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In my new book I have a colour cocktail called The Tangerine Dream (which was inspired by the original blog post in the series I wrote back in 2012!) which explores how to decorate with both dark and strong, striking colours in a bedroom environment. With that in mind, I wanted to explore the topic for this week’s Palette Addict post because it can be tricky to decorate successfully with orange and black. The space shown here by Aura Home is an excellent example of how to combine these two hues – by only painting black half height in the space it tempers the intense nature of the noir. The striking result this creates helps to draw the eye down to the bed, almost serving as a painted ‘frame’ for the room’s main focal point. By dressing the bed in bright orange bedding that features a stone grey diamond outline pattern as a nod to the second colour used no the walls, a co-ordinated colour palette is created. Introducing an orange accent against the dark walls and floor works well in a standalone format, as opposed to multiple decorative accessories peppered across the space, as it creates a more visually commanding look. What do you think of this bedroom scheme? Have you ever decorated with these colours in your home?

// Photography by Aura Home | Orange Diamond Poppy Bedding


I’m totally addicted to blue (case in point right here on my Instagram) so it was a no brainer to shine the spotlight on this stunning true blue feature wall in this week’s Palette Addict. In fact, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to this space given I have a blue feature wall in my bedroom, too. Although intense, the bold true blue hue works in this light and airy home because it creates intimacy within the triple height space. By introducing the colour in a single splash it amplifies the wooden panelling, creating additional visual interest out of an existing feature in the space; it also serves to zone the seating area from the rest of the open plan room. Finally, the gallery wall gives an opportunity to use accent colour to temper the strength of the blue and reference other hues used across the scheme, such as the mint side table, and sky blue and grey armchairs. What inspires you about this blue feature wall? How do you decorate with blue in your own home?

// Photography by Brooke Holm, via


This week’s Palette Addict post shines the light on a stylish green and grey bedroom space that features colourful bedding by Aura Home. This vibrant bedroom scheme immediately caught my eye because it shows how you can inject colourful life and energy into an otherwise rustic and neutral space without impacting on serenity. This has been achieved because the rest of the space remains pared-back and minimal in form: a simple clothes rack adorned with neutral basics; a bed frame made from reclaimed palettes; a lone print hung from the wall; a small side table repurposed as a bedside table – all of these elements act as a calming foil to the jade green bedding. The grey cross detailing on the bedding is central to tying the colourful bedding into the rest of the space; the grey hue acts as a reference point to the scheme’s base palette. I love this colourful and rustic mash up! What’s inspiring you about this jade green bedroom decor idea, folks?

// Photography by Aura Home