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In the mood for a little Sunday shopping? Oh good – you’re in the right place because today Mr. Bazaar’s Rustic Whites & Scandi Brights sale is live on Joss & Main! I wrote a lot in my first book about how one of my favourite ways to decorate is to layer colourful accents against a rustic white base palette. My inspiration for the sale was the gorgeous Norwegian home of Ingrid and her husband (in fact, this was the cover for the US edition of my book!), so it felt like the perfect Bright.Bazaar look for my sale. I’ve pulled together some of my favourite picks above, but I think the coral vase, Palm Springs print (from the Bright.Bazaar print collection!) and statement yellow armchair might just be my favourites. What’s catching your eye, folks? How would you decorate with these Joss & Main pieces in your home?

// Interior photography by Andrew Boyd from the Bright Bazaar book

As the weather gets cooler and the nights draw in I love to cook up cosy, comforting meals. While I used to make a lot of lasagnes (GAH! so good) and other such rich dishes, this year I’m trying to eat a little healthier. I remembered I had seen a recipe for a vegetable stew in Sweet Paul magazine that looked delicious, so I hunted it down in last year’s Winter issue. Packed full of delicious and colourful veggies, I felt it was the ideal dish to pair with my new Rick Stein cook and tableware pieces from Tesco. I learnt a lot about Rick Stein and his approach to cooking during my trip to Cornwall this summer, so I was excited to try cooking with his pieces in my own kitchen back at home! Here’s how to make this all-in-one Mediterranean Vegetable Stew…tesco-tableware-2

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Recipe for four:
1. Scrub and chop all the vegetables, peeling only the potatoes and onions.
2. Saute all the vegetables on a low to medium heat for a few minutes in a frying pan.
3. Add the chopped tomatoes and vegetable stock.
4. Stir the stew and then cover and simmer for half an hour or so until the vegetables are tender.
5. Season the stew with the herbs and seasoning to taste.
6. Add the olives, basil and crumbled feta.

// Photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Tesco; all views my own | Recipe adapted from Sweet Paul

Kitchens. No matter what the statistics might show, I still believe that they are the heart of the home. Just a few weeks ago I had some friends over to the Bright.Bazaar cottage for dinner. About thirty minutes after my friends had arrived, someone pointed out how we were congregated in the kitchen and not the living room. One friend was sat on the bottom stair, another lent casually against the fridge, while I had hopped up onto the countertop. We had no reason to be in the kitchen (the dinner was under control) but it was the natural place that we had settled and started catching up. We started talking about what makes kitchens feel so cosy and welcoming. Three out of four of us said how much we liked to see black used in kitchen design because it felt timeless, chic and cocooning. That very conversation inspired today’s post, so I’ve rounded up four stylish Wren Kitchens to inspire different approaches to a stylish black kitchen design.wren-kitchens-2
The Linea kitchen takes on an industrial ‘lab chic’ vibe thanks to a fusion of glossy finishes alongside laboratory design elements. Apothecary vases and metallic wall lamps lend a chic industrial vibe to the intense raven black base, which creates a black kitchen representative of the current zest of loft-style design.wren-kitchens-3
This second example of a black kitchen design is one of my favourite takes on this decorating approach. The Sculptured kitchen’s minimal decor and contemporary fittings are tempered by tactile wooden touches that soften the city vibe. Notice too how the black has been used in a matt eggshell here vs. a gloss, which also creates a softer and gentler final look.wren-kitchens-4
This Shaker kitchen shows that a primarily black kitchen design can feel exotic and vibrant. I named this look ‘moorish delight’ because the statement wall of patterned tiles, paired with the rustic furniture provides a striking contrast to the matt black cabinetry and pendants.wren-kitchens-5

This final kitchen is ideal inspiration for those who would like to decorate with black, but don’t want to create a kitchen that’s too stark or trend-led. This cosy country look is created by foiling the black cabinetry with bare wooden units in order to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the space. Which of these four approaches to decorating with black in the kitchen do you like best?

* // Photography by Wren Kitchens