When we moved from our old apartment into the Bright.Bazaar cottage we needed to downsize a lot of our furniture because the dimensions of the cottage are t-i-n-y! I was keen to create a cosy and colourful country feel to reflect the 17th Century cottage surroundings, which made the classic shape of Loaf’s Jonesy sofa ideal for the space. It’s always of interest for me to know the providence of the pieces that fill my home, so I asked the folks at Loaf if I could take a trip to see my sofa being made in person. To my delight, they said Yes – so I jumped on a train heading North to Long Eaton where their makers are based.loaf-jonesy-sofa-1
The gif below takes you through some of the key stages of the upholstery process for my Jonesy sofa that I saw happen live (so.much.fun!) while at the factory in Long Eaton. Not only did I find the speed at which the makers worked on the upholstery completely captivating, but I also felt full of excitement to see such a central part of the make up of my home coming ‘to life’ in front of my eyes.the-making-of-a-loaf-sofa
After all, think of all the experiences and conversations you have on your sofa. When I considered everything my heartmate and I discussed while sat on our old sofa – from planning a wedding to making plans when we realised we had to move out with very little notice – I realised that the sofa is a central part of a home through good times and bad. A sofa is personal, so I feel very fortunate to have been able to bond with my sofa in this way as it was made. That might sound odd, but think about it: when you change a key piece of furniture with which you interact with everyday – a bed, a sofa etc. – it takes time, at least for me, to adapt to it as part of my daily life. So it was reassuring to have been a part of the process that saw my cherished couch come to life!loaf-jonesy-sofa-3
Aside from the tactility and hue offered by the Cloud Blue vintage linen that I chose from 90 potential fabrics for the upholstery, it’s the Jonesy’s detailing that really ticked the boxes for me to get this sofa. I especially liked the weathered oak legs – I think there’s something homely and cosy about them thanks to both their form and material. What do you think of the new addition to my home?loaf-jonesy-sofa-5

* // Photography by Will Taylor

It’s certainly not often you get an email from Oprah Winfrey’s team inviting you to share decorating advice on their her online OWN show. I screamed with delight. For at least five minutes. (Sorry neighbours!) As a follow up to the colour tips I wrote for Oprah magazine’s July issue, the OWN show team asked me to share a range of advice that related to various spaces seen in the Bright.Bazaar book. I’ve embedded the four videos into this post and you can hear my tips on everything from decorating with black and white, to perfecting the introduction of accent colour into a scheme. I won’t lie, I was quite nervous (I mean, hello, OPRAH!) but I definitely relaxed into it and really enjoyed making the videos with their team. I hope you will enjoy them and find the advice useful.





If you would like more colour inspiration and advice, there’s stacks of ideas in the Bright.Bazaar book! Thanks, as always, for all your kind and generous support.

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// Interiors photography by Andrew Boyd from the Bright.Bazaar book


Fig.1 Coral vase | Fig.2 Dining table and chairs set | Fig.3 Cage pendant lamp | Fig.4 Palm Springs Colour Block print | Fig.5 Yellow armchair | Fig.6 Blue cushion | Fig.7 Pink and yellow tray | Fig.8 Blue vase | Fig.9 Rustic storage unit | Fig.10 Baskets | Fig.11 Colour block clock | Fig.12 Chevron rug | SHOP MR. BAZAAR’S PRODUCT PICKS

In the mood for a little Sunday shopping? Oh good – you’re in the right place because today Mr. Bazaar’s Rustic Whites & Scandi Brights sale is live on Joss & Main! I wrote a lot in my first book about how one of my favourite ways to decorate is to layer colourful accents against a rustic white base palette. My inspiration for the sale was the gorgeous Norwegian home of Ingrid and her husband (in fact, this was the cover for the US edition of my book!), so it felt like the perfect Bright.Bazaar look for my sale. I’ve pulled together some of my favourite picks above, but I think the coral vase, Palm Springs print (from the Bright.Bazaar print collection!) and statement yellow armchair might just be my favourites. What’s catching your eye, folks? How would you decorate with these Joss & Main pieces in your home?

// Interior photography by Andrew Boyd from the Bright Bazaar book