Each time I see a new collection from Kauniste my decor-loving heart beats that little bit faster: I just *know* it’s going to be good. Their previous collections (blogged here and here) offered beautiful pieces to layer into the home, and their latest offering is no different. Let’s take a look…kauniste-tray
Kauniste’s new pattern Konfetti is a festive play of simple shapes and pastel colours; it has a touch of lightness and randonmess of everyday life. The pattern was designed by artist Hanna Konola, who is originally from a small village in north of Finland, but she now lives and works in Helsinki. I think there is a really nice contrast between the modern pattern & colours and the more traditional linen material it is printed on.kauniste-apron
The brand are also carrying a new 100% pure wool blanket called the Swans – doesn’t it look a treat in this gorgeous green colourway? For this item Kauniste collaborated with Elisabeth Dunker from Swedish brand, Fine Little Day (and whose summer house is in the Bright.Bazaar book!). Which pieces are catching your eye, folks?kauniste-design-homewear

// Photography by Kauniste


1. The colourful mews houses in London are total #makeyousmilestyle inducing.
2. It was such a thrill to see the 2015 calendar I styled and shot for Mollie Makes for the first time on Sunday.
3. I had a big smile on my face on Sunday because BuzzFeed listed Bright.Bazaar in their feature on 40 Instagrams To Follow If You Love Color – so exciting!
4. This styled photograph of IKEA’S STOCKSUND sofa is pretty much my ideal country living room – The colour! The light! The furniture!
5. Jana Bek’s brush lamps are each painted by hand; colourful and character-packed, I love them.
6. An honour to receive a copy of Inside Out magazine from Australia that features my 10 Brilliant Colour Ideas article.
7. Autumn is so.darn.pretty, isn’t it?!
8. Oliver Perrott’s photographic print of Willow Springs Raceway in California perfectly captures the graphic line and colour of the area.
9. These pretty stars and stripes cups caught my eye.
10. Thinking I might need to invest in this mint washing up bowl. Chores made colourful!

When we moved from our old apartment into the Bright.Bazaar cottage we needed to downsize a lot of our furniture because the dimensions of the cottage are t-i-n-y! I was keen to create a cosy and colourful country feel to reflect the 17th Century cottage surroundings, which made the classic shape of Loaf’s Jonesy sofa ideal for the space. It’s always of interest for me to know the providence of the pieces that fill my home, so I asked the folks at Loaf if I could take a trip to see my sofa being made in person. To my delight, they said Yes – so I jumped on a train heading North to Long Eaton where their makers are based.loaf-jonesy-sofa-1
The gif below takes you through some of the key stages of the upholstery process for my Jonesy sofa that I saw happen live (so.much.fun!) while at the factory in Long Eaton. Not only did I find the speed at which the makers worked on the upholstery completely captivating, but I also felt full of excitement to see such a central part of the make up of my home coming ‘to life’ in front of my eyes.the-making-of-a-loaf-sofa
After all, think of all the experiences and conversations you have on your sofa. When I considered everything my heartmate and I discussed while sat on our old sofa – from planning a wedding to making plans when we realised we had to move out with very little notice – I realised that the sofa is a central part of a home through good times and bad. A sofa is personal, so I feel very fortunate to have been able to bond with my sofa in this way as it was made. That might sound odd, but think about it: when you change a key piece of furniture with which you interact with everyday – a bed, a sofa etc. – it takes time, at least for me, to adapt to it as part of my daily life. So it was reassuring to have been a part of the process that saw my cherished couch come to life!loaf-jonesy-sofa-3
Aside from the tactility and hue offered by the Cloud Blue vintage linen that I chose from 90 potential fabrics for the upholstery, it’s the Jonesy’s detailing that really ticked the boxes for me to get this sofa. I especially liked the weathered oak legs – I think there’s something homely and cosy about them thanks to both their form and material. What do you think of the new addition to my home?loaf-jonesy-sofa-5

* // Photography by Will Taylor