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Hurrah! We’ve reached the middle of the week so a customary Happy Hump Day, folks! I stumbled upon these two bookcases from IKEA and knew in an instant that I liked them both. Clean, sleek and modern in their design and colourful in their execution they felt perfect for a Bright.Bazaar home. The only problem? Deciding which one I like better. The yellow finish provides an uplifting, vibrant and bold statement to the space, plus it pairs effortlessly with the black and white colour scheme. Whereas the green provides a more serene feeling, blending well space around it. I think I’m verging on preferring how the yellow option looks; it just feels a little more playful and graphic, but which would you pick?

Will Taylor

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  1. That's a very tough choice. They are both beautiful shades of their color. I might go with yellow… not only because green is the only color I haven't really incorporated in my house, but I think the yellow is more graphic and fun!

  2. Can I have both?

    I heart green and it's my OH's favourite colour and yellow is mine, so maybe his and hers!

  3. The green is my living room colour and the yellow is my study colour – I can't pick one don't make me!

  4. Oh jeez, my two favorite colors. I am no help, sorry! These are fabulous though…I'm redesigning our living room in my head.

  5. They are both fabulous! My vote is for the yellow one…it is chic and functional! I think I may have to figure out where I can put one of those. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yellow seems just a little bit more you than the green. And it would definitely be my pick if I had some space 🙂

  7. I don't know if I'd have the guts to add a fluo bookcase in my apartment but If I had I'd opt for the yellow one. Such a positive and spring-like color!!!

  8. I'm with the gang here. Definitely enjoying the pop the yellow provides. As much as I like the green I feel like it's a bit of an anchor, pulling the room down whereas the yellow is this energetic burst of awesomeness, uplifting the entire design scheme.

  9. Yellow, thanks !
    But I would combine it with grey tones.
    I prefer grey than black and white.
    YELLOW+GREY is definitely my favorite combo!

  10. Hey Will, I prefer the yellow bookcase which has been swayed by the scheme. It just fits well and looks warm and cosy. Plus I like the clean lines of the design and scheme.

    HOP Interiors

  11. The green would certainly fit better in most spaces but I do love the way yellow pops out. Would depend on the room, I guess!

  12. I photographed both .. so have a picture of the two standing next to each other And I can say I liked the yellow one best!
    although I wnt searching if they were selling them in black or white and the answer must be a big NO..

  13. I'm from the boring kind – would prefer white :]
    But in this case – yellow! That shade of green is not doing it for me, maybe if it was a green like the throw on the sofa…

  14. i was just at ikea and saw these too. Was soo tempted to get the green ones. but bought the ones in white instead. they go better with sage green walls in my office. Toying with the idea of getting green doors after seeing this..
    coincidentely I too have a few vintage cameras on one of the shelves

  15. What are these called, does anyone know? I haven't been able to find them but I LOVE the yellow ones for our Kermit-colored living room!

  16. I just looked on the ikea site and don't see them. perhaps a new item? the base looks like kilby or billy…i love it too! would probably pick the yellow.

  17. I went to look on the Canadian Ikea website, as soon as I saw these in your blog, I just couldn't believe they made these bright colours. I couldn't find them. But I finally read on Livet Hemma's blog that they only come out in February, they're a limited edition, they're Billy's and they will only sell until April. They're a little bright for me, I guess I was hoping for other colours hehe

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