perfect for September’s fickle weather.

    • @Jackie – Ah, thank you! The jacket is perfect for this current weather (especially with this morning’s gross rain in NYC!). The camera is an Olympus PEN-F; I use it to shoot with when I can’t lug my Canon 5D around with me because it offers a great photo quality in smaller size option. Super useful!

  2. Great jacket…might order it for my husband. What size are you wearing?

  3. Michael Campbell Reply

    You can easily pull off any color! The styling is fantastic and I love your tips, as always. One question, what camera strap do you use? Ona?

    • @Michael – Kind of you to say, thanks! I bought this camera strap at a small handmade market stand at a pop up event in LA late last year. That said, I do have an Ona camera bag and they are great!

  4. Hi Will, You’re such a style inspiration for me. I’d like to ask you what brand is the brown leather jacket you wear in GQ.
    Thx for your reply.

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