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Just the other day I was taking part in a conversation about interior design colour trends on the Modenus Google+ community. I shared my thoughts on how I predicted blues would be the Colour of the Year in 2014 as I felt they were becoming more and more popular as a ‘neutral’ alternative. Traditional neutrals – whites, greys, browns – are always the best sellers at paint brands and will be for many years, but there is a definite shift in the pattern with more people gravitating towards pale blue-green hues for their base palettes.

So I was thrilled when I discovered that Benjamin Moore announced Breath of Fresh Air – a pale, powdery sky blue – as their Colour of the Year 2014! The brand have predicted a shift towards people using colour in the form of softened and filtered pastels as a way to lift the spirit of a space without shouting too loudly. Breath of Fresh Air is designed to flatter the objects and art in a space and they’re calling it their new neutral. Of course, Mr. Bazaar is delighted at this news because I’m not only an advocate of decorating with blue but simply keen to see more people incorporating colour into their homes. I think Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2014 is a shrewd choice because it echoes the extensive trend for pastels across the interiors landscape (and far beyond, for that matter) in the last few years. Yet Breath of Fresh Air isn’t a typical pastel because it’s not too youthful, nor too saccharine. Instead it feels fresh, invigorating, liveable; quietly understated yet interesting and welcoming.

The announcement inspired me to pull together not only a series of spaces that have been decorated in shades the are part of this colour family, but also a market picks round up of pieces that work well to layer the Colour of the Year 2014 into your home. I’d love to know your thoughts on Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year – do you have any spaces with similar shades in already at home? Do you like decorating with blue?

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Will Taylor

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  1. I think it’s calming and beautiful. Our bedroom, 2 houses back, was very close to this color. It’s perfect when you are going through a long dark winter. It keeps it feeling cheery and peaceful, especially on those rare days when the sun shines in on the color. Very much like Spring.

    • @Lucy – Really interesting to read your experiences of living with these lighter shades of blue throughout colder months – fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay, such a pretty, soft colour. We painted our daughter’s room that colour when we first bought our house, and it looked amazing. I’m also a huge blue fan, although I love the stronger hues. But this is a lovely colour for walls. x

    • @Vic – Your daughter’s room sounds delightful! I also have some darker shades of blue in my home as well – it’s such a versatile hue. x

  3. Oh Will, it’s one of my favourite colours: pink and blue. In 2010 I painted my boy’s room in a pale blue colour as a base combined with a sandy soft beige. I’ve got some bold red and orange accents in his room now to bring a bit of “spice” into the room.
    I still love the colour and many people think his room looks absolutely lovely. So I’m happy this colour is trending next year!
    I love decorating myself with blue as well, got loads of glass and blue vases in all shades of blue – it’s so pure and relaxing… For the coming season I’ll definitely be decorating with soft blues and pastel pinks. These hues would also look great for my Christmas tree (uh-oh, I’m already dreaming of Christmas… LOL). 🙂
    Hugs, Inge x

  4. My sons room was pale blue (he’s now on an army green theme – hey ho!!) and it was a great colour. Like you said with the whole pastel trend its not an invasive colour, its subtle but adds a sense of tranquility and style. A lot of rustic/farmhouse style furniture is painted blue as its the perfect pop of subtle colour in scheme.

  5. So pleased this is colour of the year, it’s so fresh and uplifting! I love blue in the home, it’s versatility definitely makes it one of my favourite colours!

  6. interesting. I normally don’t gravitate toward blue but I can see how it could work as a neutral and can be very soothing. I love the idea of having some blue accessories but not sure if I would paint an entire wall.

    Have a great weekend Will!

  7. you trend setter you! I am loving the blue as well. Black & white + green has been current favourite and I am loving that “breathe of fresh air” on the ceiling as a subtle and soothing detail in that luxe, trendy home office!

    Instant classic, timeless neutral!

  8. I LOVE this so much!!! I already have the fridge so now gotta have a look at the other market picks… Love them! x

  9. Love that powdery pale blue. I’ve been procrastinating on what colour to paint one of my study walls. Looks like blue is winning. Wonderful market picks Will – love the mirror and the fridge – very tempting!

    • @Geraldine – I think it could work well in your office as it’s quite soothing but not uninspiring! 😉 Have always loved SMEG fridges… one day! x

  10. Gorgeous shades of blue Will, and well done you for being spot on. Happy Sunday my friend, here our sky is every shade of grey – hope your is more like powdery blue 🙂

  11. Blue is such a calming colour, especially in this shade. I love anything pastel at the moment though so I’m slightly biased. I’ve just started following your blog and I love it by the way!

  12. The hip hostess Reply

    So utterly serene. Being one who is eternally afraid of color, this fits nicely in my comfort zone! I would love being surrounded by this breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing~ Love it.

  13. Our family room needs repainting. Thinking of using this on the ceiling. Currently the ceiling is Behr’s Quiet Veranda with the walls painted Camel. The room gets a lot of natural light so the walls tend to look more yellow. I want to tone down the shade of the walls some to be more beige and was thinking of just doing the vaulted ceiling white. After reading this I think I’ve changed my mind for the ceiling and bringing in more blue accents in the decor as well!

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