My current apartment has huge windows (we’re talking four metres high!) that had these horrific office blinds as window coverings when I moved in; no need to say that I whipped those monstrous things out quickly! Despite hunting high and low for curtains big enough for the window, I was unfruitful in my attempts. However, I decided to see the positive in the situation: by not buying readymade designs I was able to choose fabric by the metre that was a perfect fit for my aesthetic. So, of course, I went for the cheeriest yellow fabric I could find! Regular readers will know that I’m fond of a stripe, so it will come as no surprise that I fell hard and fast for Vanessa Arbuthnott’s French Ticking design. The buttercup and clay colourway was the perfect fit as I really wanted to make a colour statement with these curtains as they are an ideal way to bring temporary colour into a rented space. With my fabric chosen I set about making my first pair of curtains; nothing fancy, just a simple design. I allowed myself one and a half widths in fabric and lining and then ironed everything before I began to sew. To aid the hemming process I ironed the hems and pinned in the lining behind before I ran each side through the machine. I’m so pleased with how they turned out – the linen gives them a tactile feel and the yellow brings so much vibrancy and energy to the room. I’ll be sharing more of my living room in the next few weeks, but for now: what do you think of my curtains?

// Photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

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  1. I love the pop of cheery colour they give to the room. That’s so uplifting, especially now in the drudgery of January!


  2. I love the fabric, looks really nice! I just wanted to see how you hanged those. Are you going to show the whole thing later?

    • @Lea K – I hung them using these amazing hooks from IKEA that clip on at the back of the top hem; saves having to sew heading tape into them but gives the same effect.

  3. WOW Will, you made these. I adore them -what a lovely colourblast. I bought myself a sowing machine for Xmas, it’s still in the box. HMM perhaps I should’ve considered learning how to sow first ha ha:)
    Happy day,

  4. Love love love them Will! The soft yellow colour with that pattern is just lovely. Now if you could make your way over to mine… I have a few windows that need pretty new curtains! 🙂

  5. Very impressive! I love the cheery stripes. I had to make curtains for our huge sash window too – or rather my Mum did as I can’t sew in a straight line 🙂

  6. I am seriously impressed – they look fantastic.

    You’ve inspired me; I now feel a little DIY project coming on as our kitchen is currently in need of new curtains (might need my Mum’s help with the Roman blind though!)

  7. I really like your handmade curtains! They brighten the room!
    And it’s always a pleasure to see a man using a sewing machine …!

  8. These are awesome Will! So impressed by your sewing skills!

    Abbey x

  9. tim@designmaze Reply

    fantastic drapes! so cheerful and I love the almost “hand-drawn” look. Mr you are so handy! I have yet to conquer my fear of a sewing machine.

    Can’t wait to see your living room!

  10. I absolutely love these! The fabric is gorgeous. I made mine with some cheap and cheerful Ikea fabric so I don’t have a heart attack every time the kids play peekaboo with them but I think I’ll steal your style when they’re a bit bigger!

  11. Yellow just seems to brighten a space. Seem you did an awesome job with making your curtains.

  12. Great curtains, Will! Oh and I’m endlessly jealous cause you’re so crafty!!! Unlike me!

  13. my heart just did a happy flutter; i absolutely love the curtains, the colour, and the pattern! you did an amazing job!! xx

  14. Really lovely – i love that the light comes through just a little.

    Are you a natural at everything you do!??!? it seems so!

    • @Trisha – Thanks! Seriously, try and get to do Maths or speak a foreign language and you’ll soon see how bad I am at those skills! 😉

  15. These curtains look great, Will! So bright and cheerful. What sewing machine do you have? I have been thinking about purchasing one for a while already and I cannot decide which one to get 🙂

  16. i LOVE the new curtains!! they couldn’t look more amazing in that room! can’t wait to see more room pics 🙂 … we just moved into a new apt and cannot get enough home decor tips and tricks! … and shopping?

  17. Hello! I just wondered where you got the art from in the photograph?

    Thanks and really like your blog!

    • @Jo – It was a one off print I had printed by an illustrator. Let me dig out the link and see if they have a shop! Thanks for kind words.

  18. Hello, I want a yellow curtain too for biggie window at the living room. My house is facing south and it catchs morning sunshine a lot then I thought yellow curtain will be nice. I wonder what kind of yellow that will match my creamy wall

    • @Dita – I would suggest getting a few different yellow fabrics (in various designs and shades) and then see how they look at different times of the day – when the sun shines through them, at night etc. Good luck with the hunt!

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