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Each time I see a new collection from Kauniste my decor-loving heart beats that little bit faster: I just *know* it’s going to be good. Their previous collections (blogged here and here) offered beautiful pieces to layer into the home, and their latest offering is no different. Let’s take a look…kauniste-tray
Kauniste’s new pattern Konfetti is a festive play of simple shapes and pastel colours; it has a touch of lightness and randonmess of everyday life. The pattern was designed by artist Hanna Konola, who is originally from a small village in north of Finland, but she now lives and works in Helsinki. I think there is a really nice contrast between the modern pattern & colours and the more traditional linen material it is printed on.kauniste-apron
The brand are also carrying a new 100% pure wool blanket called the Swans – doesn’t it look a treat in this gorgeous green colourway? For this item Kauniste collaborated with Elisabeth Dunker from Swedish brand, Fine Little Day (and whose summer house is in the Bright.Bazaar book!). Which pieces are catching your eye, folks?kauniste-design-homewear

// Photography by Kauniste


Shop my Bright.Bazaar Collection on Chairish: 1. Small Egg Table | 2. African Stripe Indigo Pillow | 3. Mason Jar Pendant Light | 4. Mid Century Hutch | 5. High Lacquer Stool | 6. Mid Century Lamps | 7. Wishbone Style Chair | 8. Striped Bowl | 9. Charlotte Sofa | 10. Acrylic Painting | 11. Indigo Turkish Rug | 12. Danish Modern Rocking Chair

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to share Chairish with you all today! This is a design shopping site that’s like an aladdin’s cave for lovers of cool vintage or used design pieces. Think of it like Craigslist but without all the filler that you really don’t want to see (i.e. that flatpack coffee table you had in your student apartment with the paint chipped off and the chipboard showing. Yeah, no-one wants to see or buy that!) so you can cut straight to the stylish stuff. It’s super easy to buy and sell online and via their iPhone app, too. Right now they are shipping in the US but are rapidly expanding, which is very exciting!

I’ve teamed up with the folks at Chairish to curate my own collection of design goodies from my favourite finds on their site. The gorgeous Netherland’s home of Anki that was included in the Bright.Bazaar book was the inspiration behind my yellow and blues collection of design pieces on Chairish. In fact, it was this space that I used in the book as one of the examples of how to decorate with my Cerulean Splash Colour Cocktail, so this collection is literally a one-stop shop of super stylish pieces to get that look! My top three favourite pieces from my edit? Coming in at pole position has to be the gorgeous turkish rug thanks to it’s deep indigo hue and ornate pattern – a real statement piece. In second I’d trump for the yellow stool because the high lacquer would totally zing against the gorgeous indigo shades in the rug. Finally, I reference the textures and colours of the rug in the beautiful African stripe indigo pillow. Which of my yellow and blue picks are catching your eye?

// Photograph by Andrew Boyd from the Bright.Bazaar book


It’s always nice to happen upon a scheme that uses an enveloping dark base palette, especially in a bedroom because it makes for a lovely cocooning feel. As this space proves, an all over dark bedroom needn’t feel, well, dark! In fact, with carefully layered brights dark decorating schemes can feel lively and festive. In this loft space we can see how a printed, antique-effect fabric has been juxtaposed with a neon wool to hang it from the dark wall behind the bed. This helps to break up a large expanse of painted brick wall; the wool hanging down the side helps to frame the fabric as it provides visual bang against the dark background. Colour block bedding also helps to bring colourful cheer to the space while also drawing the eye downwards making the high-ceiling room feel more intimate and cosy. I love that this bold and darkly decorated bedroom becomes a riot of colour and interested texture thanks to layer accessories and textiles. What do you like about the marriage of dark and brights in they bedroom scheme?

// Photography by Woodsfolk, via