In the second of my collaborative posts with Canon I’m sharing photographs and a video that show three simple, quick and inspiring ideas for printing and displaying personal photographic prints. Using Canon’s PIXMA Printing Solutions app I was able to access and print remotely from my tablet the Santorini pictures I wanted to display, and then send them directly to the PIXMA printer.

Talking about the new printers, I would love it if more tech brands created white products because they are so much easier to work into an interior scheme, don’t you think? Exterior aside, I was genuinely impressed by the quality of the prints: the colours were very true to life and the touch screen makes selection easy, too. My partner and I are excited that we can now send the pictures we like to print while we are still away on holiday. It’s amazing to think that they will be ready to collect, display and share before we’ve even walked in the front door and the madness of daily life takes over again.

I took inspiration from my Creative Ideas For Photo Displays board on Pinterest to create some fun DIY display ideas – the first is to create a hanging photo line. Using bakers twine and brightly coloured pegs, I strung a series of my Santorini prints across an exposed white brick wall. The appeal of this idea is that it’s an eye-catching and inventive way to display photos, while also making use of otherwise unused wall space. The key to making this look work is to ensure there is a theme flowing through all of your pictures, for example I made sure the same Greek blue hue appeared in each picture. To achieve the most effective look you want to be sure to create visual interest with a relaxed yet cohesive look, so try to switch up the orientation between portrait and landscape, as well as a mix of close up and establishing shots.

The second DIY photo display idea is to the easiest of the lot – simply place photos into stylish frames and admire. I know it seems odd to include this (it’s so obvious, right?) but when I asked myself the last time I actually printed and framed a picture I couldn’t remember. With our lives so caught up in digital technology and posting pictures online, it was refreshing to remind myself of such a simple and traditional way to bring special and evocative pictures back into the home. I rarely take time to click through an old Facebook album or scroll the history of my Instagram feed, so being able to see prints of my travels around my home reminds me of my cherished memories and adventures everyday. By allowing you to instantly print and then frame high quality personal prints at home, the PIXMA Printing Solution app utilizes modern technology to make an age old method of display that much quicker and easier. I really like the idea of painting frames to correspond or contrast with the main hues of the print in them – just like above where the yellow frame contrasts perfectly with the close up print of the distressed blue door.

Finally, why not make use of vintage glassware and Kilner jars to display your favourite prints? When I printed one of my Santorini sunset prints and placed it inside the glass jar it was like it came alive. I loved how the light flooded through the glass around it, almost making it look as though it was glowing. If you try this at home I’d advise creating a vignette on a windowsill so that you can utilise the natural light to enhance the prints. I’d love to know which idea you might try at home?

// Photography by Will Taylor | Shot with a EOS Canon 5D Mark III


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. Using photos that all have some blue in them worked really well for the bakers twine idea. Fun post!

    • @Sue – I think having that red thread flowing through each one really helps the display hang together. Sorry, couldn’t resist that pun! 😉

  2. Your idea for putting printed pictures in vintage glass jars is awesome!

  3. The Santorini photographs you blogged last week were so gorgeous I don’t blame you for wanting to see them regularly! Where can I find jars like this?

    • @Jules – I always used to let my images disappear into a digital abyss so it’s nice to have an easy way to bring them into my home again. As for the jars – you could try flea markets and car boot sales for old ones, or buy new ones at supermarkets and kitchen shops.

  4. I need to get a solution like this so I’ll check it out Will. I don’t have any printed photos anymore, always meaning to get them printed but never end up doing it. Sweet idea to display the photo in the vintage jar. Thanks Will! Mel xx

    • @Mel – I was exactly the same, Mel. I think grouping smaller glass jars without images in around one bigger one with an image helps to create a glass bottle display with a unique twist – so pleased you liked the idea!

  5. Really nice ideas, all three of them! I think I’ll try #1 😉 I already have string & some clips so i just need select some photos to print. Thanks for the kick in the ass when it comes to printing & displaying my own photos 😉

  6. Hi Will, lovely ideas – it’s so nice to be reminded to actually frame photos – mine all sit on my hard drive! Just a quick question – are you using the 5D most of the time now, or do you have another go-to camera model? Thanks 🙂

    • @Ruth – I’m so pleased you found it inspiring! Sure, so I have three cameras I tend to photograph with: my Canon 5D, Olympus PEN and my trusty iPhone!

  7. Hey Will, I love how you display your lovely Santorino pics, I have the artwork of the girls displayed like the first solution , so cute and easy to change. Hope you are having a great week so far. Much love

  8. So clever, Will. I’ve done the top one with the pegs before – it’s great for displaying kid’s artwork too, and swapping them out regularly. I completely agree with you about white products – we hunted high and low for white telephones for our home, and I would always choose white over black for a printer. x

    • @Vic – Yes, number 1 is great for being able to switch up the look as the season or mood take you! Pleased I’m not alone when it comes to white tech! 😉 x

  9. Some great ideas! We have lots of blank walls so definitely need to get to printing some pictures and loving these options.

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