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    Finding Colour Inspiration & Ideas

    I get a lot of my colour inspiration from travel, as well as just walking around in the natural environment. I love to try and notice colourful little details that could otherwise pass me…


    Spring’s New Colour Palette

    Lifestyle images scanned from Red, March 2012 and styled by Mary Norden, assisted by Sarah Keady | Photography by Polly Wreford Products: Orange: throw, candle, table | Yellow: pendant, paint, bowl | Pink: lamp, chair, table As the…

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    Styling Inspiration: Elephant Props

    Do you ever fall upon a blog, website or creative space and instantly it connects with your aesthetic? Well, this very experience happened to me when I turned the first page of Sweet Paul’s…



    This Bright.Bazaar guy is craving a little dose of orange in his life. Ok, maybe a bit more than a little! So there’s only one thing for it folks, a triple helping of The…


    {Colour Cocktail: Multi Coloured}

    After all the lovely comments about my multi coloured striped armchair earlier in the week, I thought it would be fun to finish the week off with a multi coloured cocktail extravaganza! Not only have…


    {A Fun First Home}

    Can you believe that this bright, airy, friendly and colourful home is one of those identi-kit houses that are popping up left, right and centre? The UK is full of bland, expansive housing estates…