The pastel box painted facades of London’s mews houses; the rich turquoise of exotic waters shimmering under the midday sun; an emerald green glint from a sequin dress at a party: colour has always been my addiction, and since I founded Bright.Bazaar in 2009 I’ve been documenting my love for all things bright right here. I’d be delighted if you were to join me? Before we enjoy a Colour Cocktail together or tour a vibrant home, click the squares above to read more about Mr. Bazaar, which is me, Will Taylor, a young chap from the UK who is unashamedly hooked on hue!



Looking at life through the lens of my camera helps me to discover new inspirations. New colours, textures and patterns all seem to jump right out at me as they are framed by the four sides of the viewfinder. I love the thrill of heading home, whether it's after a holiday or a simple weekend walk, to click through the snaps I've just taken. Ultimately some turn out terribly (no, seriously!) and then there's that gem that's hidden in between the duds; that one snapshot that perfectly captures my inspiration and emotions I felt as I took the shot. You can see some of my favourite snaps in my Travel category.



Having grown up deep in the beautiful Cotswolds' countryside, I've always felt that my heart lies in the country. I've since lived in many cities and now reside in London, but I still head out to explore the countryside when I can. I love the crunch underfoot when walking through the woods on frosty morning, or the low-lying mist swirling gently through the trees as dawn breaks. My Gran and I would often walk together (with Bruno the dog in tow!) across the fields that surrounded my childhood home. We would talk for hours, clamber over gates and fences and occasionally get lost, and as a result some of my most special memories belong in those fields, so I feel closer to them when I'm back amongst the hedgerows and rolling fields.



One of my favourite things about visiting a new city is the abundance of new coffee shops to explore. My love for coffee is probably a direct result of my week-long stays at my Gran's thatched cottage in Wiltshire during the school holidays. Each morning I would jump out of bed and dart along the uneven landing into her bedroom, where Gran would enjoy her first coffee of the day. Year after year we would sit and chat, and as I grew older I was allowed to try all of her different coffees. It started with a tiny sip here and there, before I was eventually allowed to have my own small mug each morning. It was a taste adventure that I shared with one of the most special people in my life, so I try to continue this adventure by exploring new coffee shops.



Shoes? Watches? Bags? I guess we all have that one wardrobe addiction that we just can't quit. Well, for me, it's a bow tie. The moment I put on a colourful bow tie I feel ready to take on the day! From preppy stripe and polka dot designs to vibrant colour block ties, there's something about this outfit accessory that I just can't get enough of. I think it's because they are a fun and playful way to add a dash of colour and pattern to my outfit; a little Mr. Bazaar spin on an everyday get up and go!



A love for keeping hens is another result of my youth spent in the countryside as we used to have a five feathered friends (and one rather angry rooster!) clucking around at the bottom of the garden. Each morning I would walk down the the hut to let the chickens out and collect the freshly laid eggs, which I'd then take back to the house. I'd sit at our long farmhouse table while my Mum rustled up a breakfast for us to enjoy. Although I don't have a garden of my own at the moment I hope one day soon I will so that I can welcome a brood of hens to the garden.



Working as an interiors journalist both here and in America means I have to keep abreast of new interior collections on both sides of the pond. However, the truth is that my excitement of seeing a new range of top notch home accessories or furniture rings true whether I'm researching a magazine feature, writing a new blog post or shopping for my own home. Ever since I read my first homes magazine at the age of twelve I've been hooked. You can see my round ups of what's new in interiors in my Latest Collections series, and if you have a fab find you'd like to share, please do drop me an email so that we can wax lyrical about it together!



We all need a little indulgence every now and then, don't we? For me, warming a pastry in the oven and brewing a fresh pot of coffee is one of life's simple pleasures. I like the way the pastry becomes crisp and flaky once it's out of oven, the way the warmed chocolate slowly oozes out of the sides and the comforting smell that fills the apartment for hours afterwards. Whether I'm in London, on a weekend break in Paris or on vacation in Spain, you'll find me each morning treating myself to a sweet slice of goodness. I've recently started to try my hand at baking something new each weekend - you can see some of my attempts in the series 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend.