The moment I set eyes on the entryway featured in today’s Palette Addict post I knew it was perfect for Bright.Bazaar. This is a fine example of a simple yet creative idea for decorating with colour and the boldly painted floor for an entryway or boot room makes total sense. This scheme works because it strikes a stylish balance by pairing a strong and vivid green for the painted floorboards with a monochromatic palette there up on the walls and furniture. By keeping the main introduction of hue to the floor only it gives it added emphasis in the scheme; just a few small splashes of the green are needed elsewhere in the space to punctuate the black and white palette. In this example the floorboards create a natural pattern which works well to soften the block addition of such a strong shade.

I’m keen to replicate this look in my own apartment. A new floor is an ideal way to create a stylish and dramatic statement in a space because it covers such a large surface area of the ‘decorating’ real estate of a room. There are some stylish options on Factory Direct Laminate Flooring that have caught my eye. With this approach it’s important to use your flooring choice and colour to create a versatile base palette that will complement and anchor the other elements of the scheme. Have you ever painted a floor in a hot hue? What colour would you choose if you were to paint a floor in your home?

// Photography by Karin Foberg for Hus & Hem


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. This is such a fun idea for a mud room!! Bright pink could also be a good option.

  2. If only my entryway was this organized! Need inspiration to get mine into shape and now might have to paint the floor as well!

  3. I have started seeing wooden panels in different colors too but my favorites so far were painted in different shades of blue. Interesting to observe the white flooring is evolving. xx

  4. Lovely idea to paint a wooden floor in bright colours!!I would use this solution in small rooms like entries and hallways to give them an unexpected look…

  5. Very cute and very Mr Bazaar indeed! While I love to look at in someone else’s home, I probably wouldn’t go so bright in mine – perhaps a more muted grey blue… I do like painted floors though… M x

  6. I’ve never painted a floor or even seen a colourful floor like this “live”. But I will definitley give it a try in my future house/owned appartment! Whenever that might be 😉 Maybe something blueish…

  7. Love this one ! That shade of green is a favourite. Not sure if I would choose it for a bedroom floor though. I have never painted in such a vibrant colour – always more muted slatey bluey types of shades – but am tempted to have a go. My next floors will be white , inspired by , amongst others Yvestown Yvonne.

    • @Rhiannon – Your floors sound very lovely! White floors are fab, too. In our rented apartment we swapped the brown carpet in two of the rooms for white floorboards and they really help to make the subsequent layered colours POP!

  8. I love painted floors! My stairs at home are painted jet black which I love, but do think they would look fab in a a bright colour too… just not brave enough! xx

  9. This is such a fun, family friendly room.
    (OOohh say that after a few cocktails!)
    Love it.

  10. I have never painted a floor before – I have always rented. But one day when I own my home I would love to do this. I am thinking maybe a black or white floor (sorry it isn’t as exciting as a vibrant green)….I just would be afraid I would get tired of the color too fast. – so sticking to a more neutral color would be the answer for me personally.

    Have a great day Will!

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