We’ve been so lucky in England this year as the country has actually had extended periods of super hot and sunny weather during the summer months. (I can almost hear my pals in LA laughing at our excitement at such a thing, but it’s a big deal to us over here in what is normally a perpetually grey country!) Anyhow, the beautiful weather led me to think of how much I’d love to create a daybed nook when I eventually buy a house. I think this space, complete with my favourite blue and white stripe IKEA bedding, would be the perfect place to chill out with a cloudy lemonade and the sunday papers. I love the way pattern and colour work hand-in-hand to invite visual punch into the space without impacting on the serene and relaxing vibe of the room. Plus, the windowsills full of potted plants invite the outdoors in and are a nod to the greenery beyond the windows. As well as being ideal for summer months, it would also be a lovely little nook to curl up in on rainy winter days. Do you have a favourite reading nook at home? Or maybe a space that works well for different seasons? I’d love to hear!

// Photography by IKEA


Will Taylor

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  1. I have that bedding, it’s so soft and summery. I’m gutted, because this is my first ever year being away from England and the weather has been so lovely there. Nothing beats a true English summer 🙂

  2. Ah, reading… I love little cozy reading nooks like these. Loads of natural light feels so inviting to just relax in this day bed. I have to admit I don’t have a reading nook at home right now. All because of our staircase that is not wide enough to move big pieces of furniture all the way up to our attic.
    But our guest bedroom is light and airy too with pale lavender coloured walls and white panelling, so the guest bed is a comfy place too to lay down with a book (that is when my toddler of 2,5 years old will allow me to read). 🙂
    Great find Will, looks totally like my place to be now!
    Smooches, Inge x 🙂

  3. Hey Will, lovely lovely little nook. I adore it. We have made our bed into a daybed with tons of cushions & throws. Kids love it and lie there reading (and playing the iPad). Happy weekend, hope the weather continues to please.
    Much love,

  4. A reading nook like this one would be a very welcome luxury in my home and in my life. I wonder if my toddler would let me actually relax in it… hmmm, me thinks perhaps not. But thanks for sending me on a little imaginary journey anyway, Will!

  5. Hasn’t the weather just been lovely? It’s felt a little like being in the Mediterranean (minus the sea). Birkenstocks, BBQs and generally riding around in T-shirts on the Vespa. I’ve LOVED it and it was much needed here in the UK.

    As for nooks, I have my little nook. I love to lounge, rest and sleep on it, mostly with a fav magazine and a cup of mint tea. You’re always invited x

  6. Oh this is so gorgeous. What a perfect little space.
    Reading nooks are the best thing ever. I’ve always dreamed of a window seat but this takes it to a whole new level!

    Happy sunny weekend x

  7. Hello Will! Hope all’s well! Love the little reading nook you’ve shared. Here in Vancouver, we’ve had only one day of showers in about 45 days…unheard of for here. Because of all the sunniness, I’ve been reading in a shady nook in our back yard. ah, summer.

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