Bright.Bazaar’s Instagram hashtag #makeyousmilestyle now has over 3,000 pictures on it as more and more people share their personal make-you-smile style discoveries and adventures from all corners of the world everyday. Of course, I find it so inspiring to see colour ideas and inspirations through the eyes of others, but I also get a kick out of seeing others as excited about colour as I am! I was keen to celebrate passing the 3,000 image mark on the feed, so I decided to share ten of my favourite snaps that have been added to the #makeyousmilestyle feed in recent weeks. What I love most about these images is their eclectic nature. Bright.Bazaar is all about appreciating the benefit of colour throughout all parts of life (home, fashion, food, travel and more), so it’s great to see how colour has been inspiring different people on Instagram (and making them smile!) throughout all of these areas. I hope these ten colourful snaps inspire you as much as they do me – and don’t forget to share your colour inspirations on the #makeyousmilestyle hashtag over on Instagram!lovelyindeed
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Picture by WildandGrizzly.Which of these #makeyousmilestyle pictures makes you, um, smile?!
Due to a hectic travel schedule for the past month, this is my first weekend in London since February. After spending the majority of March in California during an unseasonal heat wave (it was hot, hot, hot!), I relished the opportunity to embrace layering again now back in a cooler clime.mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-2
Ever since I bought this red coat from the Brooklyn Tailors x GQ collection for GAP I’ve received a number of compliments on it, but also guys tend to ask how they should how to go about wearing such a bright ‘hero’ piece in their outfits. So I decided to make this red beauty the focus of my latest Bright.Style post. Naturally I love to have a splash of bright colour somewhere in my outfits. Sometimes it’s a subtle pop in my socks or the sole of my shoes, and other times I go for more of statement, such as this coat.mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-3
The main key to making a red coat such as this work is to use the rest of the outfit to temper its boldness. I decided to embrace the classic pairing of red and navy, using the latter to balance the brightness of the former. When I was in Paris over New Year’s Eve last year I finally managed to visit Le Slip Francais. I left their Marais store with the sweater you see here and it turned out to be the perfect layer to wear with my red GAP coat!mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-4
By sticking to classic dark wash denim, a navy sweater with a flash of red, and simple white trainers it allows the coat to shine. There’s nothing else in the outfit competing for the spotlight, instead the other darker elements compliment the coat. It was pretty awesome to come across my outfit colours on the front of a building in London – a great #colourhunting moment that was the perfect antithesis to a grey London day!mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-5
What do you think of the outfit? How do you like to wear colourful coats?mens-fashion-blogger-will-taylor-6


// Photography by Will Taylor

Do you find that there are times when a designer, brand or story comes along that just captures your imagination from the off? This exact thing happened to me recently when two brothers, Richard and Bryce Capp, reached out and introduced me to their digital wallpaper company, Milton and King. Named after their parent’s middle names, the company was founded when the duo had just $250 between them and has grown considerably from it’s early days of producing canvas prints.milton-and-king-wallpapers-2
Now the company focuses on creating digital wallpapers – and thank goodness they do because the designs are right up Mr.Bazaar’s colourful street! Their latest collection, Ingrid & Mika was inspired by the functionality, simplicity and minimalist approach of Scandinavian and Nordic design. Clean geometric shapes and simple line work are seen loud and clear in these designs, and it’s these characteristics that make the papers ideal for a modern and contemporary home.milton-and-king-wallpapers-3
The main reason I am drawn to this collection is it’s versatility – there’s options for both statement brights and striking, graphic monochrome designs. I’ve written about my love for black in interiors on Bright.Bazaar before – the triangular black and white design of the Terminal wallpaper is a fine example of how a monochromatic base can be used to layer in an accent bright, such as the yellow pendant seen above.milton-and-king-wallpapers-4
My personal favourite design from the new Ingrid & Mika collection is the Phonetics wallpaper. I love the combination of the popular 20th century type face, Helvetica and the multi coloured palette – it’s at once both stylish and playful. Both Richard and Bryce set out to create a collection that whole heartedly advocates positive change in one’s home, and wellbeing in general. Given my belief that colour does just that, we couldn’t be more on the same page even if we shared a paint pot! Which wallpaper design is catching your eye, folks? Where would you use it in your home?milton-and-king-wallpapers-5

// Photography by Milton & King (used with permission) | Posted in partnership with M&K; all views my own