Shall we kick off the weekend with a quick escape to the Balearic Islands to tour a colourful house on the island of Menorca? The moment I first saw his property on Eleni’s fab blog I instantly clicked over to look for flights to the Spanish isle. I’ve been to Menorca several times before (blogged here and here) and I think it’s such a special place. No surprise, then, that when I found flights for £80 I treated my fiancé and I to a little impromptu summer escape – I’m so excited! Anyhow, back to this stylish abode – isn’t it a beauty? I’m literally GaGa about the azure blue concrete flooring against the crisp white walls and the outdoor areas spell out the definition of relaxed summer style. In fact, the whole house feels as though it has balance: colour pops are foiled with natural materials that bring a tactile and organic vibe to the space. Colour has been used to introduce an element of surprise to the house without loosing the calming and refreshing feel that such a house needs to have to temper the hot climate. What inspires you about this house?

// Photography by Pablo Zuloaga for Elle Decor España via My Paradissi


Will Taylor

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  1. Wow Will, that is a great find!! I actually fell in love the instant I saw all these colourful shoes against the blue floor! Oh and the patio and that swimming pool! Such a stunner, and it’s all so lovingly decorated… You can totally see how much the house is loved.

    • @Igne – You can, can’t you? I think that sometimes exotic homes can feel sparse and unwelcoming but this feels quite the opposite – colourful and loved!

  2. That little backyard have it all! Big walk-through-windows, stone walls, shadow under trees, flower / plant beds, plam trees and a pool! What a dream! 😉

  3. Oh, you’re so lucky mister to have visited Menorca! It’s on my wishlist for quite a time now!
    This house is so amazing. Love how petite the interior is and how amazing the outdoors are; so meditteranean!
    Thanks for the link ^^ xoxo

    • @Eleni – I know, it really has that whole outdoor living thing down – love it! Oh, and you must visit one day if you can; it’s my favourite! x

  4. The outdoor spaces are definitely for me those I would go crazy for! All of them! I love those kind of swimming pools, I guess the turquoise ones are a bit old fashioned already…

    Menorca is one of those places I have wanted to go for ages and I it is just a 25 min. flight from home!

  5. WOW!! what a gorgeous find! Looks like a well-loved and lived-in home..full of things collected over a period of everything would have a special memory for the owner…and let’s not even talk about those vibrant blue floors…Stupendous!!! xx M

  6. Amazing place – I have never visited Menorca – but it looks every bit as stunning (if not more9 as Mallorca. Happy weekend Will, hope you have a fab one;-)

  7. This is a beautiful home – I think the most inspiring thing (apart from that floor!) is the sense of balance they’ve created. Nothing feels out of place, or too hungry for attention. It’s lovely.

  8. I am dreaming of going to spain, but until then I will sit a moment longer and enjoy the photos;) Thanks for the peak!

  9. Wow! What a special place. EVERYTHING works here. It’s stunning and ticks so many boxes… the blue floor, the swimming pool, the outdoor lounging…

    Against white, all colour seems balanced. Love it!

    Oh, what a lovely gesture. I’ve never been to Menorca but you surely are selling it to me. Have the bestest of times x

  10. Arghh, lost my comment:-( Here goes again:

    Wow, what a stunning place. Everything works here, from the blue floor to the swimming pool to the outdoor lounging. The colours pop beautifully against the white background.

    What a lovely gesture. I’ve not been to Menorca but you’re surely selling it to me:-) Have the bestest of times x

    Thanks for the colour inspiration on a Sunday morning!

  11. Beautiful home, if only it was my holiday home. Such an idyllic setting. That pool is so tempting. Stunning photos. Have a wonderful week Will x

  12. What a gorgeous home, I can only but dream of living somewhere like this. My little cottage is very neutral but as an artist myself, I do love colour and if I was lucky enough to have a holiday home I most definitely would fill it with colour.

    Lee 🙂

  13. Thoso places are enchanting!!!
    Wow….I really wanna go there!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. What a great place, Will! I love the blue floor, white walls, but the feature I like best is the beautiful outdoor area, with so many plants and palm trees, a pool, oversized cushions… a lovely place to relax, enjoy the sunshine and each others company. Hope you’ll both have (or had) a great stay in Menorca and that your place there felt a bit like this fab home!

  15. Jo mcloughlin Reply

    Just found your blog and I love it, could you tell me how to find the mentor can house? Thanks jo

    • @Jo – Thank you! I don’t know the owner so I’m sorry I’m not sure how best to get in contact with them; I think Google will be your best friend on this one! 😉 Good luck.

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