Colour is perfect for creating a statement feature out of an existing feature in a room, just like the hot pink sofa cover does with the couch in this otherwise neutral living room. However, when introducing a lone accent colour as strong as this it’s important to invite balance into the scheme. At first glance this space looks as though there’s only one strong accent hue at play. While this is partially correct (the hot pink is the lone accent in the space) the black painted ceiling is actually an equally powerful ‘colour’ element to the scheme. By painting the ceiling in such a rich and dramatic shade of black it helps to counterbalance the hot pink couch below. An additional bonus of balancing the ‘see-saw’ of the floor and ceiling in a warehouse space with lofty proportions such as this is that it makes the space feel more intimate and welcoming. Have you ever decorated with a lone colour accent in one of your rooms? I’d love to hear which colours you love to use as accents.

// Photography by Decor Mag | via Planete Deco


Will Taylor

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  1. Love this lesson! You are right on with using black to counterbalance the hot pink, while creating a more cozy, intimate space now that the extra tall ceiling seems more “down-to-earth”!

    The beauty of it all … the slipcovered sofa can get a brand new look season after season! Now I wonder what color will the designer pick for next season!

  2. The other interesting thing about this room is the counterbalance between the industrial ceiling and the colourful homely setting below (along with little quirky touches like the lamp stand)

  3. Pink and black are one of my favorite color combos! They are so fun and chic! Great post!

  4. Leslie-Anne Reply

    I used to have a pink sofa and I loved it. It made me happy every time I stepped in to the room.

  5. Great advice Will! I love the rug!! wouldnt have thought that it would have worked with the sofa – but look great.

  6. Wow, i’m not sure i’d ever be brave enough to paint a ceiling black, but this room looks fab – it really works and I agree it stabilizes the pink. I have a bright strip of red in my lounge and then some red cushions/art to tie it together. Feature pieces are great but they do need to work with the scheme and not look awkward.

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