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OK, so maybe you are in the midst of a snow day or perhaps you’ve just trudged to the office through the rain but don’t forget that spring is just around the corner! While my apartment is shrouded in fog and the glass of my balcony remains encrusted in frost, I’m closing my eyes and jumping ahead to those first fresh days of spring. You know the ones I mean: where the morning sun holds a touch of warmth, the birds chirp and tweet with more animation than of weeks gone by and the light lasts in time for you to get home from the office. Excited? Yeah, me too. With spring firmly on the mind I’m diving head first into a collection of mint home accessories and furniture that simply scream, well, spring. Which mint market picks are catching your eye?

// Photography and bedding by H&M Home


This week’s Palette Addict post shines the light on a stylish green and grey bedroom space that features colourful bedding by Aura Home. This vibrant bedroom scheme immediately caught my eye because it shows how you can inject colourful life and energy into an otherwise rustic and neutral space without impacting on serenity. This has been achieved because the rest of the space remains pared-back and minimal in form: a simple clothes rack adorned with neutral basics; a bed frame made from reclaimed palettes; a lone print hung from the wall; a small side table repurposed as a bedside table – all of these elements act as a calming foil to the jade green bedding. The grey cross detailing on the bedding is central to tying the colourful bedding into the rest of the space; the grey hue acts as a reference point to the scheme’s base palette. I love this colourful and rustic mash up! What’s inspiring you about this jade green bedroom decor idea, folks?

// Photography by Aura Home


Accent colour ideas for kitchens don’t come much better than the beautiful new Pure kitchen by John Lewis of Hungerford. I like how this colourful kitchen design uses a flash of lime green to make a stylish colour statement out of an existing design feature of the kitchen: the single green section amongst the white cabinetry creates an instant focal point for the eye. The harmonising quality of the green pairs well with the nod to organic texture in the wooden trim detailing; this design element also adds warmth to the green and white kitchen. Normally I’m not drawn to all white, super sleek and modern kitchen designs – I prefer a more rustic, lived-in approach with all my wares on display – but the clever use of colour and addition of exposed wood makes this space feel more homely, inviting and liveable than usual. I also think that the painted wooden floors help soften the look. What do you like about this kitchen design? How do you invite accent colour into your kitchen?

// Photography by John Lewis of Hungerford