Last weekend I headed to Paris for Maison et Objet (you can click here read my trend report) and when I arrived I discovered, to my delight, that the city was covered in a blanket of powder white snow. This was the second time I’ve been in Paris when it happened to be snowing, but the first time offered a flew token flakes and nothing more. This, on the other hand, was literally like a scene from a movie. When I woke on Sunday morning I looked out the window to see delicate snowflakes gracefully falling onto the quintessentially Parisian street outside, the picture postcard rooftops fast becoming enveloped under a fluffy white blanket. Out in the street and walking through the Marais I revelled in how blissfully quiet the city was; the only sounds were excited yelps from both children and adults alike as families headed out to enjoy the heaviest snowfall the city has seen in years. I can genuinely say that this was one of those days that I hope to remember forever: an unplanned and purely magical day spent wondering around Paris with my dear fiancé. I still feel so grateful to have been able to see Paris in this way because I might never see it in such a way again. It was a day of laughter, of inspiration (I loved how the city’s colours came alive against the Whistler-white backdrop), of love and of bloomin’ freezing feet!

// Photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

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  1. This is one of my dreams!! I would love to see Paris in the snow one day!! I’m super excited to hear that it is as fun as it looks!!! =)

  2. tim@designmaze Reply

    so much fun! I hope it will be just like this when I am in Paris this year!! Hope we all get to be in Paris for new year’s eve MR!

  3. Paris in the snow looks sooo pretty, but today everything is gone and the sun is out! I hope Stockholm will be covered in snow this weekend. Can’t wait to see you there!

  4. Happy Sofa UK Reply

    Wooow! This looks absolutely amazing! Paris looks amazing in snow and looks so fun too!

  5. Not only is it fun to see that you jumped and played in the snow like a child, but that you filmed it so that you can enjoy the sweet memories over and over.
    The magic lives on……….

  6. Seems like you had a wonderful time in Paris. I love the photos taken by the Eiffel tower. The area looks so pretty covered in snow.

    I have yet to walk the streets of the city in snow. Consider it on my list!

  7. Looks amazing Will! We’re taking our first trip to Paris this year! Can’t wait, will be summer though so no snow for me 🙂

    Abbey x

  8. Gorgeous images Will! You were very lucky to see Paris in the snow, I’ve been so many times, but never managed to catch it like this. Nice to know it’s just as magical as I imagine it to be x

  9. red looks great against the white.. fab outfit for a memorable day like that.. and the pics are gorgeous!

  10. How wonderful to get to experience Paris covered in snow. I am sure it was even more beautiful than it shows in the photos.

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Will! Love how your red pants brighten up the wintery background!

  12. Such happy pics! I’m so excited to be going to Paris in a couple of weeks…for the first time! We’ll be on our way to Morocco, but we get to spend about 5 days in Paris. Any tips for me, Will? 😉

  13. wow, i had goosebumps reading your memories of waking up to paris in the snow. i adore paris {just spent a few weeks this past fall living in a flat in le marais} and can only imagine how wonderful it would be covered in a blanket of snow. what a special memory for you and your fiance to share.

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