David Hockney Inspired Interior Design

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    As a color lover, David Hockney’s work never fails to inspire. His use of color has inspired me from everything from fashion to decor, leading me to color palettes I couldn’t even have dreamed of if it wasn’t for his saturated works. David Hockney’s new retrospective at the Tate Britain has me itching to grab my passport, jump on a flight to London and soak up some color inspiration through the twelve(!) rooms that are showing his art. From aqua blues to coral pinks and everything in between, Hockney’s classic hues are guaranteed to brighten up the darkest of February days – and as it’s been overcast and wet for much of this week in New York City I felt it couldn’t be more fitting to feature some David Hockney inspired interior design! The Kairos Collective have a series of lighting, accessories soft furnishings and furniture that are perfect for inviting a splash of David Hockney inspired interior design into your home. From the spectrum of hues seen in the shell beach rug to the use of graphic color and shape in the indigo two pillow, these pieces are perfect for pepping up a space for the brighter days of spring.

    Aside from Hockney’s inspiring use of color across sketching, painting, printmaking, photography and his more recent digital iPad experiments, it’s his embrace of new technologies that I find equally inspiring. Hockney may almost be 80 but he is still adapting his approach to art for the modern age. I saw an exhibition in Germany a few years ago which solely featured paintings he had made on his iPad – so inspiring! His depictions of sun-dappled Los Angeles swimming pools (like the one seen at the top of this post, of which I have a print of hung in my apartment!) never fail to fill me with color ideas when it comes to decor. How does David Hockney’s colorful art inspire you?

    // ‘A Bigger Splash’ Print at top of post from Tate

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