If you’ve been following me over on Instagram then you will know that a few weeks ago I explored Key West, Florida for the first time. While I was there I teamed up with Christy and COTTON USA to try out their new nautical blue towels from their supreme range. I try to travel with one of my own towels when I go away on trips as I find that they can be a comforting reminder of home – sure beats the hard and coarse hotel towels, right?!Christy-towels-2
I’ve always been drawn to the colours of the ocean, so the hues of this nautical ‘new wave’ towel range caught my eye from the off. Plus, each towel carries the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton-rich products so you know that the quality is going to be top notch. I road tested mine (quite literally!) as I cycled through Key West to take them to the beach. It was a total #makeyousmilestyle moment when the towels matched the colours of my bike, too! Both the navy and the ice blue colourways look great and felt super soft against my skin. In fact, it was kinda grey and chilly at the beach so they were ideal for wrapping up warm! You can check out the full range, here.Christy-towels-3

// Posted in partnership with COTTON USA, all views my own

Last December I headed to Palm Springs, California to work on an exciting collaboration with West Elm for the 2015 spring/summer season. While we were out in the desert we filmed five style advice videos – four on how to style with trays, and a fifth on outdoor entertaining. It was a real treat to head back to Palm Springs as I had fallen in love with it when I visited for the first time before my American book tour last year.west-elm-styling-tips-2

For the videos we filmed on location in an incredible mid century home, taking each room and explaining how best to maximise your tray for each space. The bedroom video is a great example of how to let the colours and textures of your bedroom be the lead for your tray style.west-elm-styling-tips-3
The bar styling video is set to launch later this month, so check back to my mini series on West Elm’s You Tube channel to watch it!west-elm-styling-tips-4

In the home office I wanted to help bring back the pretty by showing how you can use trays to both organise and personalise your work space. Oh, and the film crew caught me dancing at the start…!west-elm-styling-tips-5

The coffee table is one of the most obvious places to use a tray as the living room is full of so many odds and ends, right? In this video I aimed to share my styling secrets so that you hide your remote like a stylist, plus I share one amazing style rule that I think you’ll want to use in every room!west-elm-styling-tips-6

The outdoor entertaining video is one of my favourites (isn’t that poolside area divine?!) because for me it captures the essence of what makes summer so great. Those long, barmy summer evenings spent with good friends in the backyard with tasty food, soft lighting and great company – bliss! Keen to upgrade your home or outdoor style for summer? Be sure to enter my #winwithwill sweeps where you have the chance to win either $2,000 or £1,000 of West Elm vouchers. Amazing! American pals enter here; UK friends click on over here. Good luck! Which video is your favourite? Do you have any top style tips for trays or outdoor entertaining?west-elm-styling-tips-7

// Photography by West Elm, used with permission

Rugs are one of the quickest ways to liven up a room because they occupy a substantial percentage of real estate in a space. Whether you are looking to add temporary colour and pattern to a rented space (like me!), or you are keen to invite more visual interest into a home of your own, rugs are a great decorating element to exercise.dash-and-albert-rugs-2
To demonstrate how rugs can instantly change up the look of a space, I’ve partnered with Dash & Albert (Europe/America) by bringing several of their designs into my rented apartment. I decided to show two of the rugs in my kitchen space because this room is the most limiting in terms of design options due to it being a rental.dash-and-albert-rugs-3
The all-white cabinetry is clean and modern, which I love, but I was keen to inject some #makeyousmilestyle into there! The first rug, Tiki Stripe, provides the perfect hit of hue the space needed. Not only that but I love how the stipe pattern elongates the space and draws the eye down the room. The yellow also picks out the existing accent spaces I introduced via the kitchen accessories on the countertop, which provides good visual synergy to the space.dash-and-albert-rugs-5
The second rug I tried out was the Blue Awning Stripe. The great aspect of this nautical-inspired design is that it’s classic look will not age over time. Plus, the stylish navy and white palette of the design sit’s alongside the rest of the space effortlessly. It’s not as much of a colour statement as the first rug, but it has the flexibility to work year round – the Tiki design is a great punch of hue for summer but too bright for winter.dash-and-albert-rugs-6
I’ve always longed for a beach house by the coast and while my current city apartment is about as far from that as you can get, this rug does give the room a hint of a seaside feel. The woven cotton material feels tactile underfoot when I walk in to make my morning coffee, so I like how it softens the contemporary shapes and edges of the existing kitchen cabinetry and wooden flooring.dash-and-albert-rugs-7
For my third rug I went for the Stockholm as it features blue and yellow – my two favourite colours! – in the design. Given the Scandi reference in its name, I decided it would only be right to pair it with a gorgeous piece of Scandinavian design! It looks wonderful against the pale, smooth wood of my console unit – the yellow hue of the rug works so well with the natural wood colour. Placing the rug in front of the console unit also really helps to anchor the piece into the space. Which of the three Dash & Albert (Europe/America) rugs I tried do you like best? How do you like to decorate with rugs?dash-and-albert-rugs-8

// Posted in partnership with Dash & Albert; all views my own.