Remember how I talked about this West Elm kitchen inspiring my holiday decorating last weekend? Well, I took heed of my inspirations and decided to bring some festive cheer into my own kitchen. I swapped out some of the non-holiday pieces (shared here last month) on my freestanding kitchen unit for some quintessential Christmas finds. I’ve not reinvented the holiday decorating wheel here, but simply stuck to the tried and tested classics for the season: think candy candy red and white stripes, playful polka dots and whimsical Scandi touches. For me Christmas is the time of year we can all embrace the kid within us, after all wasn’t it the most magical time of year when you were growing up? With this in mind I always try to include some charming youthful touches to my decorating, hence the lovely Pixie I bought in Copenhagen. (In fact, a friend I was travelling with joked that I had to buy it because I had worn nothing but an array of fairisle jumpers for the whole trip!) That said, I’ve still kept the look practical because this is a working space. With minimal foliage and no lights, I used everyday items from within the red palette and stripe or polka dot patterns to create a cohesive look. Meanwhile, leaving free space in the centre means I can still use the surface for food preparation. I’m smitten with how this corner of my kitchen has turned out! What do you think, friends?

// Styling & photography by Will Taylor


Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. you are killing me!! so adorable and what a cheerful and charming vignette!! LOVE .. just LOVE!! of course your images are absolutely stunning as always … but since I truly have a soft spot for Christmas, your kitchen vignette is just that much more special to me.


  2. OOOh love this! It's the kind of set-up that would put a smile on my face every day. I love your idea of filling glass jars with cupcake cases (mine are currently buried in the recesses of my kitchen drawers), I'm also coveting your mug with the striped handle!

    • I was amazed how much cheer it brought to the room, as well as being a practical storage solution, too, because I can just keep them in the jar until next Christmas!

  3. Ahh, Im getting so incredibly excited for Xmas now! Love the pixie man.

    Such a festive post – are those mini mince pies I spy? MMMMMM, I'm getting my mum to bring me mince pies to Berlin when she comes to visit.. there is no way I can cope until I go back!

    Or do you have a good recipe?

    Thanks for the christmas cheer Will,


  4. Lovely, Mr. Baazar ;-). Still need to get my christmas deco up, and I am having problems choosing the color (totally regretting my green living room wall now)…

  5. Love that “le lait” print! I searched for it but couldn´t find it on the ryan gillett website – do you know of it is still available somewhere?

    • Hi Lena! It was a one off print that Ryan did from a screen print for me, so that might be way it wasn't on the site. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one.

  6. I want to move right in that corner, how super cosy!!! I love all the stuff you've gathered and displayed and that pixie … that jumper, too cute!!!

  7. Love it and I am in awe of your small dots that magically tells me where to buy.
    And that Pixie from Maileg is fab ins't it? I had no idea you'd been to Copenhagen, next time be sure to pop by for a coffee :))

  8. oh man, oh man i love it! this looks fabulous, will! and how you did that hover-over image is great, too! how nifty.

  9. The little fair aisle pixie is fantastic. I am so in love with that brand [Maileg] it has the most divine little wooden dolls furniture and bunnies, christmas decorations etc. Love the Dr Suess-y mug with the red handle. Cat in the hat? Is that why it makes me think of him. Or that I just think of him a lot because he is a genius. Whatev. Your scroll over to shop piece is uber clever. And I love it all. Swoon. thanks for so much cheer!

  10. Hi Will, this looks GREAT! I love your editing style ( I will be taking notes while here 😉 ). Thanks for stopping by today. I miss hearing from my old friends. – Catherine

  11. Dear Will, Congratulations – absolutely lovely simple things, styling and photography.
    – well done and look forward to seeing and hearing loads more from you:)
    Happy weekend,

  12. I LOVE IT Will! It's inviting, whimsical, simple, fun, and undoubtedly exudes a very festive Christmas spirit. Well done! XX

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