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    Sometimes I think we all long for that extra dash of elegance in our lives, and the faithful chandelier is pretty much elegance in an instant. What strikes me about this collection of images,…

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    {Pendant Pairs}

    I was inspired to write this post after the lovely Jane from the girl in the brick house commented on my post about pattern last week. It led me to think about whether pendants should be grouped in…

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    {Angus Fergusson Photography}

    Behind every glossy magazine page, swoonful styling and sexy portfolio there’s usually a hugely talented photographer. Angus Fergusson is one of those talented people who produces brilliant images from our much loved clicky things.…

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    {Three Beautiful Conservatories}

    There’s something I find incredibly comforting about a conservatory, but I can’t think why I feel this way. If I have my own conservatory one day, I’d be really happy if it looked like…

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    {Fun on the Floor}

    Well guys, carpet’s back. It’s a fact. Still not convinced. Well, take a little peak at these beauties from Fun on the Floor… Images: Fun on the Floor Yikes, that purple carpet (1) looks…

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    {Cosy Bedrooms}

    We’re forecast a weekend of rain here in the UK, so after rediscovering my love of Will and Grace last weekend, I think I’ll have a lazy morning with good coffee, plenty of pastries and…