Burano Island VeniceBack in April I hot-footed my way to Venice for the first time. As well as finding time to don some classic Venetian-inspired stripes, I also grabbed my camera and went on a knockout colour hunting adventure to a little island called Burano. Click through after the jump to discover all the charming and colourful corners of what could very easily be the brightest place on Earth!

Burano Island VeniceBurano Island VeniceUnlike Venice where the canals are lined with terracotta and neutral shades, Burano’s banks are lined by row upon row of rainbow facades. The individual vibe of each home and building lends the island bucket loads of character. From a distance the buildings look like storybook sets; up close their weathered paint texture and age-old street names result in a juxtaposition to the abundance of cheerful colour.Burano Island VeniceBurano Island VeniceShortly after disembarking the boat (the island is around forty minutes by water from Venice) I walked down a narrow alleyway and turned the corner at the end to see this (above picture). Safe to say my excitement levels hit 100 at that point: all those incredible colours in one place was extraordinary to see for this hue hunter! I spent a good hour wondering up to buildings, capturing the colour combinations, the textures, and the everyday scenes of this quiet square.Burano Island VeniceBurano Island VeniceAlongside all the colours, there was also an abundance of stripes. I know – amazing! Little stores selling lace are found all over the island as it’s famed for it’s lace production. Another island en route to Burnao called Murano is famed for it’s coloured glass, while Burano focuses on textiles. Darling nonna’s sit chewing the fat/gossiping(!) on stone steps and old wooden chairs, the colourful lace they have made billowing in the wind around them. But why all the lace? Well many years ago the wives of fishermen started to knit lace while they waited for their husbands to return from sea, and soon the island became known as the ‘land of lace’.Burano-Island-Venice-8Burano Island VeniceThe fishermen weren’t just a catalyst for the island’s lace heritage, but also are the reason why the houses are each painted a different colour. In the old days, fishing was the main way for the islanders to earn a living As the fishermen would go out to fish early and return late it would be almost impossible to find their homes, especially during the winter, when their homes appeared to be ‘invisible’ because of thick fog. As such, it’d hard to see two houses side by side in the same colour on the island.Burano Island VeniceBurano Island VeniceWhere should you eat when you walk the island of Burano? Well, if you fish is your game then Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero is a must try. Jamie Oliver even recommended this restaurant in one of his TV shows many years ago and it’s clear to see why! If you are looking for something more casual (and, to be honest, even if you aren’t you should still try this!) then head to Devil’s Pizza. Here you buy by the slice and see the pizza being made by hand in front of you. No exaggeration: this is the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life! Burano Island VeniceBurano Island VeniceHave you ever been to the island of Burano? Where is the most colourful place you have travelled to?Burano Island Venice // Photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

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  1. Woooooooooooooooow!!! I need to visit this place now! Amazing pictures!

  2. You really inspire a person to go travelling! Love your pics and articles. Your Blog is really one of the best out there. Take care x

  3. OMG OMG!!!! this is insanely beautiful. I bet the peeps who live here are always in a good mood. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. Think I’ll visit this post again when it’s grey and rainy outside.


  4. Just got back from a 13 country tour and that island was my favorite place, would love to return there someday.

  5. Fantastic post, I’ll be dreaming of Burano for the rest of the afternoon! The most colourful place I’ve been to is Cuba. Particularly Havana and Trinidad:)

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