Hi there, friends! Thank you so much for following along my adventures on Blog Tour LA over on the Bright.Bazaar Instagram feed. I had such a blast and was fortunate enough to not only see stacks of great design and inspiring colour, but to also spend time getting to know an incredibly inspiring group of women from all over Europe and America. But you know what? I missed you guys and I’m fizzing with a heady mix of enthusiasm and creative spirit (well minus the jet lag and head cold but they can exit stage left pronto, right?!) to be back blogging again today. I learned in depth about some super design brands during the tour and will bring you my colourful take on each in due course. Before we dive into those together I felt inspired to share eight fleeting snapshots that inspired Mr. Bazaar’s colour-loving eye across the 10 day trip:

1. I walked past this colourful apartment building every morning on my way to get coffee and I stopped to admire it every day without fail. I mean, seriously, we need more vibrant colours like this on buildings in the UK, please. Right opposite this building I spotted a yellow fire hydrant and purple sidewalk – what a knockout colour combo!
2. The rooftop pool at the Chamberlain West Hollywood offered drink em’ up views of the city below and those endless blue skies that frame everything perfectly.
3. A visit to Heath Ceramics store and studio led me to discover these beautiful teal-hued ombre bud vases.
4. Before the tour started I hired a car with my fiancé and headed into the hills of Santa Barbara for a wine tasting. I felt very inspired by the lush green hues that surrounded the vineyard.
5. No trip to Southern California would be complete without a few quintessentially SoCal shots of exotic palm trees and bright blue skies.
6. As always I had my eye out for inspiring yellow shades – this bag and car, both spotted near Venice Beach, were two favourites.
7. After exploring Abbott Kinney in Venice we watched the sunset from the rooftop bar at Hotel Erwin. Seeing the sunset over the Pacific Ocean for the first time is an experience I hope never to forget – the orange and purple colours only became more intense the lower the sun sank behind the ocean.
8. And no travel post is complete without a playful picture of Mr. Bazaar, is it?! Here I am acting cool as a cucumber in front of the Hollywood sign…!

Which of these colourful sights are inspiring you? Have you been to Los Angeles before?

// Photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. I love your color-filled post, Will! It was a true pleasure meeting you and spending design time under sunny LA skies in your company. Looking forward to seeing more of your #BlogTourLA point-of-view!

  2. For me it’s the shades of turquoise and purple. So infused with optimism, sunshine and energy. And that beautiful sunset – wow!

  3. These pictures are amazing!!!!Thank u Will you make me dream 🙂 can’t wait for a travel in the West coast, is the first of my must-seen places where to go in the future!

  4. Amazing photos, Will! All of them are very inspiring, I can’t choose just one 😉 Thanks for bringing some Californian sun this rainy morning 🙂

  5. Oh MrB, what a busy bee you are! WOnderful trip for you all-fabulous photos with your new snazzy camera-the last shot’s just got to be the best for me though! See you soon hon xxx

  6. Hahaha love the last shot! it is inspiring how you catch the colors of the city. We were in LA this last summer and we also have our own jumping scene in front of the Hollywood sign, ours was against the green of a park though! 🙂

  7. You have such an amazing talent for spotting beautiful colours in places which most people would overlook! I love the pops of yellow and your new bag!

  8. Hi Mr Bazar, Loved seeing all your colorful photos from your trip. The Hollywood sign photo is my favorite… to see such exuberance captured in a picture 🙂

  9. Shame on me for not visiting your site more often. I live in LA and always love to see what visitors find here, have “discovered” some great places through others’ eyes. Next time you are here head to the desert and Palm Springs (best for a winter visit unless you don’t mind 115 degrees in the shade!) I love your blog, such a visual feast. Thanks for sharing your view of the world.

  10. AHHHHH how fab Will, – love the images – exactly what I thought LA would look like. You must have had the best time ever- digging your leap of joy, totally Mr. Bazaar style;-) Need to get myself to LA (or even the US) have only ever been to Chicago for 24 hours – so much to explore. Happy day to you and good to have you back. Ax

  11. Lucky T who gets to join you on all your travels! Also, next time you’re taking me. k thanks. 🙂

  12. I love seeing it again through your eyes! You make the place look like it was made just for you. Hope you’re feeling better by now! xx

  13. It’s so lovely to see your rainbow take on the every day in LA like the fire thingy. You can tell you’re full of sunshine with this post and it’s fab – welcome back though, we missed you too x

  14. Beautiful shots Will, love seeing all those colours. It was lovely getting to know you and all the blogtour LA gang. Missing the warm sunshine. Glad you are now feeling better. x

  15. Hey Will, what an flood of amazing pictures… You got some serious sunset pictures there… It must have been a blast, Geraldine & Gudy report just the same: inspiration, inspiration, inspiration… !!! I have been to LA only once, I was 18yrs old and was so in awe that I literally couldn’t close my mouth – I was mesmerized… I am glad you are sharing so many beautiful pictures, it makes me want to go back to Cali….Thank you for this inspiration!

  16. What a great LA colour story! Oh you would have loved SF too – so colourful, it made me think of you quite a few times!

  17. Your pictures remind me of the trip I took to LA two years ago. I remember how colorful this city was.. And not in a distracting way…but in a happy and joyful one! Inspiring post Will! Thanks for sharing!

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