Back in 2006, New York City based menswear designer, Michael Bastian, launched his apparel line and I’ve been hooked pretty much ever since. I mean, this shirt is kinda everything! Naturally, then, I was delighted when I saw Michael’s latest collaboration with one of my colourful favourites from the high street, Uniqlo. It’s fair to say that Unqilo know how to nail colour in menswear – this coat was a favourite when I shared it on Instagram recently, for example.Michael-Bastian-Uniqlo-Polo-Collection-2
While a shirt from Michael’s main line will set you back $475, his range with Uniqlo is really accessible with polo shirts from £14.99/$24.90 – a bargain! I was instantly drawn to this cute shuttlecock polo because if you show me a repeat pattern/illustration and I am a happy guy!Michael-Bastian-Uniqlo-Polo-Collection-3
The red collar and sleeve trim detail gives the blue polo a graphic look that works well against the repeated shuttlecock emblems. I decided to pair the polo with white denim to give the outfit a gently nautical vibe. Red, white and blue – it’s an outfit colour combination that is hard to beat for summer.Michael-Bastian-Uniqlo-Polo-Collection-4
A dark leather belt with an anchor buckle is another nod to the nautical summer feel of the look, which is completed with comfortable brown boaters. How do you like to wear polo shirts? What do you think of this outfit?Michael-Bastian-Uniqlo-Polo-Collection-5


It’s no secret how much I love handmade ceramics but I audibly gasped when I discovered Suite One Studio. I was on a plane home from LA and quietly reading House Beautiful magazine when I saw these beautiful ceramics for the first time. In that moment I knew I had to learn more so I headed straight for their website when I arrived home.suite-one-studio-ceramics-2
These beautiful pieces of art – and I really do think they are just that, art – are made by the owner, designer and ceramicist behind Suite One Studio, Lindsay Emery. Based out of her studio in North Carolina, Lindsay’s aim is simple: to make mealtimes for beautiful with her porcelain pieces. Talk about ticking that box with a permanent marker, right?!suite-one-studio-ceramics-3
You know what else I love about her work? She creates her pieces in small batches as limited editions, so with each piece there’s a heightened sense that you are getting a rare piece of work from a talented designer. Every Tuesday at 7 PM EST Lindsay posts the latest batch of her new, one-of-a-kind pieces – my calendar is marked with a big red star, folks!suite-one-studio-ceramics-4
I can’t get enough of the colourful glazes Lindsay paints onto the porcelain, from rich indigos through to gentle mint and pink pastels, they are all beautiful. Which pieces from Suite One Studio are catching your eye, friends?suite-one-studio-ceramics-5

// Photography by Suite One Studio

1. My excitement levels rocket when seeing a huge blue coloured wall!Loaf-flapjack-sofa
2. I miss my old yellow couch (the one on the UK cover of my first book) but I’m thinking the Flapjack sofa from Loaf could be an equally delightful place to perch.West-Elm-Store-Tottenham-Court-Road-London
3. I was impressed by the new season install at West Elm London, plus there’s stacks more natural light now they’ve opened up the windows in the Market area – well worth a look!Bryon-Hamburgers-Rathbone-Place-London
4. I was inspired by the brave and bold colour choice for the decor in Byron Hamburgers on Rathbone Place, London.Lindsey-Lang-Towels-John-Lewis
5. These towels designed by Lindsey Lang for John Lewis are perfect for adding a graphic hit of hue and pattern into a bathroom.Leif-ceramics
6. Handmade in Brooklyn and delightfully bright, these colourful cups stopped me in my tracks.Green-car
7. The green hue of this classic car caught my eye on Sunday.Mini-succulents
8. I need more mini succulents in my life – how cute are these little ones?! I love the silvery blue-green colours, too.Mint-Vespa
9. Transport goals: to own a mint Vepsa!Colourful-buildings-in-london
10. I loved seeing my favourite colour combination while colour hunting in London on Saturday.