Ravishing Rattan: IKEA Stockholm 2017

    ikea stockholm 2017 collectionI’m wholeheartedly dedicated to being an IKEA geek. Like, so much so that I bought three books about the company and their design history to read when I was in the store last week. Remember this infographic I shared with unexpected IKEA stats back in 2013? And then there was the time I went behind the scenes of the IKEA catalog photo studio, too. Fascinating! Many may turn their nose up at the Swedish megastore but I’ve long championed the store. I appreciate how my relationship with the brand and it’s furniture has endured through the various stages of my life to date. Sure, I look back on the tiny bookcases and chests of drawers I bought for my university bedroom knowing I would never buy those pieces now. Yet, they served the exact purpose I needed back then. Since then, I’ve gone onto include many pieces of IKEA furniture in my various apartments, both in London and New York City, and they’ve always served me well. Not only that, but they often are the pieces that garner the most compliments and visitors are shocked to discover that they are from IKEA. I think it’s a common misconception that they only carry Billy bookcases (although I won’t hear a bad word said about those, either – have you seen how awesome they can look when turned into built-in like shelving?! Love.) and so it can come as a surprise to see their less generic pieces. Case in point was the surprise from many of my followers that the sofa in my recent decorating video on Instagram was indeed from IKEA, and proved to be super comfortable and stylish, too! I always keep an eye on the brand’s STOCKHOLM and PS collections as they tend to include some of the more design forward and exciting products. As the IKEA STOCKHOLM 2017 collection gets set to launch, I’m using today’s post to share inspiration for decorating with rattan furniture and blue colors. Plus, there’s a round up of 10 pieces that, if you’re anything like me, will have you wanting to run to your nearest store. Dive in after the jump! Continue Reading

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