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As this year’s All Hallows’ Eve approaches, rumours are rife that there’s a new cocktail in town that’s set to tear up the town with its stylish sensibilities. Well, folks, it’s true and the colour cocktail takes inspiration from the seasonal gourds of the moment. The Pumpkin Smash mixes up a refined palette of slate grey and gunmetal, with an added shot of spicy tangerine and pumpkin accents. For those who prefer their schemes on the calmer side, I would opt for a one shot version. However, for those who like to go all out on Halloween and in their decorating, you’ll want to order the triple shot version of The Smash. The stronger cocktail is made by accenting the elegant and refined grey notes with a heady mix of pumpkin-hued pendants, accessories and textiles. One shot or triple shot, this cocktail hits the right note for the season by bringing a welcome warmth to the cooler days.
// Lifestyle photography by BH&G | Ferm Living

Chill those pillows and put the vases on ice because there’s a new colour cocktail in town. Yep, The Mint Magic is the bar menu’s new resident and it’s perfect to enjoy all year round. Featuring the refreshing base notes of mint and milk white this colour cocktail feels cooling and crisp. But don’t be fooled as there’s a triple shot of coral, pink and orange accents mixed in to keep the heat! These hues combine to create a colour cocktail scheme that’s perfect for spaces that need to remain light and airy all year round. Be sure to mix carefully: be generous with your mint and more restrained with the stronger coral hues for the smoothest result. Cheers, friends! Which of these market picks will you be ordering as you mix up your own Mint Magic colour cocktail?
// Interior design by Maria Barros

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Picture the scene: the sun is beating down on your back and you’ve just dipped your toes into a glistening pool for the first time this season. That’s when you know summer has officially arrived, all that’s needed to complete this perfect scene is a cooling cocktail that packs a colourful punch. On the menu? The Lime Divine. Lime is to turquoise like gin is to tonic, and when these two marry the result is a heady mix of colourful hues. For this reason it’s best to keep your base palette neutral and fresh: think crisp white tones or matt paper white. With your blank canvas in place you can start to mix the colour cocktail with the addition of your zesty accents. Perhaps you prefer yours with two parts turquoise to one part lime? The kitchen space is for you. Like your cocktail a little more balanced? No worries, the citrus entryway is your space. Have you ever decorated with citrus hues?